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 "As for the suggestions that Saenz’s actions are politically motivated, DA spokeswoman Melissa Zamora suggested her boss was interested only in the facts within the case.  “We’re going to try this case in court and not in the media,” she reported him saying"

I do not fault Melissa for her almost too surreal comment to be believable.  Saenz calls a press conference to push his claims on the press about Commissioner Hernandez, and then he orders Melissa Zamora to say they will not try the case in the media.  Again, Melissa is following orders, and I am certain she was in disbelief that her boss actually ordered her to make such a stupid statement which contradicted what Saenz himself had already done.

To my absolute surprise Valley Central gave Commissioner Hernandez a fair story.  Blaylock likened DA Saenz's indictment of Hernandez to Villalobos' indictment of Yolanda de Leon and Peter Zavaletta.  Blaylock then noted how poorly that worked out for Villalobos.  Once Valley Central posts the tape  I will post it.

This guy does not fear Saenz.  Remember it was the DOJ who accused Saenz of taking a $1,000 bribe from Justino Ramos.  It was DA Saenz who chose to take $6,000 from Alex Begum and then prosecute Josefina Canales for obscene language to wit:  calling Yolanda Begum a fake.

Ernie Hernandez may be guilty as sin on counts 1-6, I do not know - but I do know our current DA is as corrupt as they come.

This is what I know with 100% counts 7 and 8 are 100% without merit.  On count 8 I hope Commissioner Hernandez files official oppression charges against Luis Saenz.  Witnesses are verifying all Commissioner Hernandez did was complain that Saenz was using selective prosecution in how he was handling the 8 Liner cases.  Everyone knows count 7 was Carlos Cascos, Cris Valadez and Juan Montoya who were the forces behind David Garcia losing his $70,000 a year job at the RMA.  The fact so many of you need to believe it was Commissioner Hernandez when Montoya published article after article on the issue just proves to me there is a lynch mob mentality on this issue.  If you cannot concede count 7 is 100% bogus, then you are too biased to have an opinion.

Now counts 1-6 are different.  I need to hear the evidence.  But I do know for a  fact Carlos Cascos and A.R. Flores will testify the claim that Ernie Hernandez retaliated against the employees in HR is totally 100% false.  Pete Sepulveda will also testify to same.  Also records will show that Robert Cadriel lied about his near drowning accident.

To everyone accusing me of protecting Ernie tell me with your name you would not pause and think twice when a witness, namely Robert Cadriel, under oath says he wants to change his testimony from that he gave to the investigator in writing from claiming Robert Lopez gave him the answers to Raul Salazar gave him the answers.  To believe Robert Cadriel that the investigator wrote down his testimony wrong means you believe the investigator made mistakes in his reports.  You cannot have it both ways.  If you believe the investigator messed up the statements, which you must if you believe Robert Cadriel, then you cannot then believe the investigation is accurate.  I will always go with an investigator over a intellectually disabled man who fears having his probation pulled if he does not change his testimony.  This will all be developed with documents at the Raul Salazar Motion for New Trial.

I get people think our legal system has something to do with true innocence and true guilt, but it does not.  Even if a new trial is granted it does not mean Raul Salazar did not break the law - it just means the DA messed up the case.  Ask yourself - if that is the case - why are you willing to give the DA a pass for messing up the case?  Answer, you are biased.

Guilty people walk every day and innocent people go to jail every day.  Under the Freedom Project more people have been released from jail who were convicted in Dallas County than all of the rest of Texas and California combined.  This is a fact.

Our system is broken.   My point is, even if at the end of the day a person is found not guilty does not mean they did not do it - it just means the DA failed to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Let me ask all you lynch mob people. if Ernie is guilty and walks free who is to blame Ernie, or a corrupt DA Saenz?  Until you can answer this question honestly, you are biased.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, Mr. Salazar would do all the things that he did for Cadriel (have somebody take a civil service test, give him the answers, introduce him to people in order to get him a job) for any other unemployed individual if they simply walk into his office and say I need a job. I know you believe this and that is why your blog supports Mr. Hernandez. Ernie is innocent of any wrong doing and Saenz is a vindictive individual who you seriously despise. We the readers support your opinion and see that you want the best for our community.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see Blalock compare the Indictment of Ernie to that of when Villalobos indicted Yolanda. Blalock supported Villalobos vehemently in his run for Congress and defended him against anyone that was talking about rumors of a Villalobos indictment. So now he thinks otherwise. Pfffftt.

BobbyWC said...

I would never support anyone giving anyone test results. Ask yourself this- Cadriel claims to be intellectually disabled and unable to read - but he was able to align the answers on the test to only get three wrong - does it sound like a contradiction to you?

But just because an incompetent ADA Gus Garza put on a really bad case does not mean Raul Garza is innocent.

Do I believe Raul made inquiries about the job openings? You bet I do - in the same way Saenz did when he got his son a job with Joe Rivera in San Benito and his daughter-in-law in the Sheriff's department.

