Friday, January 31, 2014

I was working on another story when I came to learn that the Conservative Republicans of Texas have flooded the Cameron County Elections office with over 300 mail ballot applications.  I am being told there are currently fewer than 15 mail ballot applications for the Democrats.
You know why people lie to saps, because they can.  Like I posted before in response to Montoya's lies, it was the Republican Governor, Republican Senate and Republican House which made mail-ballots easier - not the Democrats.
The problem is not the mail ballots - it is the politiqueras and the candidates who hire them.  I personally think it is  time we make it a 3rd degree felony for anyone to mess with a mail-ballot, and a 2nd degree felony if it can be proven that the candidate authorized the conduct.  I think our ballots are precious enough to justify this kind of punishment.
On this Robert(0) Kornegay [Esquivel] controversy I do not have an answer.  That is what I was researching.  I have communicated with him through Facebook and am still waiting for an answer.  It has only been a day.  Here is the rule, if I file an application with the Democratic Party for a place on the ballot and say my name is Mickey Mouse, and they take the application and my money, they cannot change it - period.  That is the law. 
Now what I want to see is how he put his name on the application for a place on the ballot,  No one is willing to send me the document so I cannot post it.
As to various public names - it is not so black and white.  My name sometimes is simply signed Bobby WC, Robert Wightman-Cervantes, Bobby Wightman-Cervantes - Bobby Wightman or Robert Wightman when I was in the military - they could not handle hyphenated names.  What I want to know is what did he put on his application - that is the issue - and no one is willing to release the document.
I have said and will say again, IRS liens against individuals running for public office are fair game.  The people have every right to know about Ernie Hernandez's IRS problems and he has a duty to explain the problem to the people. But why does Montoya dismiss Juan R. Kornegay's IRS lien, while making a big issue about Ernie Hernandez's - which again I am saying is a valid issue.
Now, I do not know if it has been paid.  While I believe it is always a fair issue which the candidate should have to answer for, I also know sometimes small businesses get behind and then they pay.  I had an IRS lien, and I was so happy when I made that last payment of $21,000.  It happens.  I will also say some 20 years ago I allowed an account to do my taxes.  I reviewed them and redid them myself.  When I asked why the Schedule "C" did not reflect my numbers the accountant said he uses numbers which he knows will not cause an audit. 
I said no and tore up his work and did not pay a penny for it.  But as the business owner, I am responsible for my taxes, not the accountant.  I can certainly look at the schedule "C" and see it does not match my numbers.   I much prefer to be under a W2- life is so much easier now. 
 I am not saying this lien is a reason to not vote for him, I am just saying it is a valid issue - but with Montoya it is only a valid issue if he does not like you.  I have never tried to defend or explain away Ernie Hernandez's IRS problems.  In the end every business person needs to take responsibility for their taxes.  I got behind - followed all of the rules and paid it off and was glad to write that last check for $21,000, and get my notice of release of lien.

UPDATE:  I approved a comment by someone with Texas Valley Educators Association.  I would remove my child from any classroom wherein a member of this union is teaching.  They are just too stupid to be teachers. I just called BISD, they have over 8,000 employees while this union by their own admission has only 65 members.  Where was I wrong in calling them small?  Also, they do what all con artists do, they attack rather than address the issue.  Exactly what date did you interview Erin Garcia before you endorsed Yolanda Begum?  They're con artists and as such will never admit to it.

I have been upfront about how I feel about BUC.  When it comes to endorsements they are as corrupt as they come.  They endorse people before we even know all of the candidates.

A teachers union with almost no members endorsed Yolanda ""I hate free speech" Begum without so much as speaking with Justice of the Peace Erin Garcia.  BISD has asked that Justice of the Peace Erin Garcia take over all truancy cases because of her commonsense approach and success rate. 

You would think this matters to teachers.   Texas Valley Educators Association did not care to get to the facts, they just corrupted the process and intentionally ignored the best interests of the children they claim to care about as educators.  Truancy impacts your property values and the cost of public assistance to those who drop out of school.  According to  Texas Valley Educators Association none of this matters - they hate Erin Garcia and would not even allow her to speak about her work and BISD's request she take control over all truancy cases.


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Yolanda Begum in an open and transparent debate for endorsements cannot win.  She must corrupt the process with bogus lawsuits to silence people, charge people with criminal conduct for calling her a fake and go to corrupted unions which do not interview the candidates before making endorsements, or fix the results before the interviews even begin.  You either believe in transparency or do not.  You do not go to corrupt unions which fix the endorsement process, before all of the candidates have even announced.



