Friday, January 31, 2014

I was working on another story when I came to learn that the Conservative Republicans of Texas have flooded the Cameron County Elections office with over 300 mail ballot applications.  I am being told there are currently fewer than 15 mail ballot applications for the Democrats.
You know why people lie to saps, because they can.  Like I posted before in response to Montoya's lies, it was the Republican Governor, Republican Senate and Republican House which made mail-ballots easier - not the Democrats.
The problem is not the mail ballots - it is the politiqueras and the candidates who hire them.  I personally think it is  time we make it a 3rd degree felony for anyone to mess with a mail-ballot, and a 2nd degree felony if it can be proven that the candidate authorized the conduct.  I think our ballots are precious enough to justify this kind of punishment.
On this Robert(0) Kornegay [Esquivel] controversy I do not have an answer.  That is what I was researching.  I have communicated with him through Facebook and am still waiting for an answer.  It has only been a day.  Here is the rule, if I file an application with the Democratic Party for a place on the ballot and say my name is Mickey Mouse, and they take the application and my money, they cannot change it - period.  That is the law. 
Now what I want to see is how he put his name on the application for a place on the ballot,  No one is willing to send me the document so I cannot post it.
As to various public names - it is not so black and white.  My name sometimes is simply signed Bobby WC, Robert Wightman-Cervantes, Bobby Wightman-Cervantes - Bobby Wightman or Robert Wightman when I was in the military - they could not handle hyphenated names.  What I want to know is what did he put on his application - that is the issue - and no one is willing to release the document.
I have said and will say again, IRS liens against individuals running for public office are fair game.  The people have every right to know about Ernie Hernandez's IRS problems and he has a duty to explain the problem to the people. But why does Montoya dismiss Juan R. Kornegay's IRS lien, while making a big issue about Ernie Hernandez's - which again I am saying is a valid issue.
Now, I do not know if it has been paid.  While I believe it is always a fair issue which the candidate should have to answer for, I also know sometimes small businesses get behind and then they pay.  I had an IRS lien, and I was so happy when I made that last payment of $21,000.  It happens.  I will also say some 20 years ago I allowed an account to do my taxes.  I reviewed them and redid them myself.  When I asked why the Schedule "C" did not reflect my numbers the accountant said he uses numbers which he knows will not cause an audit. 
I said no and tore up his work and did not pay a penny for it.  But as the business owner, I am responsible for my taxes, not the accountant.  I can certainly look at the schedule "C" and see it does not match my numbers.   I much prefer to be under a W2- life is so much easier now. 
 I am not saying this lien is a reason to not vote for him, I am just saying it is a valid issue - but with Montoya it is only a valid issue if he does not like you.  I have never tried to defend or explain away Ernie Hernandez's IRS problems.  In the end every business person needs to take responsibility for their taxes.  I got behind - followed all of the rules and paid it off and was glad to write that last check for $21,000, and get my notice of release of lien.

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