Tuesday, January 14, 2014



Mary Helen Flores can go down with Montoya's lies, or come to the BV and clearly state he is a liar. Does anyone believe that had Montoya been presented during my conversation with Mary Helen Flores at the court house he would not have printed it when he saw it? No is the answer and that is how we know the following is just another bought and paid for lie by Alex Begum. They knew today's post would be hard - so like conniving idiots, Begum has Montoya post another obvious lie.

"What he wrote was an outright lie because the writer of this blog was in the same corridor when the meeting took place and the bailiff was inside the courtroom and was never involved in the encounter."

A bailiff hears yelling in the hallway and they are going to come out - it matters not that they are in the courtroom.

His name is Mark Reagan and not Scott Reagan - Montoya cannot even get the reporters name right. 

What Montoya leaves out of his piece is Mary Helen's lie that she was never told by Zeke about his fake FB page - the BV has already proven Mary Helen lied about that.  It is true I offered her a check to help fund a video she was putting together to educate people about mail-ballots, and she said no.  She said she would not be working with bloggers - another lie.  The only way Montoya would know about the money offer is because Mary Helen told him.  He was nowhere to be seen.  Montoya was always showing up late, and in fact was not even in the courthouse when the verdict came down in the Raul Salazar case.

Facts, matter, Montoya attacked me daily for defending Ruben Pena in the Hernandez election contest.  The BV sent the transcript to the AG and Margarita Ozune as charged.  This is a fact.  Even now the BV is the only social media educating the people about the new laws.  Politiqueras and the candidates will be charged if money exchanges hands.

This was lost on Michael Cowen and Ruben Peña.  I did everything I could do to get them to understand that they needed to stop the delay in bringing the Begum/Garcia election contest to trial.  It was explained over and over again in the BV, there was no time if they failed to act immediately.  Even the assigned judge tried to find a way to at least have a trial so the facts could come out- even if he could not complete it.  That is how we nailed Margarita Ozuna.  Had Cowen and Peña simply just went to court and put on as much evidence as possible before the clock ran, there would be a public record.  They did not.  Yes, Ruben lost his election contest, but we nailed Margarita Ozuna and that was good.  We could have nailed more politqueras had Cowen and Pena not played the delay game.

Facts, matter - but if you believe Montoyas was in the hallway  during my conversation with Mary Helen you deserve bad government.  He would have printed the story that day.  Mary Helen knows he is lying - but being Mary Helen she will remain silent - failing to understand how her participation in the lie is hurting her cause.

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