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The federal lawsuit will begin with this quote from federal judge Andrew Hanen.  No judge would believe this bizarre story, but hopefully with this from federal Judge Hanen the federal judge in Houston will see the absolute futility in expecting justice from a Cameron County judge.  Judge Art McDonald and Luis Saenz are hell bent on making sure the world knows Cameron County justice is the most corrupt justice system on the planet.

"From the Monitor - quoting federal judge Andrew Hanen "An extensive federal investigation found corruption in the Cameron County’s legal system and judiciary to be so pervasive that most people probably wouldn’t believe it — “unless they heard it themselves,” U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen said in 2013."
Judge Arturo McDonald refused to dismiss the bogus criminal charges against Josefina Fisher, filed by Yolanda Begum.  Next week he along with Saenz will be sued in federal court in Houston.  It is strictly a suit to enjoin the court from moving forward, and not a suit for damages.

I am not sure if it is the county attorneys or the AG, but one of them will be in federal court in Houston arguing against freedom of speech.  It is clear Art McDonald and Saenz are driven to keep Brownsville and Cameron county the most corrupt part of the US and looking hopelessly stupid.

Think about this guys, this is a simple misdemeanor case in part based on a sworn document wherein Yolanda Begum committed simple perjury, and Saenz himself was in court overseeing the hearing.  Why?  Let's not forget the $3,500, Alex Begum gave Saenz after it was clear Saenz would be the new DA.

The following email is from Ed Cyganiewicz after my last post.  I will note it was not until 4:35 p.m. that day he finally filed the motion to dismiss.

From Ed to Josefina:

"Ms. Canales :

Received your request for me to withdraw as your attorney of record. There is no conflict and my obligations and duties are to you, my client. In fact, in most of the cases I prosecute, it is a Judge who appoints me and I am not hired by the District Attorney. You have obviously been influenced by blogs and gossip which are often not accurate. But I will be happy to file a motion to withdraw. However, a withdrawal is not necessary because the DA has finally reviewed my request to dismiss and the DA will be dismissing this charge. If the judge approves the dismissal before Thursday, you will not have to appear for our 1st pretrial hearing on Thursday January 9, 2014 @ 8:30 A.M.

Best Wishes,

Edmund K. Cyganiewicz
(956) 541-5995"

" It is axiomatic that “[a] fair trial in a fair tribunal is a basic requirement of due process.” 

CAPERTON et al. v. A. T. MASSEY COAL CO., INC., et al. US Supreme Court. Click

This basic concept is lost on the legally challenged Art McDonald.  The Caperton case involved the influence campaign money to the judges had on the ruling.  In this case the Supreme Court found the lower court judge violated the due process rights of Caperton when he failed to recuse himself over the amount of money the Respondent gave the judge.

McDonald, Saenz, Alex and Yolanda Begum will face a federal investigation on the influence of money on Saenz and McDonald to violate Josefina Fisher (Canales) First Amendment Rights.  18 USC 242 governs this matter.  There are both former state and federal judges sitting in federal prison over this type nonsense.  I am personally filing the complaint.  It is filed with the Civil Rights Enforcement Division and the FBI Office in San Antonio, which oversees Brownsville.  What they do with it will be their decision.

Things are happening fast, and I am getting phone calls.  I need to get out the door.

Here is the post from the other day which finally got Ed Cyganiewicz to file the motion to dismiss, at 4:35 p.m.  Knowing Josefina Canales Fisher has now fired Ed for his conflict of interest in accepting work for Saenz, McDonald order her back to court for the trial at the end of the month moving into February.  No federal judge is going to play this - even if the federal judge refuses to follow Dombrowski he will issue an opinion which outline the facts. 

Click here for documents and the story which sparked 2 communications from the ACLU to me defending Ed's conduct and demanding that the BV stop printing these stories - yes the ACLU demanding the press stop reporting.  The ACLU is a complete joke.

I promise my readers a story tomorrow which will turn the Manny Velez murder case on its head, and result the BV's largest readership in its history.  Saenz or Ed obviously told the ACLU lawyer to threaten me to run cover for the fact that Ed is working both sides.  Yea, I do not play.  Tomorrow I am going nuclear with all of the facts and how Manny Velez is being thrown under the bus again, to protect Ed.

And I can tell you, that is not the part of the story which will catch every one's attention.  Saenz may be the most unethical DA is this country's history.  Money and vendetta's govern every thing he does.


Anonymous said...

Arturo is running scared these days. He has been seen visiting some old school politiqueras in the Roosevelt asking for support for himself and his mother-in-law Nida Ruth Gartland. Art Macdonald is finding out that people are not pleased with the big head he has gotten while on the bench. This race has upset written all over it.

BobbyWC said...

I am only allowing for this comment because of a collateral issue. For example I reject several comments that Jonathan Gracia has bought up the politiqueras -

I will be shocked if we see any real activity on the mail ballots.

I am working on the SOS of DOK Election Oversight assign people to inspect all mail ballots as the come in and review them during the count. Without outsiders overseeing this election I see no hope of a fair election if a decision is made in desperation to continue the practice.

Part of my point is I am going to be rejecting all comments linking anyone to the politiqueras at this time- If you have a picture which shows this election it will make it to the BV - but paying someone to hold a sign for you is not the same as paying someone to harvest mail ballots.

Bobby WC