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SECOND UPDATE:  See comment 5 for verification of FBI and AG downloading BV documents.

UPDATE:  I rejected a comment this morning concerning the press conference - I will not allow the BV to be used as an endless distraction by Saenz's lemmings to avoid the issue- here is part

 "Saenz did not allow you into the press conference because you are unprofessional and create drama where there is none." 

I have never created a distraction at any press conference I have attended.  In the Villalobos trial the DOJ and Villalobos attorneys thanked me daily for my reporting and used it to guide them.  At one point my readership became nationwide well into the upper thousands of readers.  I am certain I was better read than anyone tweeting the trial.  It is not my reporting which became an issue in the Villalobos motion for new trial, it was Emma Perez Trevino's - and that issue on appeal may just result in a complete reversal.  Trashing Villalobos attorneys during the trial was the epitome of unprofessional conduct.  While on the other hand in rejected comment after comment I was threatened for not allowing derogatory comments against Villalobos' lawyers or claims of his guilt before the official verdict.

No my dear lemming of Vindictive Dick Saenz - he knew I had the goods that count 7 is 100% bogus and that it was in fact Carlos Cascos and Cris Valadez who targeted David Garcia - he knows about the perjury issues related to Raul Salazar and he did not want me asking questions in  front of a full press corp on the issues.  This is not transparency - in the end every news person who has now interviewed me on the incident agrees Saenz is hiding something and sought to keep me out for that reason.  He accomplished nothing through his vindictive conduct.

Original Post

"This is learned from a request to the federal court by DA Luis V. Saenz’s office for a transcript of the testimony of attorney Oscar de la Fuente Jr."


This is back in June.  De la Fuente under oath admitted to crime after crime.  There is nothing to investigate.  You take his sworn to testimony to the grand jury and obtain your indictments.   So why has Saenz not done this?  Could there be an easier indictment for his bogus public integrity unit to obtain?

 No, but let's follow the money.  A review of Saenz campaign finance reports shows multiple donations to Saenz from Oscar de la Fuente.  There is no easier indictment to be brought by Saenz's public integrity unit, and with a sworn to confession Saenz has taken no action in 7 months.

There are problems printing the pages from the Elections Office Online service - I have done an open records request for the hard copies.

UPDATE:  I did another page showing another donation from Oscar de la Fuente.  My computer will not open all of Saenz campaign reports so I will have to go down to the Elections Office and review then and then ask for the pages I want


Remember it was not me, but the DOJ who called Justino Ramos to testify he gave Luis Saenz a $1,000 bribe.  See story

In August of 2013, after Saenz brought his bogus charges against Josefina Fisher [Canales] for calling Yolanda Begum a fake, Alex Begum's law firm  gave Saenz an additional $2,500 donation. 

$6,000 in donations to Saenz from Begum's law firm and he does not even have a criminal law practice.  Lawyers with actual criminal practices before Saenz did not come even close to giving this much money to Saenz.
The reward is the bogus criminal charge against Josefina Fisher [Canales] for calling Yolanda Begum a fake.
You know how you know Barton's, McHale's and Montoya's motivation in reporting is a hatred for the Hernandez family - they fail to assail Saenz for any of this.  Josefina Fisher [Canales] campaigned for Erin Garcia and she must be punished even if it is done with bribes from Alex Begum to Luis Saenz.  The three are prepared to piss on Freedom of Speech to punish and defame anyone who stands on the facts when it comes to the Hernandez family.  Remember the bailiff defamed by Barton - claiming she voted twice and claiming she was interfering with Begum's witnesses when the bailiff stopped Begum's people from trying to influence the witnesses with free food.

I rejected a comment on Sunday basically stating what "I never met an accurate fact Barton" stated.  I have said over and over again - any candidate can send me anything related to the campaign and I will post it for free.  I have posted more for Alex Dominguez or at least just as much as for Ernie Hernandez, and I am a confident of Ernie Hernandez and not Alex Dominguez [according to Barton] - what this poster and Barton cannot conceive is, a human being working to give all candidates equal access to free advertising.  So because the idea is so alien to the factually challenged Barton the only reason I would post something for Commissioner Hernandez is because I am his confident.  It is just too bizarre one person can be that ignorant and biased.

Where was Barton when I defended Ruben Pena against all of Montoya's lies and took Margarita Ozuna to the AG, which resulted in her prosecution? - nowhere to be found. 

Barton cannot conceive of equal access for all the candidates, or reality.  You see according to Barton when I was going after Hernandez in the Pena case I somehow was his supporter.  No - I look to the facts.

