Friday, January 3, 2014


Sorry for the late post, early morning meetings and then some shopping on my return from Harlingen.

The fundamental problem is, the city has failed to educate people they have rights.  People really do not know they can call the city and the city in some cases can issue citations to the landlord.  In three weeks I have gotten three calls.

In one the landlord actually told the residents to hire a roofer to repair the roof if they want the leaks to stop.  This particular family has falling sheet rock in their apartment from the rain coming through the roof.  Their furniture was heavily damaged along with a cell phone.  A bucket now collects the rain water.

Even after I gave the young man the phone number to call, the city took a week to show up.  This is all while the rain is pouring into the apartment. 

In another case, the woman decided to not call the city and instead chose to move out.  Since the day she moved in the kitchen sink leaked.  She could not use it.  So she is moving and will lose her deposit.

In another case, from the time the woman moved in the oven has not worked.  The landlord will not fix it and has asked her to move out. 

Many of the people have rights in JP court, but they do not work.  The landlords hire lawyers and the tenants have no idea how to prepare or argue their case.  In effect landlord tenant law has no value in terms of protecting the tenants.

The least the city can do is better educate the people as to their rights.  I hope in the case of the leaky roof the city makes an example of the owner.  It may send a message to others.


Anonymous said...

Tell them to move...end of they call you to tell you how many times they have duped landlords with three or four months rent? I didn't think so....this country is all messed up because it protects and caters to the lazy and the ones that do not work. I bet the people that have called you have a list of landlords they owe money to.

BobbyWC said...

you're an idiot - one is the assistant manager of a grocery store saving for a house - which is way he refuses to pay a high rent. Another is in school. Another is a senior.

Once you owe a landlord renting a new apartment is almost impossible. The landlords put it on your credit report

What you are saying is - it is okay for the landlord to not fix a bad roof, replace a broken stove, or a leaky sink - really you think it is unreasonable for paying tenants to demand these things be fixed.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The idiot is you because you do not know anything about the issue obviously.

When a landlord rents a place it is done so in agreement that all is well with the tenant. The tenant can do damages in excess of the deposit and hold the landlord hostage with not paying rent until he fixes this or that they caused themselves.

For your information...the majority of renters are to the landlord that has tour or less units...this by a whole is the majority of landlords anywhere ...and when a tenant balks at paying rent...they know the system....the courts protect the tenant and not the landlord...the system is being abused by the unscrupulous protect are getting great at protecting the guilty of this city.

BobbyWC said...

Please explain to my readers how a tenant causes a roof to leak into 4 units - are you even considering your words.

As to the JP's protecting the tenants you are so wrong - if the tenant does not pay the rent Texas law is clear - three days notice to get out then the landlord can sue - so long as the landlord follows the rules the JP's sign the eviction orders - it is standard - there is no evidence the JP's are ignoring the law.

As to your point of me protecting the guilty - many real estate companies manage rental properties - the ones I have spoken with have told me JP Erin Garcia is very good at signing the eviction orders when the rent is not paid - the realtors are backing her because of her reputation of signing the orders so long as the landlord follows the process.

So you are blowing smoke - you in Colorado?

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

Wow.. This went bad fast... I see the point anonymous makes... But it is stupid to over generalize.. Not all renters are deadbeats and not all landlords are slumlords. I happen to witness quite a few cases where a large family will rent a 12 x12 room for 350.00 a month. (government assistance put them on a waiting list for 24 months..according to one family I spoke to) and the landlords will allow them to live in 3rd world conditions... With holes on roofs, floors, possums, roaches..etc... When they complain about poor conditions the landlord does nothing. I think the city should do more to hold slumlords accountable for the poor living conditions of their renters. Also, I think landlords should be held accountable and face fines if tenants are a public nuisance, and the city should enforce that... Instead... No one does anything... Health department, code enforcement, police department, no one.

Unknown said...

I care and I care a lot. In my campaign against Little John i proposed to take on slumlords head on in district 2, clean up downtown where they rent rooms by the half hour and to collect back taxes. My election was stolen from me by the same machine being investigated now. I care and we must clean up Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea who helped John Villarreal - but my recollection is it was Patel who had the politiquera vote. My sources are telling me in the Sonia Solis case the only political target is Abelardo Gomez, and the Hernandez family in that election has been cleared.

Only an idiot would use mail ballot harvesting in the primaries - I am hearing a lot about how Jonathan Gracia is lining them up.

He will not make it to the end - far too many people are gunning for him. Also Justice Hinojosa could end his political career at the Motion for New Trial in the Raul Salazar case. David Garcia will be a big issue in that hearing and a question for Justice Hinojosa is what Gracia knew and when it knew it- IT is a serious matter to not inform the court your client mislead the jury. It is even more serious if it is should Jonathan Gracia turned over to Gus Garza exculpatory evidence and then say there when his client intentionally mislead the jury.

So unless you are saying Patel stole the election you are incorrect about the election being stolen by John he was not the one who used the politiqueras.

And again, the only target of the feds at this time in the Sonia Solis case is Abelardo Gomez. The Hernandez family is not even being looked at, based on Sonia Solis own revelations.

In the interest of full disclosure Raul Salazars wife was once married to Tony Zavaletta.

Bobby WC