But to the lynch mob this is okay because it was Saenz helping his son. Why the double standard. Check it out Joe Rivera at Saenz command gave Omar Saenz a job.

Raul Salazar may be as guilty as sin, but Gus Garza messed up the case.

Now, if Justice Hinojosa believes there was perjury in Raul Salazar's case Saenz will be dead in the water with Ernie because Justice Hinojosa has Ernie's case.

Again - it does not mean they are not guilty - it means you have a bad DA who messed up the case.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To Pffft, I will not dispute reality - great post - welcome to the game of being an advocate for your client. You may not believe it - but your post is what makes the BV work - its honest and real

Thanks for extending the discussion in a different direction - this is when the BV works best.

You see you can challenge my post and be promoted as being intelligent and helping my readers better understand the process. You did a great job. This is how challenging comments get through and promoted as valid.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is rejected for excessive obscene language - now tell me how the following translates in to me saying Ernie Hernandez is innocent. Answer the question - you will not because you know you are full of shit.

"Ernie Hernandez may be guilty as sin on counts 1-6, I do not know -"

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite you are. Melissa is following her boss's orders and Victor Cortez? She is your source so you must cut her slack. HYPOCRITE!

BobbyWC said...

On the Melissa post - you are so so stupid - what you are saying Zeke is Saenz is too stupid to realize Melissa is leaking information. Melissa has never leaked anything to me - period.

On Cortez - he denied me my constitutional right to be at the press conference - Melissa, which you seem to agree with, never denied me anything. I go through proper channels with Melissa - there are plenty of open records requests to show how I got everything I have through Melissa.

Today I saw three former ADA's who quit under Saenz. bailiffs and court employees are anxious to speak - it has reached the point of a deluge in terms of the leaks

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

". . is okay because it was Saenz helping his son. Why the double standard. Check it out Joe Rivera at Saenz command gave Omar Saenz a job."

Double standard? Did somebody take a test for Omar or did he get the answers to a test?

I do not know the young man but coming from educated parents I am sure that he could apply and interview for a job under his own merits. Unless there is rules under the Constitution that prevents a sibling of an elected official from having a job that he qualifies for with the government structure, your argument seem to be vindictive.

BobbyWC said...

Spin all you want but it does not change reality. Montoya and McHale have been hammering the Hernandez family for helping family get public jobs - I personally oppose this - all my point was and remains is, why is it wrong for the Hernandez family to use their connections to get people jobs, but Okay for Saenz -

This is standard practice by most elected officials. I have no issue with Omar - I am told he is a good worker - my only issue is why is it wrong for some elected officials to help their family members to get jobs, but not others,

Now the test thing is different - someone has to go to jail for that. But Saenz has messed this case up and it is possible if Raul and Ernie are guilty they will walk because of Saenz corruption and that would be sad and wrong.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong for the Hernandez or anybody else to help a family member get a job if the person is qualified and does it on his own merits. If the Hernandez wanted to help their relatives knowing about his intellectual disability they could have offered him a job in their business. Small businesses often get tax credits for hiring persons with disabilities. I am sure that you would have offering him a job if he was your relative and you owned a business.

Anonymous said...

- Melissa, which you seem to agree with, never denied me anything. I go through proper channels with Melissa - there are plenty of open records requests to show how I got everything I have through Melissa.
I think he was being factious because on your post you said that she was doing her job. Which was the same thing victor was doing. I got it. You didn't

BobbyWC said...

Doing your job and doing your job under orders to violate someone's constitutional rights is not the same thing.

You seem to think they are - they are not

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Blaylock showed his true colors today. Retained by Hernandez but he still goes on tv as a paid consultant to criticize DA. He should've recused himself but no...

BobbyWC said...

Where do you get your facts - the lulu box. He just happen to be in the lobby when Daisy saw him and she chose to ask him about the charges - the was no fee - you people just love to make up lies - do you even know the meaning of the word recuse or when it is required?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Review the broadcast. He is referred to as a "legal contributor to Action 4 news". I don't have make anything up when it's out in plain sight. They could have asked any other lawyer in the lobby but they went to him because works with them. Any semblance of unbiased comments by him on the case in question went out the window when neither he nor Ch.4 mentioned that he was retained by Hernandez in another case involving the DA's office.
Look up semblance or unbiased and feel free to use them as needed.

BobbyWC said...

Now you are changing your comment - I agree they should have said he represents Ernie - you are right on that.

But here is the deal - every judge, ADA and lawyer I have discussed this with in Cameron county and Dallas are in complete disbelief with these charges. To a reporter at every TV station and the Herald they are in disbelief.

I trust that my readers do not need a lawyer to tell them that calling someone a fake is not a crime.

You obviously believe it is - now how about backing your statement with your name so people will know your bias since you consider it so important.

I had no problem agreeing with you they should have disclosed he represents Ernie Hernandez, now how about showing your bias by telling my readers your name.

LMFAO at that prospect

now how about you looking up the meaning of bias

Bobby WC