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Jonathan, you know what Villalobos put in your personnel file.  This means you know Saenz is lying when he says nothing is there.  Do you need any more proof that Saenz wanted me to keep this story going to hurt you?  This has Begum and Saenz written all over it.  You have to know Saenz is lying about your personnel file because he knows I would print the story thereby reminding people about the police report.  What he did not know is,  I will not repost the police report.

Jonathan if you still think this is not Saenz and Begum trying to destroy you for political purposes - you are just plain stupid.


I will not repost the police report involving Jonathan Gracia because that is what Saenz and Begum want me to do to do further damage Jonathan Gracia's reputation. 

My source was spot on about the police report.  The source was also very specific about what was put in Jonathan Gracia's personnel file at the DA's office.  I did an open records request for the contents of Jonathan Gracia's personnel file which relate to the police report.

Matthew M. Kendall with the DA's office responded to my request with nothing can be found.  My request had two parts, any criminal investigation file which may have been opened plus what may have been put into Jonathan Gracia's personnel file.

Remember this is the same Matthew M. Kendall who filed the frivolous  objection with the AG to protect Zeke Silva.  He is not trustworthy at any level.

Like I have said, I have never lost an open records request because I know how the rules work.  I called Matthew M. Kendall and was told he does not accept phone calls.  This despite his letter tells me to call him if I have any questions.

I filed a formal complaint with Melissa Zamora, PIO, where upon Saenz ordered Kendall to accept my phone call.  Public service at its best, don't you think.

I explained to Mr. Kendall that his letter was no specific enough for me to move forward with the AG's office to force the issue.  I needed a specific statement that nothing was  found in Gracia's personnel file related to the police report.

Matthew Kendall then said to me "so you want me to put in the letter that nothing was found in Jonathan Gracia's personnel file related to the police report so that you can then take my letter to the AG along with the documents you already have from his personnel file?"

This is DA Saenz at his best - filtering files and concealing documents to avoid open record's requests.

Remember how this story broke - I sat on it for weeks.  I then got word at Begum's request Montoya was going to use the police report to trash Jonathan Gracia.  My report made it clear from the get go that Jonathan Gracia did nothing criminal and he was only mentioned as a witness.  Right or wrong the belief is the run-off will be between Erin Garcia and either Yolanda Begum or Jonathan Gracia - Yolanda Begum has to take down Jonathan Gracia to insure a spot in the run-off.

DA Saenz knows that by lying about what is in Jonathan Gracia's personnel file it will keep the story going to the benefit of Yolanda Begum - the same Yolanda Begum he refuses to prosecute for perjury - the same Yolanda Begum whose son gave Saenz a $3,500 bribe to bring a malicious prosecution against Josefina Fisher.

Oh, why am I willing to say so clearly it was a bribe - because I know  a jury will agree with me if they sue.  They will look at the charges against Josefina Fisher and be disgusted with our entire legal system and how easy it is for scumbags like Alex Begum to bribe a DA.

Nothing would please me more than to take DA Saenz, Alex Begum's and Yolanda Begum's depositions to the FBI.  A flaming drag queen has a batter chance of being straight than these three keeping their story straight.


Anonymous said...

"I will not repost the police report involving Jonathan Gracia because that is what Saenz and Begum want me to do to do further damage Jonathan Gracia's reputation."

It seems that you have already damaged Gracia's reputation when you were the only one to post the report. The whole town of Brownsville knows about the report because of your posting.

BobbyWC said...

I will take that hit, knowing it was better I post it making it clear no criminal conduct, rather than allow Montoya to post it first with a spin which totally destroyed Gracia's reputation rather than making clear he was merely a witness and there was no criminal conduct.

But you of course would have preferred Montoya destroyed him with a bogus spin and that is why you are really upset.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to you, I am not upset; in fact I do not know the gentleman in question. I do know about the incident because of your previous posting. In my opinion it was a posting that perhaps not intended did damaged to the character of the individual. However, if an individual is in politics anything will effect your campaign.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you break the story of Ernie being indicted first? Perhaps you could have avoided the community from hearing about all those damaging comments by Montoya. You could have done a post on Ernie like you did on Jonathan.

BobbyWC said...

First of all, I posted the indictment at 9:30 and Montoya posted at 10:30 so you are full of shit.

Second I have been working with the police to bring Official Oppression Charges against Saenz - I am certain Montoya reported that

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

On the first comment, it was a choice - I break the story saying no crime and that Jonathan was just a material witness, or Montoya breaks it with a spin which makes Jonathan look really bad.

I did the right thing and I think Jonathan now knows Begum is behind it. He knows Saenz lied about the personnel file so I would repeat the story to hurt him.

Hopefully people will see this for what it is - Yolanda Begum playing real dirty.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Yolanda would continue to play her dirty games by doing what she's told!
Very sad!!! This community is screwed