UPDATE: A friend just asked, is Saenz so stupid, even with the FBI knowing about the $6,000 payment buy Alex Begum, as to bring an indictment against Erin Garcia to influence the election?  Yes, he will - that indictment is coming.  People do not get it - Saenz has no idea of right from wrong, so he has no commonsense to guide him in his own self preservation.


This guy's (Alex Begum) lack of knowledge of the law is almost mind numbing. I suspect without the large inheritance from his father he never would have been able to build his law practice to where it is today. I will give him this much, after weeks of dodging Valley Central on the Josefina Fisher Canales story it appears he may be ready to talk, or have a hired gun to do the talking for him.

I am good with this - only an idiot talks about these charges while there is a formal criminal complaint pending against them with the DOJ/FBI. Everything said can and will be used against them.  There is no getting around the basic facts - charging Josefina with a crime for calling the princess of fakedom Yolanda Begum a fake was a bought and paid for charge by and through a $6,000 donation to Luis Saenz.   Saenz is already under investigation for the alleged $1,000 bribe paid for by Justino Ramos. The BV has posted those documents.

How an attorney without a criminal practice gives the single largest campaign donation to Saenz after the election is over for all practical purpose is not lost on the FBI. Both Alex and Yolanda Begum are named in the federal criminal complaint. So talk away Alex and dig your hole even deeper.

His contempt for the constitution should shock everyone. Below is a page from the lawsuit Yolanda Begum lost against Josefina Fisher Canales.   I can tell you at the courthouse lawyers and clerks who got to see what was happening were in disbelief that Art McDonald was such a willing participant in this criminal enterprise, and that the vindictive Saenz is persisting on these charges even though any child can tell you politicians cannot have people charged with criminal conduct for protected political speech..  I do not doubt the new judge will immediately dismiss the criminal charges, and Josefina Fisher Canales will have her real day in court as she bankrupts Alex and Yolanda Begum.



Before I hear from the idiots, ordering someone to take down a defamatory statement after the fact is not the same as ordering them to not make it in the first place.  The former is a hot issue concerning Internet law.  In the end it will go nowhere because you cannot undo the Internet, as many courts have already accepted as a reality.

From my first of many wins before the Texas Supreme Court.

"Gag orders in civil judicial proceedings are valid only when an imminent and irreparable harm to the judicial process will deprive litigants of a just resolution of their dispute, and the judicial action represents the least restrictive means to prevent that harm. Davenport v. Garcia, 834 S.W.2d 4, 9 (Tex.1992)."

See Grigsby v. Coker

If it is nearly impossible to get a gag order in a civil trial what could make any idiot think they could get a gag order in the middle of an election to protect the candidate from negative speech.  To understand how stupid this request by Alex Begum was, every time Josefina Fisher spoke they would have to have a trial to determine if the statements were defamatory.  In Texas this would mean a jury trial for each and every statement Yolanda Begum claimed violated the order.

You cannot doubt, that since day one, Yolanda Begum has abused the courts to silence Josefina Fisher Canales because she feared how Josefina's speech would impact her election.  Yes, it is a very personal dispute between the two concerning the wills of Michael Begum Sr. and Jr. - it is anyone's guess who is telling the truth.

The Begum's seem to think they live in a world run by the Nazis - the same Nazis Michael Begum Sr. fled.  It is sad Alex and Yolanda Begum want to turn Cameron county into the same Nazi world Michael Begum Sr. fought to destroy. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Unless I have another Villalobos like trial, I will never reach those number again - but other than during the Villalobos trial - today's readership was another record day - thanks

Guy's I get the hatred for the Hernandez family on mail-ballot harvesting.  The BV lead on the issue and helped secure the first conviction of any politiquera for such conduct.  But the BV will not be party to this lynch mob mentality against the Hernandez family.  I will focus in on the evidence and report on the evidence.  I trust most of my readers understand this.  But then there is the lynch mob group who believe in the US we convict based on hate and nothing else.  The BV will stand with honor defending the right of everyone to an open trial based on the evidence.  Such as I did in the Raul Salazar case I will respect the verdict.  I will also respect the decision of Justice Hinojosa after the Motion for New Trial.  He is a fair judge.  If he makes a mistake I am certain an appeal will follow.  No judge is perfect - and in Texas the law changes with the weather so sometimes judges are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Instead of all this hate, we need to stay focused on justice.  The jury did their job in the Raul Salazar case.  We need to allow the jury to do its job in the Ernie Hernandez case and then respect that verdict what ever it may be.


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Anyone with information on any candidate can email me and I will post it -


UPDATE:  I am being told Valley Central will run the story tonight or tomorrow.  It just ran as lead story at 6 p.m. 

