Saturday, January 25, 2014


Only because Commissioner Hernandez is up for reelection am I allowing for this. Anyone with a half a brain agrees the timing is to influence the election. While this is not an ad I will use the same rules I use for all ads. No comments. In the case of Oscar X. Garcia I allowed for one comment because the face of his ad proved the allegation.

"I want to thank all my friends and family for the hundreds of calls that I have received supporting me and asking me to continue our efforts to move forward with our campaign. I have served our community for the past 25 years. I have been elected five times. The trust from the community has been my biggest reward. I am asking everyone to trust me once again. The timing is very suspect with the primary less than forty days away. I am totally innocent of all these allegations and I will my have my day to clear myself in court. Cameron County politics is certainly NOT for the squeamish. Thank you for your continued, support, prayers and blessings. We move forward!"

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Now, for example if Alex Dominguez wants to ,make a statement about all of his pending Texas Ethics Complaints, he will get the same free space to post his comments on the issue.  I will allow for no negative comments.  But I will also not allow for outright lies.


Anonymous said...

How do you compare the charges of Hernandez to those of Dominquez? Why don't you extend the same opportunity for Limas, Villalobos, and others to make statements about their situations?

BobbyWC said...

First of all I never said they are the same - All I said is he has the right to an equal voice in terms of explaining his side.

Further, I would never deny Limas or Villalobos any opportunity to speak to their situations.

Now Limas is already in prison and Villalobos is too smart to be making public statements.

In my view he is trying to amend for his transgressions and is working to take down everyone he can.

If he takes down enough people I would be the first to support probation for Villalobos

I know for a fact he is already working to expose certain individuals. He can never right his wrongs, but he can make our community a better place

Bobby WC