Thursday, January 30, 2014


UPDATE:  I am being told Valley Central will run the story tonight or tomorrow.  It just ran as lead story at 6 p.m. 

Also see comment 4 for FBI download

Also how Josefina Canales humiliated the ADA.  He tried to serve her with a Motion for An Amended Complaint and she pushed it back at him.  Judge McDonald explained to this legally challenged ADA his court was out of it and he would have to use the proper procedure in getting her served and it would not be in his court.

On this first part, I have a - a personal thank-you to the staff of Constable Abelardo Gomez for standing up for the Constitution.  Everyone on his staff was 100 professional.  The court bailiffs have now been told that in the future if they take orders from a judge ordering the press out of the courtroom the constables are under orders to bring the reporters back into the courtroom and the judge can then deal with the constables and not the reporters.  That my friends is a public servant acting to protect our Constitution. 

When I got to the Josefina Canales hearing DA Saenz was there with his chief SS Officer Victor Cortez.  The court bailiff who works for the judge, told me I could stand along the wall,  She then went and spoke to someone and Daisy Martinez - Valley Central and myself were ordered out of the courtroom.  Judge McDonald knew I was invoking my constitutional right to be there, but he did not care.

 I was told by the staff of Constable Gomez this will never happen again.

Judge Art McDonald facing both possible federal criminal charges, and disciplinary action by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, recused himself citing the possible charges and disciplinary action.  Chief Regional Administrative Judge Rolando Olvera will decide who now gets the case.  He can give it to Judge Manual Banales since he has already dealt with the issues in the civil case.

Here are the Amended Charges

Saenz by his own actions admits the original  charges were bogus.  Josefina's rights are being violated because had Judge McDonald followed the constitution the original charges should have been dismissed last month, and Saenz would not now be allowed to file new charges.  The new judge will see this and dismiss the charges.  Saenz only dug his hole deeper.  Josefina's federal lawsuit has not been filed because she had every reason to believe that McDonald would recuse himself.  The federal judge will want to see what the new judge does before he will be willing to act.  So, after the new judge makes a decision a decision will be made about federal court.
For now all of Montoya's and McHale's vulgar posts against all public officials are being filed a criminal charges same as the ones against Josefina Fisher Canales.  You watch - Saenz will reject them and hang himself in the process.


Anonymous said...

The bailiff in that courtroom is such an asshole. She thinks she owns the building and frankly, someone should file a formal complaint against her. She runs her mouth saying that judge wants this and that, but in all reality she's the one making up bogus rules and yelling off that it's her courtroom to make rules for. She makes him look bad for no reason. It is she that orders citizens, who pay taxes to keep the building up, out. She has no respect for anyone. So please don't be badmouthing a Judge, for all you know he's not concerned about who's standing where, so long as business is conducted. One more thing, it's a small courtroom, not like say a district court where there is extra room for the press to record their film.

BobbyWC said...

She said it was mcdonald. if he wants to email me a statement denying what she said i will post it as a separate post and retract the claim. but i am filing official oppression charges on her. if mcdonald emails me and says she actef on her own i wil not include him

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I support your decision to file a formal complaint against her! She over does it, refuses to realize she's dealing with others just like herself. Innocent until proven guilty, yet anyone from a defendant, to a family member of a defendant, attorneys and their assistants are treated with disrespect.

BobbyWC said...

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