Also see comment 4 for FBI download

Also how Josefina Canales humiliated the ADA.  He tried to serve her with a Motion for An Amended Complaint and she pushed it back at him.  Judge McDonald explained to this legally challenged ADA his court was out of it and he would have to use the proper procedure in getting her served and it would not be in his court.

On this first part, I have a - a personal thank-you to the staff of Constable Abelardo Gomez for standing up for the Constitution.  Everyone on his staff was 100 professional.  The court bailiffs have now been told that in the future if they take orders from a judge ordering the press out of the courtroom the constables are under orders to bring the reporters back into the courtroom and the judge can then deal with the constables and not the reporters.  That my friends is a public servant acting to protect our Constitution. 

When I got to the Josefina Canales hearing DA Saenz was there with his chief SS Officer Victor Cortez.  The court bailiff who works for the judge, told me I could stand along the wall,  She then went and spoke to someone and Daisy Martinez - Valley Central and myself were ordered out of the courtroom.  Judge McDonald knew I was invoking my constitutional right to be there, but he did not care.

 I was told by the staff of Constable Gomez this will never happen again.

Judge Art McDonald facing both possible federal criminal charges, and disciplinary action by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, recused himself citing the possible charges and disciplinary action.  Chief Regional Administrative Judge Rolando Olvera will decide who now gets the case.  He can give it to Judge Manual Banales since he has already dealt with the issues in the civil case.

Here are the Amended Charges

Saenz by his own actions admits the original  charges were bogus.  Josefina's rights are being violated because had Judge McDonald followed the constitution the original charges should have been dismissed last month, and Saenz would not now be allowed to file new charges.  The new judge will see this and dismiss the charges.  Saenz only dug his hole deeper.  Josefina's federal lawsuit has not been filed because she had every reason to believe that McDonald would recuse himself.  The federal judge will want to see what the new judge does before he will be willing to act.  So, after the new judge makes a decision a decision will be made about federal court.
For now all of Montoya's and McHale's vulgar posts against all public officials are being filed a criminal charges same as the ones against Josefina Fisher Canales.  You watch - Saenz will reject them and hang himself in the process.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014



 "As for the suggestions that Saenz’s actions are politically motivated, DA spokeswoman Melissa Zamora suggested her boss was interested only in the facts within the case.  “We’re going to try this case in court and not in the media,” she reported him saying"

I do not fault Melissa for her almost too surreal comment to be believable.  Saenz calls a press conference to push his claims on the press about Commissioner Hernandez, and then he orders Melissa Zamora to say they will not try the case in the media.  Again, Melissa is following orders, and I am certain she was in disbelief that her boss actually ordered her to make such a stupid statement which contradicted what Saenz himself had already done.

To my absolute surprise Valley Central gave Commissioner Hernandez a fair story.  Blaylock likened DA Saenz's indictment of Hernandez to Villalobos' indictment of Yolanda de Leon and Peter Zavaletta.  Blaylock then noted how poorly that worked out for Villalobos.  Once Valley Central posts the tape  I will post it.

This guy does not fear Saenz.  Remember it was the DOJ who accused Saenz of taking a $1,000 bribe from Justino Ramos.  It was DA Saenz who chose to take $6,000 from Alex Begum and then prosecute Josefina Canales for obscene language to wit:  calling Yolanda Begum a fake.

Ernie Hernandez may be guilty as sin on counts 1-6, I do not know - but I do know our current DA is as corrupt as they come.

This is what I know with 100% counts 7 and 8 are 100% without merit.  On count 8 I hope Commissioner Hernandez files official oppression charges against Luis Saenz.  Witnesses are verifying all Commissioner Hernandez did was complain that Saenz was using selective prosecution in how he was handling the 8 Liner cases.  Everyone knows count 7 was Carlos Cascos, Cris Valadez and Juan Montoya who were the forces behind David Garcia losing his $70,000 a year job at the RMA.  The fact so many of you need to believe it was Commissioner Hernandez when Montoya published article after article on the issue just proves to me there is a lynch mob mentality on this issue.  If you cannot concede count 7 is 100% bogus, then you are too biased to have an opinion.

Now counts 1-6 are different.  I need to hear the evidence.  But I do know for a  fact Carlos Cascos and A.R. Flores will testify the claim that Ernie Hernandez retaliated against the employees in HR is totally 100% false.  Pete Sepulveda will also testify to same.  Also records will show that Robert Cadriel lied about his near drowning accident.

