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Several months ago I received the most bizarre phone call of my life.  I never sought out Cris Valadez.  I could be wrong, but my first recollection of speaking with him is when he called to see if I would meet with Carlos Cascos about the alleged problems in the elections office with Roger Ortiz - again - I could be wrong - but this is my first recollection.

I had known for a long time he was feeding Montoya information for purposes of political manipulation.  I knew from day one Cris was not trustworthy, but a source is a source.

Anyway Cris calls me and offers me some $200.00 and more if needed if I would sign up for a fishing trip in the bay.  He claimed the operator charges $200 for the day.  I have never paid more than $12.00 for 4 hours which includes a pole and bait.

I was told the owner of the fishing tour company works for the county on some reserve owned or managed by the county.    The objective was for Cris funding my trip and expenses for the fishing outing, and then I would report this county employee is running a fishing company while he is suppose to be working for the county.

If I understood this man's job he is basically on duty 24/7 - so as I noted to Cris how would I determine his hours when he is suppose to be on duty with the county.  I refused.  There is no doubt in my mind Carlos Cascos knew what Cris was doing. 

When Carlos Cascos was refusing to set for a special meeting the hiring of counsel for Erin Garcia, he called me on a Sunday and asked what he had to do to make me happy in terms of Erin Garcia. I pointed out he called a special meeting already and refused to include the hiring of counsel for Erin Garcia to respond to the frivolous lawsuit filed by Louis Sorola.  He said, "will you be happy if I call a special meeting for hiring counsel for Erin Garcia?"  I made it clear I was not forcing anything.  My issue was he was not doing his job and in my opinion was working with Saenz to destroy Erin Garcia.  Carlos Cascos put the issue on the agenda and I said nothing more.  I never asked him to do anything.  He wanted me to stop talking about it, so he put it on the agenda.

During that conversation I asked him why Cris Valadez was offering me money to help get a county employee fired.  Carlos Cascos denied knowledge of the offer, but knew of the employee.  In my opinion he clearly knew what Cris did. Would not a competent County Judge at that point fire Cris for his actions - oh no not Carlos Cascos - he knows Cris knows the truth about all of his wrongdoing and game playing.

Cris Valadex gave Juan Montoya all of the information Montoya used to expose all of David Garcia's double and tripping dipping on the public tit.  It was Carlos Cascos through Cris and Montoya pushing for the story so David Garcia would lose some $70,000 in income. 

I want to be clear - I do not like David Garcia - he is the face of greed in a community of extreme poverty.  I think the RMA did the right thing in taking away his pay check.  But this is not the issue - it was Carlos Cascos and Cris Valadez again trying to use the blogs to conspire to do injury to a public employee.  This is documented and Carlos Cascos and Cris Valadez cannot deny it.

Fast forward to the Raul Salazar case -David Garcia misleads the jury into believing Ernie Hernandez retaliated against him by costing him his salary at the RMA for his expected testimony in the Raul Salazar case.  It was a lie and it will come out in the Motion for New Trial.  All along it was Carlos Cascos, Cris Valadez and Juan Montoya and the pathetic Carlos Cascos allowed Ernie Hernandez to take the fall.  Now Ernie does not deny he was unhappy with David Garcia's wages at the RMA.  But the bottom line is - we now have twice Carlos Cascos and Cris Valadez using the blogs to take down public employees.

The BV is not Montoya - I could not be bought and refused the story.


According to sources Cascos and Saenz are in close contact.  Cascos had a legal duty to call a meeting to authorize the county attorneys to take Elia Cornejo-Lopez on mandamus in the Erin Garcia case.  He refused.  Someone told Saenz about an open records request for evidence Robert Cadriel was even ever paid a penny by the county, and Saenz ran to the grand jury to get a subpoena for the same evidence - every item in the open records request was requested in the subpoena. This prevented the county from responding to the request - so the county claims. Bullshit

Raul Salazar has already been tried.  We are in a full state of double jeapordy. The grand jury has no jurisdiction over Raul Salazar - Justice Hinojosa is going to see this for what it is - an obstruction of justice.  The fact Juan Gonzales does not know this blows my mind - which then only leads to one conclusion - he is taking orders from Cascos to do nothing.  The presiding judge certainly would have quashed the subpoena - but with the treachery within the Cameron County Commission vile, and  Carlos Cascos leading the treachery using Cris Valadez and Juan Montoya justice and Cameron County are on the losing side.  The BV refused to be party to any of this treachery.  There are far too many witnesses to the meetings between Carlos Cascos, and Saenz and Gus Garza.

