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UPDATE: A friend just asked, is Saenz so stupid, even with the FBI knowing about the $6,000 payment buy Alex Begum, as to bring an indictment against Erin Garcia to influence the election?  Yes, he will - that indictment is coming.  People do not get it - Saenz has no idea of right from wrong, so he has no commonsense to guide him in his own self preservation.


This guy's (Alex Begum) lack of knowledge of the law is almost mind numbing. I suspect without the large inheritance from his father he never would have been able to build his law practice to where it is today. I will give him this much, after weeks of dodging Valley Central on the Josefina Fisher Canales story it appears he may be ready to talk, or have a hired gun to do the talking for him.

I am good with this - only an idiot talks about these charges while there is a formal criminal complaint pending against them with the DOJ/FBI. Everything said can and will be used against them.  There is no getting around the basic facts - charging Josefina with a crime for calling the princess of fakedom Yolanda Begum a fake was a bought and paid for charge by and through a $6,000 donation to Luis Saenz.   Saenz is already under investigation for the alleged $1,000 bribe paid for by Justino Ramos. The BV has posted those documents.

How an attorney without a criminal practice gives the single largest campaign donation to Saenz after the election is over for all practical purpose is not lost on the FBI. Both Alex and Yolanda Begum are named in the federal criminal complaint. So talk away Alex and dig your hole even deeper.

His contempt for the constitution should shock everyone. Below is a page from the lawsuit Yolanda Begum lost against Josefina Fisher Canales.   I can tell you at the courthouse lawyers and clerks who got to see what was happening were in disbelief that Art McDonald was such a willing participant in this criminal enterprise, and that the vindictive Saenz is persisting on these charges even though any child can tell you politicians cannot have people charged with criminal conduct for protected political speech..  I do not doubt the new judge will immediately dismiss the criminal charges, and Josefina Fisher Canales will have her real day in court as she bankrupts Alex and Yolanda Begum.



Before I hear from the idiots, ordering someone to take down a defamatory statement after the fact is not the same as ordering them to not make it in the first place.  The former is a hot issue concerning Internet law.  In the end it will go nowhere because you cannot undo the Internet, as many courts have already accepted as a reality.

From my first of many wins before the Texas Supreme Court.

"Gag orders in civil judicial proceedings are valid only when an imminent and irreparable harm to the judicial process will deprive litigants of a just resolution of their dispute, and the judicial action represents the least restrictive means to prevent that harm. Davenport v. Garcia, 834 S.W.2d 4, 9 (Tex.1992)."

See Grigsby v. Coker

If it is nearly impossible to get a gag order in a civil trial what could make any idiot think they could get a gag order in the middle of an election to protect the candidate from negative speech.  To understand how stupid this request by Alex Begum was, every time Josefina Fisher spoke they would have to have a trial to determine if the statements were defamatory.  In Texas this would mean a jury trial for each and every statement Yolanda Begum claimed violated the order.

You cannot doubt, that since day one, Yolanda Begum has abused the courts to silence Josefina Fisher Canales because she feared how Josefina's speech would impact her election.  Yes, it is a very personal dispute between the two concerning the wills of Michael Begum Sr. and Jr. - it is anyone's guess who is telling the truth.

The Begum's seem to think they live in a world run by the Nazis - the same Nazis Michael Begum Sr. fled.  It is sad Alex and Yolanda Begum want to turn Cameron county into the same Nazi world Michael Begum Sr. fought to destroy. 


BobbyWC said...

The FBI has opted to be notifies by google every time I post - see link to the left.

Well they got on and downloaded the post right after I posted.

You talk all you want Alex - maybe Stapleton can explain the consequences of talking while an investigation is pending

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Anonymous said...

what was the limit for a campaign contribution?

BobbyWC said...

Nice distraction, but the limit is not the issue - he has no criminal practice and gives the single largest individual donation of any lawyer. Judge Hanen made it clear that a political campaign donation can be seen as a bribe. When you compare this to the criminal charges which no one by name has been willing to defend, the link can be made - the charge was bought and paid for.

Your insult to the FBI that they cannot see this is almost too surreal to believe you actually thought your distraction would work

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"The Begum's seem to think they live in a world run by the Nazis - the same Nazis Michael Begum Sr. fled."

I do not know the Begum's but it seem to me that you have gone over the line on your comments. Is it a personal think between you and the Begum's?

BobbyWC said...

