Wednesday, January 22, 2014


An anxious source at the courthouse referred me to this decision coming from the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct.  Click for Opinion  I was told if I push hard enough I will find the witness who will verify DA Saenz has met privately with Judge McDonald.  It's an allegation I am chasing.  ADA's live in absolute fear for their jobs every day. 

This Josefina Fisher case has me, a lot of judges and lawyers very confused.  They cannot believe Judge McDonald and DA Saenz have brought it to this point.  We shall see if my pushing will get a source to verify the meeting.  The problem is, unless it is an email verifying same, the source will have to sign an affidavit which will mean they will be out of a job.  The latter will never happen.  To the source I say you can  file a complaint with the Commission on Judicial conduct while asking that your name not be disclosed - but you will have to provide evidence such as an email to prove your claim.

During campaigns a lot of people approach me with all sorts of claims.  Nearly all of them prove false or cannot be proven.  What struck me here was how anxious the person was to communicate with me - and how secretly they sought me out.  I have no idea who they are.  To date in this race I have repeatedly said it is clearly McDonald's race to lose because Robles was facing the guilt by association problem.

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