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Click for McDonald Campaign Finance Report see pages 60-61.

What does it say about a judge who pays a convicted drunk a $1,000, to trash his opponent?  Is this the best we can do in terms of electing judges, because if it is we are screwed - royally

Montoya's headline which made me laugh until I pissed "ROBLES WANTS TO "RESTORE PUBLIC TRUST" IN COURTS"

Montoya cannot reference one person Robles has associated with or is working for his campaign with a criminal history, prior to the association.  But yet using this bizarre intentionally misleading standard as to why Robles is not qualified for the bench - it is in fact the dishonorable Judge Art McDonald paying the former deadbeat dad and convicted  drunk to post misleading facts and outright lies against his opponent.  McDonald has officially become desperate.

Montoya's problem with Robles is he joined forces as lawyers with Jim Solis, before Solis was convicted of any crimes.  It would be one thing had Robles made the decision after the conviction, but he did not.  But according to Montoya if you any time during your legal career your partner is  charged with a crime you too are guilty of the crime.  To in part justify this twisted thinking he claims Robles name came out during the trials on a regular basis.  I unlike Montoya sat through the Villalobos trial and have no recollection of this.  But I do remember Montoya's "paid lover" Peter Zavaletta on tape like the wimp and coward he is running cover for Limas and blaming Elia Cornejo Lopez for part of Limas' troubles.  I never once heard that devoted Christian Zavaletta tell Limas he was offended by his endless offensive language.

In continuing with his bizarre post he attacks the Hernandez family for their loyalty to Raul Salazar, with three recent misdemeanor convictions. So if you sit with a friend at an event who has a criminal conviction you are a bad person with poor judgment - that is Montoya's standard.  Montoya fails to tell his readers Salazar's conviction is not final and that the parties are waiting on Justice Hinojosa to set for the hearing the Motion for New Trial - which could void the convictions.

Hum?  What does it say about our vindictive DA, Luis Saenz that he takes a convicted drunk to bars and San Antonio.  Please tell us Juanito

What does it tell us about vindictive DA Luis Saenz that he would hire someone who according to press reports a felony conviction prevents him from running for public office - namely Zeke Silva?
What does it tell us about Alex Dominguez who hires the same Zeke Silva to be his campaign manager?
What does it say about Yolanda Begum who wants to be a judge that she with pride associates with someone who according to press reports cannot run for public office because he is a convicted felon, namely Zeke Silva.
Whether it is McDonald, Saenz, Dominguez, or Begum, they each have chosen to associate with people who are convicted of crimes, after the conviction.  Montoya to a person defends each of these people.
But the dishonorable Art McDonald pays Montoya $1,000, to trash Robles, his opponent ,because he associated with someone who later became a convicted felon, and it becomes Robles' character we are to judge.
Now remember Montoya is the one who set out the standard, not me.  The only dirty campaigns are those where Montoya is being paid to print lies and deception.  That should tell everyone all they need to know about the people paying Montoya for ads.  You advertise with Montoya if you intend to run a dirty campaign.  If these are the people you want elected then stop bitching because you are the problem.


My sources are telling me he is feeling the pressure over his decision to be part of the criminal enterprise prosecuting Josefina Fisher Canales for exercising her right to free speech.  Yes, he is 100% immune for purposes of damages - but he has no immunity against indictment, a federal injunction, and removal of his judicial credentials.  I hope who ever is paying him to continue this criminal enterprise is paying him enough to justify the damage it has done to his family name, and his name as a judge.


You see in Art McDonald's court the First Amendment is dead.  In violation of the rules of judicial conduct he has refused to sign the order denying Fisher's Motion to Dismiss the charges that it is obscene to call the princesses of fakedome Yolanda Begum a fake.  By his acts, he is intentionally denying her, her interim appeal.  The Commission on Judicial Conduct is all too aware of this unethical act done by judges like McDonald and will handle him - so too will the federal judge.

Below is Ed Cyganiewicz Motion to Withdraw in the Josefina Canales case.  Compare it to the Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 10.  Ed made a list of how he could violate Josefina Canales' right to due process and then made should he violated everyone of them.  The key rules are making sure the court has the address of the defendant, or her new lawyer, and a list of pending hearings.  Ed ignored the due process rule, and the inept and legally challenged Art McDonald went along with it.  Ed Cyg knew in Art McDonald's court the law has no place - so he violated the rule.

