Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I know what I am about to say will anger a lot of people - but the following press release is good news for those of us who are tired of the senseless killing of so many pets, but until the state, county and city impose major penalties for animals which are not fixed, the problem will persist.  You should need a breeding license for any animal which is not fixed.  If you do not have it the fine should be $500.00, no excuses. You should then also have to pay to have your pet fixed.
"Good news! After 2 1/2 years of hard lobbing , I was able to procure funding of 1.5 million dollars for a new animal shelter. In spite of recent allegations, I will continue to work hard for the residents of Cameron county. I am asking for help in the planning and construction of the new shelter. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Help me make this new shelter as close to a No Kill facility as possible. I can be reached at 956 459 6025. Please share this message."
While  I am happy with this progress, I stand firm - we need heavy penalties for any unlicensed breeding animal.  The people creating the problem should have to fund these shelters.  All of my dogs have always been fixed.  It is the humane thing to do.

You know what, do not post comments about the poor not being able to pay - I bet they will think twice about allowing their pets to roam around if they have to spend a few days on our beaches cleaning them as community service instead of having to pay the fine.  Being poor is not an excuse for being cruel to animals.


Anonymous said...

"All of my dogs have always been fixed. It is the humane thing to do."

Do you think that dogs like to be fixed? Perhaps, there is a Supreme Court case where a dog claimed that it was the humane thing to do to a dog. If it is humane why don't we fix all those criminals that are convicted of rape or molesting a child?

Anonymous said...

Like our ex-mayor, the Commissioner is a lover of dogs. He will be acquitted of any wrong doing like the ex-mayor who did not know about the check that he deposit into his bank account. Who let the dogs out?

BobbyWC said...

yes, dude you are correct, pets would rather be put to death in a kill center than be fixed - you convinced all of Brownsville - now go buy yourself a beer

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Excellent point 11:22!...... Bobby, it would behoove Cameron County to re-visit any rules on pet breeding and sales. Maybe they could hunker down street side animal vendors.

BobbyWC said...

On 11:22 - my testosterone was basically at 34 which is the equivalent of having none - got it - and my sex drive was still that of a 15 year old. The medical community is completely ignorant about testosterone and sex drive. Even as low as 34 I did not even have ED. Why, because sex drive is more complex that your testicles. So how do you propose taking away their sex drive.

I tell my doctor all of the time, I would love to have my sex drive go down big time. My libido is active and strong 24/7 - even when my testosterone was down to 34 - it is now in the mid 300's on a double dose of androgel.

In my experience libido is in the brain and until we isolate what part of the brain controls libido you will never control rapists

My sex drive is very, very visual.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So you are saying that you are a pervert? Only a pervert has sex thoughts 24/7. Do you have sex thoughts about people you write negatively about?

BobbyWC said...

I approved your comment because it shows your desperation. Libido does not mean you thing about having sex with anyone - it simply means you have a sex drive

Sorry you seem to not have one

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

Any high school student taking a civic class would have responded that fixing a rapist or child molester would be considered under the highest court of the land as cruel and unusual punishment. However, you chose to talk about your testosterone and to tell your readers how you tell your doctor that you wish that your sex drive would go down big time. If it is humane to fix a dog, could it be also humane to fix a person.

BobbyWC said...

Nice attempt at a distraction - their point was fix the rapist and their sex drive would go away - it was not about the legality of the matter - my response was what we call science - castrating a man will not change his libido because it is not governed by testosterone - such as my case has proven.

It is about educating people about the correlation between testosterone and libido - its called science

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

But you see it is Saenz's cyberpolitiqueras making the issue of hiring family. I accept it as the norm in every city and every county in all 50 states.

here the problem is the fraud with the test, and he was no way qualified. He never should have been offered a job.

But you assume Ernie and Norma trust Robert - my sources are telling me they have a long history which makes it impossible for them to trust him at their business,

Would you hire a family member in your business who has done wrong things to you in the past?

I can think of family I would never hire. In a small business if you hire one bad person you can destroy the business and leave all of your employees without a job.

The Hernandez family has no duty to air their dirty laundry and family feuds.

But again I have no problem with Saenz having multiple family members working for the county at different levels - it is Montoya an McHale saying elected officials should not be getting their family members jobs.

Let me ask you a question. No one disputes that Robert Cadriel is intellectually disabled. Do you think with him knowing he could have his probation pulled he fully understand what was happening when the ADA's and investigators had him alone in a room? Do you think he understood his rights and understood he could be charged with a crime?

Are you as a human being satisfied that this is how our DA treated this intellectually disabled person? Are you so certain he could not be played that you are 100% satisfied with how he changed his testimony from his written statement to his sworn statement?

If this were you son being drilled by the DA without an advocate or lawyer present would you be happy with the DA?

No you would not - but the need to destroy the Hernandez family for their history of mail-ballot harvesting = no matter what it takes - perjury - manipulating an intellectually disabled young man while denying him representation scares me about where we are as a society.

To stop these abuses, sometimes guilty people have to walk free otherwise - you may find out you or a family member is next to be abused.

My argument has nothing to do with the Hernandez family, it has to do with my fear of what we will become if we accept corruption by our DA to put people in jail we hate.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

...if we accept corruption by our DA to put people in jail we hate."

You can hate a person and not put him jail if he did no wrong. However, if you hate a person who committed a crime or did things that were not within the law that person needs to go to jail. If Ernie did no wrong I am against the DA; however, if Ernie did wrong I will support the DA and the gentleman needs to face the consequences.
Don't made the DA be the bad guy in this case, the DA did not provide the relative with the answers to the test or got somebody to take the test for him. Of course you can argue that Hernandez did not know what his assistant did for his relative. The community is not dump to accept Hernandez explanation.