No it's a personal thing between me and my love for the constitution - something the Begums hate

No one whose father went through the hell Michael Begum went through with the Nazis would ever conduct themselves like Alex Begum unless they have gone to the side which made Nazi Germany

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If you were a candidate for political office and a citizen offers you $6,000.00 as a contributions to your campaign, would you take it or would you say no to the contribution because you would say that it was a bribe? Most candidates receives contributions to their campaign for office, are all of the contributions bribes? If so, why does the system allows for campaign contributions for candidates?

Anonymous said...

"Saenz is already under investigation for the alleged $1,000 bribe paid for by Justino Ramos."

Can you please confirm is information. Who is investigating? Where has this information of the investigation been posted or made available to the public? Has a federal or state agency called you to confirm the investigation of Luis?
If it is a fact, we your reader would like prove of this particular investigation of one of our political elected officials.

BobbyWC said...

Your question is valid - and the US Supreme Court has made it clear there are times the donations justify recusal of a judge or DA. Hopefully Fisher's new attorney will seek recusal of Saenz on this issue.

Judge Hanen dealt with this issue - a donation does not mean it was not given to influence a specific result.

Begum had no criminal practice - I have yet to meet one attorney or judge who does not believe the charges are all bullshit

The DOJ based on the Villalobos case can argue it was a bribe. This is how Villalobos got in trouble. Several people testified they gave him donations in exchange for specific favors.

If this were a questionable case in the context it could go either way - there would be no flag - but the fact he is prosecuting based on the word fake being obscene - it does not take much to imagine the money influenced the decision.

The Supreme Court has addressed this and I suspect if the case continues there is a good chance Saenz's office will be recused from the case. I would love to see Alex Begum on the stand at the recusal hearing saying he did not give the money to influence Saenz and that he believes the charge is valid

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Are you actually saying that the DOJ called Justino ramos to testify to this and then they did nothing with it? Would that not mean they called this guy to testify Saenz accepted a bribe when they intended to never investigate it? Are you actually accusing the DOJ of bad conduct?

The DOJ knew what this testimony was going to do to Saenz.

Anonymous said...

When you say there is a criminal complaint against Saenz do you mean one you filed or one that the actual law enforcement officials have filed? It is confusing to your "readers." Being one of them, I was under the impression that only a prosecutor can file a "criminal complaint" in court, not a citizen, like you. It's the same thing about these so-called ethics complaints that you have filed. That doesn't mean they are actual "official" complaints does it? Don't the authorities have to file the "complaints?" It seems to me that you are trying to mislead us, your readers, into believing that actual "complaints" are pending. Otherwise, its really just wishful thinking on your part isn't it? Just trying to understand. Don't get all agitated and try to embarrass me because of my ignorance.

BobbyWC said...

Here is the proof you are a con artist and not interested in being educated.

"Otherwise, its really just wishful thinking on your part isn't it." You do not throw in an insult if your goal is knowledge.

On the TEC complaints, I have filed each one and in the end won each one. Texas law provides anyone can file a criminal complaint (we call this calling 911 - ever hear of it con artist?)

I as a citizen of Texas I can walk into the grand jury on any Wednesday and demand that the bailiff at the door give my criminal complaint to the grand jury foreman, and the DA cannot stop me. I have done this three times in my life. In west Texas the DA who interrupted me to protect the man who confessed to the murder of my client's daughter was unelected and the man was eventually convicted.

In another case, when the ADA tried to get the grand jury foreman to play monkey for her, which is what many grand jury foreman are - I walked out - went to the elected DA - the ADA was pulled from the grand jury and the grand jury was dissolved for abuse.

Since you seem very confused - certainly not being a con artist - oh no not you - citizens walk into the FBI with criminal complaints all of the time.

In fact Congress has passed a law for how a victim of civil rights violations files a criminal complaint.

Josefina Fisher has followed that law to a T and filed a complaint. Under the law until she receives a letter rejecting the complaint it is considered pending.

Now really, do you believe my readers are so stupid as to not understand all of the TEC complaints I have won were filed by me or that my readers never heard of 911 as a way to report a crime?

My complaint prepared by an investigator assigned by the BPD Chief against Saenz, Victor Cortez, and Gus Garza is already on Sheriff Lucio's desk. Sheriff Lucio knows it is going to the Texas Rangers and being properly filed as a civil rights case under 18 USC 242 with the DOJ/FBI.

My tentative research shows that because Saenz is disqualified as a matter of law I myself can file the motion with any district court judge to appoint an attorney pro tem, which in this case would an elected DA from another county. I am still researching for any case law which limits who can actually file the motion. So far I can find nothing which says only the DA or law enforcement can file the motion. The statute is silent on the issue.

I get my copy on Monday.

Monday is when I file my formal complaint with the same investigator assigned by the BPD Chief of Police against Art McDonald and his bailiff

Bobby WC