Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have been approved for cataract surgery, pending some advanced testing on my left retina.  Protocol provides I am ready for the cataract surgery, but the cataracts by themselves do not explain the level of vision loss.  The doctor at the VA who does the surgeries is very competent so I feel like this is just another path in the journey of getting long in the tooth.

MY HARD DRIVE CRASHED so I needed to buy the paper for ads.  It was worth it.  I am returning a new SawsAll  to Home Depot and getting basically the same one at Harbor Freight for $45.00 less, with the coupon.

Anyway I am trying to read the ads, and with or without my glasses, I cannot read anything.  So I broke out the magnifying glass and read the ads.  I am off in a bit for a new computer.  This one is maybe 6 years old,  so it is time.This is the second hard drive I would need to replace.

The good news is all of my data is stored on a portable hard drive and on line with Norton - so I am very secure with my data.

Maybe later this afternoon I will have the candidates for county clerk posted.  If anyone knows any web links for them - help me out by emailing me.

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