Friday, January 17, 2014


In the Villalobos matter, Oscar de la Fuente understood - first in to talk walks - immunity. The gig is up dude - far too many people have been to the FBI on you and your brother.  So you can take the blame and further destroy your mother, or hire counsel from outside the Valley to obtain immunity and send the entire lot of them to jail.  You may get some jail time, but at least the record will be straight that Cata Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria are just as guilty. 

You know better than I do the deal wherein Luci is on camera repeating she just does not feel comfortable with the company which won the contract, when your company lost.  You know the deal cut with Pink Ape.  You know the specifics of the Circle Industries deal which Presas-Garcia and Longoria supported when it was convenient.

You know the deal you and your brother cut at the Brownsville Housing Authority in exchange for an eventual payoff to Art Rendon, Hector Gonzales, and Antonio Juarez. 

"After Art Rendon, then a Board Member at the Brownsville Housing Authority, voted to give Jaime Escobedo a million plus dollar contract, just 15 days later on April 6, 2010, Enrique Escobedo voted to restore Art Rendon to his job at BISD.

He did this just 15 days after the BHA authority voted a $1,057,156.90, contract to Jaime Escobedo’s company Valley American Contractors. In the attached documents who seconded the motion to approve the contract? Art Rendon. Both Enrique Escobedo and Jaime Escobedo claim 55 Galonsky as a business address."


Your mother does not need you to go down without you even trying to show the community you can do the right thing.  In "A Woman's Face" Joan Crawford plays the role of someone who blackmails people.  The story begins with her trying to blackmail the wife of a doctor, with love letters to another man.  During the payoff in the woman's home things go bad and the husband comes home.  One thing leads to another and although the husband thinks she is a mere thief, he offers her plastic surgery for a burn scar on her face from when she was a child.  This scar was the source of her anger.

At the end of the movie he says to her, "no you have not change as the person I met that first night."  She says "so you think I am just a criminal"  He says, "no, you were never that person - you were always the person you are today." You see she was on trial for murder of her coconspirator who was trying to kill a child when she shot him.  In the end she got off - because she had told the truth to the child's grandfather before her coconspirator grabbed the child and tried to kill him.  She in fact saved the child, and this was the true Anna Holm.

So Jaime, is the true Jaime Escobedo the man who steps up to the plate and tells the truth while taking down the bad guys, or is he the guy who endlessly conspired with his brother out of greed?  To allow your brother to take all of the blame and for your mother to see this play out while you remain silent will be significantly worse than anything you have done  to date.


Put Cata Presas-Garcia, Luci Longoria, Hector Gonzales, Art Rendon, Antonio Juarez, Pat Lehmann, Ted Parker, Ben Neece, Star Jones, Frank Perez, Carlos Quintanilla, and Juan Montoya in federal prison where they all belong.  Everyone knows the lawsuit settlements were in exchange for the BHA contract you got. You have one chance - DO IT


Anonymous said...

You forgot Pat Lehman

Anonymous said...

Jaime has done nothing wrong
He is just a hard working businessman serving the community

BobbyWC said...

For his mothers sake lets hope you are correct


Anonymous said...

Amen to That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A mother should not go through this kind of pain. God Bless the Escobedo Family.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Bobby WC...GIVE IT UP Jaime! You KNOW the Feds have enough to bring you down. How about the scheming with your friends at the Port to get Arambulla elected ??
How about your friends at the CC Courthouse?? Some there know it all.

Anonymous said...

He is just an Honest Rata?

Anonymous said...

Yes Jaime, how about the questionable deals done at the Port, County, City, BISD, and that is here in Brownsville not including McAllen, Merced, Mission, Harlingen, San Bene?