BobbyWC said...

Actually, I have never said Ernie or Raul are innocent. Second Ernie had never provided an explanation for the community to buy into.

But here is a fact. Robert Cadriel signed a statement saying Robert Lopez gave him the answers. At trial he changed his testimony to Raul Salazar. Gus Garza told the jury to not trust the report of his own investigator.

This is fact - are you saying you have no pause with this at all? Are you saying no rational person could say - what?

Again, my view is the DA messed this case up by getting desperate. This retaliation nonsense is what may kill him. Had they never raised it I think the jury would still have convicted and then Raul would be basically sunk on his Motion with new trial.

Are you saying that Justice Hinojosa should ignore the evidence that David Garcia had the agenda item when he blamed Ernie and in fact the agenda item showed it was Juan Gonzales who put the reorganization of HR on the agenda at the request of AR Flores. Are you saying Justice Hinojosa should ignore Carlos Cascos testimony that months before the trial AR Flores asked to reorganize HR. Are you asking Justice Hinojosa to ignore the evidence that no one received a pay cut and the demotion claims were 100% lies.

Now if all of this comes out who do you blame - Saenz or Ernie - I know it will Ernie - he tricked Saenz into screwing up.

Yes someone gave Robert the answers - I personally do not believe he took the test he passed. Given his level of intellectual disability I think someone else took it for him - he cannot read or write but he only missed three questions - do you really believe that?

I want to know who really took the case. But I know this, when interviewed by Saenz investigator Robert Cadriel stated Robert Lopez gave him the test results. Why do you insist on ignoring this proven fact?

All I am saying is, you will not even consider the idea Robert Cadriel changed his testimony out of fear? An intellectually disabled man being drilled by ADA's and an investigator with no one there to protect his interests and you think this makes Saenz a good DA. Your standard sickens every good human being.

Does this mean Ernie and Raul are innocent - not but it means Saenz played dirty and in an unprofessional manner
Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Your frustration is coming out or perhaps your testosterone is elevated. You sound totally defeated on your convictions of what is right and wrong. Of course you have never have stated that Ernie or Robert are innocent; however, you have never have implied that they are guilty. I am sorry but the courts have given a judgment on one of the gentleman and will soon give a judgment on the other gentleman.

Anonymous said...

That Ernie Hernandez did wrong and abuse his power is clear to everyone. What is more concerning and sickening to the stomach, is that Brownsville's voters don't learn and they keep electing the same corrupt officials. It will never stop because Mr. Hernandez will get a slap on the hand and continue to be elected. It's that simple...

BobbyWC said...

If a jury finds Ernie Hernandez guilty Justice Hinojosa will give him a lot more than a slap on he hand - he will get several years jail time - Raul Salazar was looking at a max of 1 year, which I would have given him, and Justice Hinojosa gave him 10 months. If convicted Ernie will go to TDV - Justice Hinojosa will not just give him a slap on the hand.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The community has no problems with Salazar receiving 10 months or less. What he did was wrong and he will pay for it. What the community will not tolerate is the reason behind his actions. As per Cadriel, what happens to his helpless individual. Who is going to give a job. Disabled people are very capable of working in our community. All they need is the proper training and supervision to be success.

BobbyWC said...

I agree that we as a society get an "F" in terms of helping train intellectually disabled people for work. We also get an "F" for how we handled them when the break the law. We add a criminal history which now makes it more difficult.

I have researched this man and have made a decision I will not get into his background. He has made a lot of mistakes. employers get sued when then hire people with a criminal background.

For the longest time I would eat at Golden Corral once a month because they gave a convicted drug dealer a second chance after he got out of TDC - he is doing very well by the way.

On this issue the system is broken - but I can tell you I have tried to help some intellectually disabled people and they refuse to be on time so we lose the job interview. Or I get them the job and they show up when the feel like it.

fixing this problem which I agree is a big problem is well beyond my skill set

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the question can be ask to Mr. & Mrs. Hernandez as to how are they helping there relative (Cadriel) in his need to find a job? The situation with the County did not workout due the infractions committed in obtaining him a job. However, he is a man who needs assistance to survive as a citizen in this world. Sometime in situations like this, we forget about the individuals that need assistance because we get involved in the red tape of our society.

BobbyWC said...

So if they come out and makes claims of a history of bad relations with Robert and a lack of trust when dealing with him, then people will say = how low attacking an intellectually disabled person.

Some people see no purpose in airing their dirty laundry - but maybe it will come out during the Motion for New Trial - some of what I heard is very damaging - I have not printed it because I want to report what Robert says when he is on the stand - this way his side of the story is told along with any claims,

That will be the time to give the he said she said stories both sides want to be aired. It will then be for my readers to decide

But I agree 100% because of the verified history of mail ballot harvesting a lot of people will never believe anything the Hernandez family says - and that is a bed they made for themselves.

I will never ask people to ignore their distrust for someone - all I can ask is that people consider the evidence which is so obvious it is no longer an issue of trust.

You have to be totally blindfolded with hate to believe count 7 - no one believes Ernie Hernandez was feeding Montoya the information on David Garcia - this given as a fact how then is Ernie Hernandez being blamed. Everyone knows it was Cris Valadez.

My sources have told me Carlos Cascos will admit under oath he personally sought to have David Garcia removed from the RMA - when Cascos does that are you still going to say Ernie is the responsible party. Cascos reasons will be fiscal - real simple- but people will still blame Ernie and that is an indictment on all of those people.

Saenz would have had a lot stronger case had he just stuck to counts 1-6

Bobby WC

Bobby WC