Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Well I finally have the new computer working. I spent some 4 hours in all with 6 different HP workers to get my printer/scanner to work. It works from the screen, but not by pushing the buttons on the printer - I am fine with that - it is a lot faster from the key board anyway. Anyway the woman who finally helped me is from Costa Rica - so while we were waiting on updates we talked. At the same time I am preparing the small red beans for gallo pinto tonight for dinner with roasted chicken thighs. I may do a platano macho if I can find a real ripe one. So I asked her if in Costa Rica they have the term "cara de tubo" She laughed and it means the same there as in Nicaragua. It is basically an old man who hits on young women in an unwelcoming way.

Just a funny.

Now that I have my system working and know how Windows 8 works I will post two more adds and then off to the doctor.

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