Montoya claims - because he is twit with zero knowledge or even a semblance of commonsense - that Josefina Fisher Canales violated the attorney client privilege by talking to people.  Okay Juanito for you and the inept Ed Cyg - the privilege belongs to the client and she is free to speak with anyone at any  time.  The only person who violated the rule is Ed Cyganiewcz by calling her family member and bitching about her.  The State Bar will address that.


" If another attorney is not to be substituted as attorney for the party, the motion shall state: that a copy of the motion has been delivered to the party; that the party has been notified in writing of his right to object to the motion; whether the party consents to the motion; the party's last known address and all pending settings and deadlines. If the motion is granted, the withdrawing attorney shall immediately notify the party in writing of any additional settings or deadlines of which the attorney has knowledge at the time of the withdrawal and has not already notified the party. The Court may impose further conditions upon granting leave to withdraw. Notice or delivery to a party shall be either made to the party in person or mailed to the party's last known address by both certified and regular first class mail. "

Click to enlarge

Where in the Motion did the legally challenged and inept Art McDonald insure Josefina Canales' rights were protected?  No where - if she fails to show at a pending hearing or trial she will be arrested, even though Art McDonald saw to it through his own conduct that the Motion and Order violated Josefina Fisher Canales' due process rights.  A federal court will have a heyday with this - the decision to deny her even the semblance of due process is obvious

This entire post came about because of Montoya's bizarre post against Robles.  I wonder if Art McDonald is thinking about now if his $1,000 was well spent.  The people advertising with Montoya are just too stupid to see the people know only con artists and liars would play his game.  Montoya is always the one who turns the campaigns nasty.


Someone told me there is a Biblical phrase which basically says "people who accuse you of wrong doing are actually the wrong doer

If you know it let me know


Anonymous said...

How hard is it for candidates to run on what they have to offer the community as oppose to running on how bad their opponent it? People tell us how good you are and not how bad your opponent it. PLEASE! Really thought everyone was out of the high school mentality.

Anonymous said...

First let me say that I liked judge Robles when he was on the bench and thought he was fair and did a good job. However, the issue here isn't whether he showed poor judgment by joining up with Solis and Rosenthal after they were convicted. The issue raised is that he associated with them WHILE they were committing the crimes and unethical acts. Does that mean he was involved? No, of course not, but it does raise a question.

I actually think both McDonald and Robles are/were good judges and would prefer both of them to some of the judges on the bench now.

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is what makes the BV work - it extends the discussion - but guilt by association is always difficult. Without good proof we have no way of knowing

But as to McDonald his conduct in the Fisher case is beyond contempt - also his decision to pay Montoya a $1,000 to post trash has no defense.

I agree we have no way of knowing what Robles knew and when he knew it - but it is certainly a fair question.

But in the end Montoya's post was just stupid and reflected very poorly on McDonald - if he keeps on paying Montoya what does that tell you about McDonald?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

He will continue to pay him stop your bitching already.

BobbyWC said...

Any every source I have discussed this with has told me the same - Art McDonald is a myth and he hates the truth is finally coming out.

It's funny you seem to think it is okay for McDonald to pay Montoya to mislead people in a judicial race, and if I point it out, you have a problem with that.

You moral compass is now clear to everyone

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Did Zeke Silva get his record expunged? Is it possible to expunge a conviction for a felony? Does the DA have to consent to an expungement of records from a case resulting in felony conviction of a conviction? Wasn't there an appeal on something like this in the school district with an attorney?

Can you explain how this happened?

BobbyWC said...

Zeke Silva would not qualify for an expungement. I checked on this about a month ago and his record was clearly still listed - but I will check on Friday while at the court house .
DPS would never allow for it because they must be served and as we saw in the Balazar Salazar case DPS is keeping on eye on these

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Montoya dishes out dirt and fallacies in favor of anyone who will pay for an ad. Hell he's still getting paid by Abel Gómez and his race was over a long time ago. It's his MO. Why would Zeke pay for an ad at that price when he's also not running for anything? They're are certainly better advertisement choices available at that price.Maybe in these two cases it's what they're running from instead of running for.

BobbyWC said...

Gomez pays Montoya to blame the Hernandez family for the Sonia Solis mail fraud when the only evidence tying anyone to Sonia Solis is Gomez immediately hiring her son after taking office. Gomez pays a fee to make sure Montoya never prints this well established fact.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

And what happened to her son after this fact was made known? He's long gone to Colorado.