Friday, January 31, 2014


UPDATE:  I approved a comment by someone with Texas Valley Educators Association.  I would remove my child from any classroom wherein a member of this union is teaching.  They are just too stupid to be teachers. I just called BISD, they have over 8,000 employees while this union by their own admission has only 65 members.  Where was I wrong in calling them small?  Also, they do what all con artists do, they attack rather than address the issue.  Exactly what date did you interview Erin Garcia before you endorsed Yolanda Begum?  They're con artists and as such will never admit to it.

I have been upfront about how I feel about BUC.  When it comes to endorsements they are as corrupt as they come.  They endorse people before we even know all of the candidates.

A teachers union with almost no members endorsed Yolanda ""I hate free speech" Begum without so much as speaking with Justice of the Peace Erin Garcia.  BISD has asked that Justice of the Peace Erin Garcia take over all truancy cases because of her commonsense approach and success rate. 

You would think this matters to teachers.   Texas Valley Educators Association did not care to get to the facts, they just corrupted the process and intentionally ignored the best interests of the children they claim to care about as educators.  Truancy impacts your property values and the cost of public assistance to those who drop out of school.  According to  Texas Valley Educators Association none of this matters - they hate Erin Garcia and would not even allow her to speak about her work and BISD's request she take control over all truancy cases.


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Yolanda Begum in an open and transparent debate for endorsements cannot win.  She must corrupt the process with bogus lawsuits to silence people, charge people with criminal conduct for calling her a fake and go to corrupted unions which do not interview the candidates before making endorsements, or fix the results before the interviews even begin.  You either believe in transparency or do not.  You do not go to corrupt unions which fix the endorsement process, before all of the candidates have even announced.


Anonymous said...

Bobby your whole life evolves around the Hernandez. It is clogging your judgment of reality. I understand you are on a hatred hunt on whom ever doesn't' agree with you and has already passed judgment on the Hernandez but that is politics. You haven't been around Brownsville long enough to understand what the Hernandez have done to local politics. They are (using your words) vindictive people. You can try to change to book cover and the title of the book but the inside history remains the same. It is not that they hate the Hernandez it is basically they cannot be trusted anymore. Don't confuse hate with mistrust. Ernie and Erin have done this to themselves and nothing you or they can say will change the peoples perspective of them. NOT even John Blaylock will be able to do it. If they win in court then so be it but the doubt is already alive in the peoples mind.

Anonymous said...

You talk about grasping at straws. Please see below for a count of members of this union and compare it to the number of teachers' endorsement. You are really earning your money trying to come up with this stuff. One question you may wish to ponder, is what will happen to your "stellar" reputation once all your payers loose their elections?

Local 1456

Quick Facts







BobbyWC said...

The first part of your post about me is dead wrong - I was the only one going after them on the politiquera issue - you can pretend it is not true but truth does not change based on your delusions.

It was only after I went after Margarita Ozuna who worked for Ernie that other people jumped on the bandwagon - this is documented fact.

Distrust can lead to hate . On the ballot harvesting issue I an fully understand the distrust issue - I would never dispute that - it is a rational distrust

But on the facts of these cases we have haters who will not even address the issues - For months Montoya trashed David Garcia with documents given to him by Cris Valadez and Ernie takes the blame - your unwillingness to concede the problem with county 7 proves you are not interested in evidence. You are only interested in your hatred of the Hernandez family based on a distrust they created by using politiqueras.

How many times have I said the jury was correct in the raul Salazar case, but yet you cannot acknowledge that - why? You cannot admit that I have been fair because it will add credibility to my concerns about counts 7 and 8 against Ernie - so you just pretend I never said it

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby I'm sure the DA has evidence along with the Sheriff department. The Public Integrity Unit are not new to dirty politicians. The lower valley has been plagued with Corrupt Politicians for some time now and the Hernandez are no different. You say I am not interested in evidence but I am it is just that the only evidence you are posting is the Hernandez version and that will be judged by people of his peers called Jurors. You nor I are the defense attorneys of Prosecutors much less the judge. People are tired of them and you just need to realize it. The sooner you come to terms with reality the sooner you could change the song you so much love singing. We all have it memorize already.... it's called for real:

Crooked Politician"- Original song written by Brooks Radla

check it out on you tube....

BobbyWC said...

You are so jaded by your distrust of the Hernandez family you cannot even see the nonsense in your words.

The DA has released no evidence - so how do I post it?

I have not spoken to the evidence on counts 1-6 - I have posted county documents which show Ernie Hernandez had nothing to do with the reorganization of HR - I posted AR Flores and Pete Sepulveda's emails - so your claim the evidence is from Ernie is false.

On Count 7 the evidence is all over the internet that Montoya is the one who was going after David Garcia - and if you believe it was Ernie feeding the information to Montoya then you are delustional.

On count 8 I have not said he is not guilty. All I said is, if it is true he complained about saenz selective enforcement on the 8 Liners he should take a lie detector test on the issue. For all I know he told the guy I will fire you if you shut down so and so.

So there is just no basis to anything you are saying.

Bobby WV

Anonymous said...

Ernie will not take a lied erector test, you are delusional.

You will be very surprised with the evidence against Ernie when it comes out. You will eat your words but you will spin it to seem that you knew it all along.

After the Hernandez family is endicted and you realize they have been telling your dumb ass all the lies they have, you will be all alone because no one trusts you Bobby.

Enjoy your "sources", because no one will pass you gas when the Hernandez's are gone.

BobbyWC said...

One I never said he would - I said he should - by me being this out there explain to my readers how this helps him if he does not?

Now instead of demonstrating your ignorance through all of your misused and misspelled words - give my readers just one - just one lie I have told on behalf of Ernie Hernandez - do a copy and paste and I will post it for you - you cannot.

I have posted the emails from the county not Ernie which show they lied about the demotions in HR - now I guess you can claim the Hernandez family had the emails fabricated and then had Dilbia Jefferies sent them to me.

On count 7 - everyone who reads the blogs know that for months Montoya went after David Garcia on his double dipping. You never heard me challenge him on that.

No one - maybe save you - believes it was Ernie feeding him the information.

I know for a fact Carlos Cascos will verify under oath he was against David Garcia's double dipping and wanted it ended. On fiscal grounds the community will agree with him.

Once this happens how then does Saenz pin this on Ernie Hernandez?

Counts one through 6 are anyone's guess - how many times have I said this and you still want to put out lies that I somehow is saying he is not guilty on counts 1-6.

How many times do you need to lie to get my readers to forget that since day one I said the jury got the verdict correct in the Raul Salazar case.

What bothers me is, you really believe you can post not one example of where I lied for Ernie Hernandez, and then expect my readers to just believe it when they know from reading the blogs it was Montoya who went after David Garcia, and I have said over and over again the verdict is good in the Raul Salazar case.

All you do is make Saenz look desperate to spread lies

Bobby WC