Saturday, January 18, 2014


According to campaign finance reports the two are about the same - $9,000, with Rosie in a slight lead.  The race is basically head to head with Rosie ahead by a nose.

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All of the time I read comments, we need new faces - new people - well here is your chance.  Rosie Sheldon-Sotelo has yet to answer the question about how under her leadership in the civil section cases were illegally being funneled to now convicted former judge Abel Limas, and how an employee was able to steal money from  right under her eyes.  If she could not manage just a section of the District Clerk's office, the question becomes how does she intend to run the entire District Clerk's Office?

Now, Neida Ruth Soto-Grantland, confronted her weak point in her Statement of Qualifications.  She raised a good point, it is time we have professional administrators in these positions.  She outlined her professional qualifications, which overcome her lack of experience in the District Clerk's office..

I highly recommend all candidates create a Statement of Qualifications and put it on their FB page or web page.  If submitted to the BV it will be posted and added

Eric Garza and Elvita Ortiz are lagging behind on campaign money.  Money does not always win - but at this stage of the game money makes the race between Rosie and Neida.  I have added Ortiz's campaign picture to the Campaign link - I cannot find an internet link for her campaign - if anyone has it let me know.

UPDATE - Through a friend of Elvira Ortiz I found her FB page - I am giving her a special post here because the BV has never posted on her in the past.  All of the candidates for District Clerk with their web links can be found by clicking on Campaigns


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