Tuesday, January 14, 2014


If this level of tyranny is how she will conduct herself as a private citizen, what can we expect from her as a justice of the peace? A complete and total disaster.

SOME BACKGROUND: A very honorable man by the name of Michael Begum Sr. came to the US as a holocaust survivor and chose Brownsville as his home. He started a very successful business which brought money and jobs to Brownsville. He eventually married a much younger Yolanda Terán who shortly after gave birth to Alex Begum.

The marriage ends up in divorce proceedings. Two years later Yolanda Begum in the obituary of Michael Begum Sr. claims to be his loving wife. A battle royal ensues over the estate and money.

Shortly thereafter Michael Begum Jr. dies from a blow to the head. This part of the story is very limited in background facts. His estate turns into a battle for the money. Michael Begum Jr. had married a Josefina Canales, who gave birth to his children. This is the backdrop to the battle between Yolanda and Alex Begum, and Josefina Fisher (Canales Auten Begum) - a fight over the inheritance from Michael Begum Sr. and Jr. It has not been a pretty fight.

As a result of this legal dispute over the inheritance from Michael Begum Sr. and Jr. Yolanda Begum filed criminal charges against Josefina Fisher (formally, Canales, Auten, and Begum).  Josefina was airing the family feud during the Begum/Garcia race for JP, and Begum wanted Josefina silenced.

Here is the most interesting thing - if a federal judge finds for Josefina Fisher, the order could form a basis to reopen both the estates of Michael Begum Sr. and Jr.

In her sworn complaint, Yolanda Begum committed perjury by lying under oath about her home address.  According to the police chief and DA Saenz it is AOK to lie in sworn statements to the police.

On March 27, 2012, Alex Begum informs the police of the alleged criminal conduct by Josefina Fisher. 
On March 28, 2012, Yolanda Begum informs the police she no longer wishes to pursue criminal charges against Josefina Fisher (Canales), and then also sues her in court on the same day.   It is not only unethical, but criminal to use criminal proceedings to effectuate a result in a civil proceeding.
Now if you go back to the above document, on April 12, 2012, after Josefina Fisher made it clear she would not be intimidated with a lawsuit, Yolanda Begum informed the police she wished to pursue the charges again.   She went to DA Armando Villalobos office.  He refused to play.
On April 3, 2013, on the eve of a summary judgment hearing, Alex Begum sent a very disturbing letter to Josefina Fisher, threatening to use the courts to destroy her reputation.  This is highly unethical.  And Alex - it is spelled "a lot" not "allot." 
See Alex Begum threatening letter. Too large to use as picture
Josefina held her ground and won her summary judgment on April 8, 2013, wherein Judge Banales found no actionable conduct by Josefina Fisher (Canales Autren) against Yolanda Begum.  An order of not guilty in a criminal case is not binding in a civil case because the standard of review in a civil case is easier than in a criminal case.  It is a lot easier to prove a claim by a preponderance of the evidence in a civil case, than beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case.  This simple reality and the Banales order is completely lost on DA Saenz and Judge Art McDonald.  I am certain a federal judge in Houston will have no problem explaining all of this to DA Luis Saenz and Judge Art McDonald.
Josefina has solid evidence to prove the three exemptions to federal abstention - First Amendment, harassment and futility.

 You will notice on April 9, 2013, Josefina Fisher (Canales Auten) wins the civil case, only to have Saenz pursue criminal charges against her on May 31, 2013.  The charge is obscene language for calling Yolanda Begum a fake.  God, given every thing we know about this woman it should be tattooed on her forehead.
If you go back to Alex Begum's email dated March 27, 2012, he is saying the crime has already been committed.  The criminal complaint filed by the DA says the crime was March 28th. 
Now mind you, DA Villalobos saw this for what it was, political corruption by Begum to silence Josefina Fisher (Canales Auten Begum) for campaigning against Yolanda Begum and in favor of Erin Garcia.  Villalobos saw the allegations were all bogus, and also understood, unlike Saenz, you cannot use criminal proceedings to effectuate a result in a civil case.  None of this will be lost on the federal judge.
At the time of the $3,500 donation, the election was over.  No one and I mean no one believed for a second Mattingly as a Republican and a material witness in the Villalobos case had a chance in hell of winning.   Click  for Begums law practice - he does not practice criminal law.  So what is his interest in donating to a DA race?
And you know who is going to pay for all of this federal litigation - you the taxpayer to protect Yolanda Begum.
You can hate Erin Garcia and believe she is a horrible judge - the facts say otherwise - BISD requested she take over all truancy cases because she is good at it.  This fact should matter to the community.  But hate drives so many in Brownsville and not knowledge.
But believe what you want about Erin Garcia, just do not claim Yolanda Begum is a person of honor or integrity.  That is my issue.  Yolanda Begum is a lot of things, but a person of honor and integrity is not one of them.


Anonymous said...

Is Yolanda the mother of Michael Jr. and Alex?

BobbyWC said...

Yes as to Alex - biological - as to Michael Jr. I do not know if he was adopted before or after Yolanda married Michael Sr.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

We need a DA that hasn't been party to abusing the system by either; being anointed ( I meant appointed Special Prosecutor) hasn't been tutored by the national headliner Villalobos or been party to dirty politics.
We also need new blood from people who want to see our city prosper. It must be done out of philanthropy because we do not pay our Mayor.
Saenz was a "Special anointed Prosecutor" for Villalobos for 8 years. What else should we have expected. Maria De Ford was our only hope out of the 3 candidates. The citizens deserve better choices for our city and county. Politics are so dirty here in Brownsville it must scare any sane person with a good heart away. Far, far away.

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with you Bob...hate does drive people in Brownsville....like your hate for Montoya is driving all your posts.

BobbyWC said...

Instead of posting moronic comments how about refuting just one thing I said - as to my hate against Montoya newsflash

When the incompetent lawyer Sorola left him in jail on contempt for child support I went to McHale and gave him the case law which showed Montoya was being held illegally. Dominguez then used that case law to get him out of jail.

Why did I do this, because I do not care who you are I will fight for you when you are being screwed over by an incompetent lawyer like Sorola, or corrupt DA like Saenz

I also gave McHale the information Montoya needed for me to help him get disability with the VA - the VA typically gives 100% disability to Vietnam Veterans who are alcoholics.

But according to you all of this I was willing to do for Montoya - even with my lawsuit against him - is evidence of hate.

No instead of posting your ignorant comments in support of the corruption in this town how about refuting one thing I said in my post.

That you cannot do so you do what every con artist does - you go for the distraction.

Bobby WC