Barton knows with 100% certainty it was Montoya who went after David Garcia's job and he did it with leaked documents from Cris Valadez - but Barton so hates Ernie Hernandez he is willing to make himself party to what he knows is a lie - namely it was Ernie Hernandez, and not Carlos Cascos and Cris Valadez.  I cannot imagine what could cause a person to have so much blinding hate and ignorance in their heart.

No, Jimmy Boy I am no one's confident.  The BV this election cycle took the lead in ending the use of the vans, CAVA was no where - I wrote a lot of letters and now the owners of these homes are being warned about the legal liability if someone gets hurt.  This was my argument.  According to Barton this is me helping the Hernandez family.

Again, where was Barton in backing the BV on this issue - dead silent  - he was probably waiting on Yolanda to decide if she as going to use the vans.

Until Barton, McHale and Montoya call out Saenz for all of his criminal conduct, they will have no credibility.  You either believe in free speech or do not.  They clearly do not.  What they believe in is destroying anyone they do not like and they are prepared to back public corruption to get what they want.


Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job during AV's trial. It was fair and balanced unlike journalist EPT . The DOJ threw Saenz under the bus w/ Ramos's testimony. I for one believe that was the intent. I also believe Saenz doesn't want you around in front of the press and/or blogging about your findings. It's no secret that the Feds read your blog. I believe a whole string of indictments will hit Cameron County this next month,and that there is no coincidence in the timing.Keep up the good work and don't let the haters get you down.

BobbyWC said...

The haters do not bother me one bit - it is the people who claim to support me or who agree with me - especially the lawyers - and they will not help

On the injunction issue against Saenz in Dallas I would easily have 20 lawyers standing with me to file the injunction - this is what truly gets me down

On Villalobos trial I had judges tell me they had to order their staff to get to work and get off the BV. I had judges tell me they were delayed in their hearings because they were caught up reading the BV's coverage

I know my coverage is fine - It would be nice just once for the community and lawyers to stand with me - and I am not the issue- if they are unwilling to stand tall for their community - then the battle will never be one - it bothers me a great deal their lack of commitment to standing with a public face and say - enough is enough

Believe it or not most lawyers just want a fair DA and fair judges - most are actually honest - some turn out of desperation

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I can certainly understand your frustration.I hope that your ethics become contagious...I believe this is your purpose.For whatever it's worth ,I for one am with you.Just know ,all we can do is start w/ ourselves and stand strong knowing that true justice (not Cameron County style )is on our side.

BobbyWC said...

You guys who think you are going to post lies here as distractions are dead wrong - con artists have no publication rights here.

Other than in count 7 I defy anyone to post wherein I have said Ernie Hernandez is not guilty. I have said I will wait for the trial and then decide which according to these con artists is me defending Ernie

I have said over and over again - the jury verdict in Raul Salazar is correct - how in hell is that defending Ernie?

The issue though is was it based on perjury. What is clear to these con artists posters is they do not want the court to hear the perjury charges - why

Now how about addressing my post - that you people will never do because you have no defense for Saenz - why has Oscar de la Fuente not been indicted? He confessed to the crimes under oath. What is left to prove?

Put your name to your post and then defend the charges against Josefina Canales - you will never do that because you are cowards to a person.

On Barton - he is about anything but the truth. Why does he not mock Alex Dominguez on all of his ethics violations?

Ernie like every other politico in this town is anything but 100% clean. I have never said otherwise.

I opened the door to going after the politiqueras and got the first prosecution. This is a fact.

Barton knows Montoya under leaked documents from Cris Valadez is the one who went after David Garcia, not Ernie Hernandez.

It is like my evidence professor use to say - if the bone is sticking out of the arm you do not need an expert to tell you the arm is broken.

Why does Barton not speak the truth about Dominguez or county 7 against Ernie - because he is blinded by hate and ignorance. It is as obvious as a bone sticking out of a broken arm.

I have given Dominguez a ton of free advertising - where is the bias in that?

Bobby W C

BobbyWC said...

27 Jan 2014 11:25:01

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Anonymous said...

You got to listen to the tape: It's all over youtube:

Anonymous said...

If you cant open the link then Youtube: Frequent Voter Willie P Richardson

Anonymous said...

If you cant open the link then Youtube: Frequent Voter Willie P Richardson

Anonymous said...

What if Oscar De La Fuente gave testimony to the FBI, but asked them to also protect him from the D.A. Could that be the reason the D.A. has not/ will not go after him? Could it be he dcut deal with both FBI and D.A. in exchange for his testimony?

BobbyWC said...

Great well thought out question - thanks for extending the discussion.

See the post I am about to do which includes breaking news on the issue.

Bobby WC