Saenz being beyond stupid fails to understand Carlos Cascos and others are going to be subpoenaed for the hearing.  The meetings with Saenz and Gus Garza are all going to come out for a full press corp.  The documents will be produced pursuant to a subpoena and Saenz will have to explain his conduct to Justice Hinojosa.  Saenz has only dug his hole and the hole of Carlos Cascos deeper.

Juan Gonzalez the county attorney in my opinion is working with Cascos and Saenz to destroy the Hernandez family.  The only other option is - he is an incredibly incompetent attorney.


Anonymous said...

Once again, it's an interesting story but it sounds like you're exposing your sources. IMO you shouldn't be doing this because who is going to come to you in confidence in the future? Should the triple dipping not be exposed? It also seems you've stooped to BB type language which is disappointing as well. You're too intelligent for that. Your comments have dropped because of exposing IP addresses. Go back to a more open forum and stay true to your investigative journalism by protecting sources and continuing due diligence

BobbyWC said...

First, I do believe you are trying to be helpful - but some of this you do not understand - the only IP's I publish are from public entities within the federal and state government or maybe a newspaper.

You fail to understand comments. I read a lot of newspapers - I do not comment on every story.

Most people who are searching for information rarely comment. These are my best readers - they feel no need to manipulate the process.

Look at Montoya's comments - vulgar - these are the type readers who need to comment - the average joe seeking information never bothers to comment.

Sometimes comments are helpful - such as this one - or try and direct me - that is why they comment -

So the IP issue has not hurt the comments - good readers rarely comment.

On the language I actually screened it twice for bad language - but I obviously missed some - I do need to be better about that - but sometimes language - even bad language places an emphasis which is needed for the visual I am trying to paint.

But I get your point

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prompt and courteous response. My bad on the IP addresses. You and I don't always agree but I enjoy having intelligent exchanges with you. I believe we both want to see Brownsville rise from the trenches despite the unparalleled level of incompetence and lawlessness local public officials think is the norm. Due in large part to your efforts this is being looked at and slowly and carefully being addressed. I still take issue with ANYONE law enforcement, journalists, bloggers, etc giving up sources.
I stopped reading BB blog because it's a vulgar cesspool that occasionally has an entertaining piece. However, with more vulgarity than I'm comfortable with. I understand the frustration you must feel when penning your stories. I'd most likely do a much worse job screening language if I was in your shoes.
Keep up your hard work!

BobbyWC said...

I just edited the piece for some obvious mistakes - language is a funny thing - I will not tell people what offends them - that is a personal choice - I looked for language to take out and did not see any other than a redundent sentence.

Like I said on the triple dipping I do not like David Garcia - my point was two cases of Cascos and Valadez trying to use unethical tactics to get rid of public employees. Yes the triple dipping needed to stop - but you do it by following procedure and not using the blogs to do injury to public employees.

Also, there is the story how Montoya covered the Salazar story claiming the retaliation by Ernie when he knew it was Cascos and Valadez - we are talking about a man's freedom = no source is so important that a man's freedom should be taken to protect that source.

Now if I believe I have a good source, I will sit in jail before I give them up. This is a hot area of law right now and can be very dangerous for journalists.

Remember no sacred cows - and I never reached out to Valadez - he always called me to try and play me - he gave me the information on Presas_Garcia paying for Montoya's phone - he told me how Montoya calls him drunk demanding money or else

Cris plays all sides and people need to know that

Cascos knows it and that is why Cris has a job to do Cascos dirty work

Bobby WC