To everyone accusing me of protecting Ernie tell me with your name you would not pause and think twice when a witness, namely Robert Cadriel, under oath says he wants to change his testimony from that he gave to the investigator in writing from claiming Robert Lopez gave him the answers to Raul Salazar gave him the answers.  To believe Robert Cadriel that the investigator wrote down his testimony wrong means you believe the investigator made mistakes in his reports.  You cannot have it both ways.  If you believe the investigator messed up the statements, which you must if you believe Robert Cadriel, then you cannot then believe the investigation is accurate.  I will always go with an investigator over a intellectually disabled man who fears having his probation pulled if he does not change his testimony.  This will all be developed with documents at the Raul Salazar Motion for New Trial.

I get people think our legal system has something to do with true innocence and true guilt, but it does not.  Even if a new trial is granted it does not mean Raul Salazar did not break the law - it just means the DA messed up the case.  Ask yourself - if that is the case - why are you willing to give the DA a pass for messing up the case?  Answer, you are biased.

Guilty people walk every day and innocent people go to jail every day.  Under the Freedom Project more people have been released from jail who were convicted in Dallas County than all of the rest of Texas and California combined.  This is a fact.

Our system is broken.   My point is, even if at the end of the day a person is found not guilty does not mean they did not do it - it just means the DA failed to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Let me ask all you lynch mob people. if Ernie is guilty and walks free who is to blame Ernie, or a corrupt DA Saenz?  Until you can answer this question honestly, you are biased.

I know what I am about to say will anger a lot of people - but the following press release is good news for those of us who are tired of the senseless killing of so many pets, but until the state, county and city impose major penalties for animals which are not fixed, the problem will persist.  You should need a breeding license for any animal which is not fixed.  If you do not have it the fine should be $500.00, no excuses. You should then also have to pay to have your pet fixed.
"Good news! After 2 1/2 years of hard lobbing , I was able to procure funding of 1.5 million dollars for a new animal shelter. In spite of recent allegations, I will continue to work hard for the residents of Cameron county. I am asking for help in the planning and construction of the new shelter. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Help me make this new shelter as close to a No Kill facility as possible. I can be reached at 956 459 6025. Please share this message."
While  I am happy with this progress, I stand firm - we need heavy penalties for any unlicensed breeding animal.  The people creating the problem should have to fund these shelters.  All of my dogs have always been fixed.  It is the humane thing to do.

You know what, do not post comments about the poor not being able to pay - I bet they will think twice about allowing their pets to roam around if they have to spend a few days on our beaches cleaning them as community service instead of having to pay the fine.  Being poor is not an excuse for being cruel to animals.


Before some anti-science Republican states this is proof of no global warming, you are wrong - it is proof of global warming. As the poles melt the Gulf Stream is getting colder thereby making areas whose weather is controlled by the Gulf Stream colder.


THE LRGV IS REALLY THE BIG LOSER -  Yes, it is true I hold on to things.  For 14 long years I have been arguing why hemp is good for the LRGV.  It uses 50% less water than cotton, and requires no chemicals for growth or protection against bugs.  Our soil and weather were made for hemp.

The industrial uses for hemp are endless.  We could have taken the lead in growing the hemp, processing the hemp, and manufacturing (if we only had any leaders with the vision of training our workers in robotics manufacturing)

The LRG Valley is doomed by a feckless leadership without even the modicum of vision.  Last March I did one of my many in depth posts on the issue, pushing the 2013 Hemp Act, a bi-partisan Bill in the US Senate and House.  The Texas Legislature could have done their part so Texas could benefit from the new Farm Bill - but no - Texas Republicans are too busy regulating my penis to be concerned with jobs and the future.

"For the first time, the farm bill will authorize colleges and universities to grow industrial hemp for research purposes in states that permit growth and cultivation of the plant. Currently 11 states — Colorado, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia — have such laws."

Source:  Washington Post

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I will only release one name which I was told is on the list - Oscar de la Fuente.  Apparently Saenz did not like my post and the indictment of Oscar de la Fuente is now being expedited.  How many months to indict based on a sworn to confession?

Saenz is playing a brilliant game here.  If what my source is claiming which is based on leaks from the grand jury is true, at least one person running for district clerk will be indicted.  A politiquera will be indicted.  An elected official tied to the Villalobos mess will be indicted.

My source is not Cris Valadez.  I know enough to know this guy will throw his mother-in-law Rosie Sheldon Sotelo under the bus to save his own ass.  And the fact of the matter is, he may have. 

A reader asked if maybe the DOJ and DA made a deal to not prosecute Oscar de la Fuente.  No they did not.  This came out in the  testimony during the Villalobos trial.  Oscar admitted to knowing he could still be prosecuted in state court.

Now, once these indictments hit, with the exception of Oscar de la Fuente, I will assume everyone is innocent and wait for the trial and evidence to form an opinion.  Oscar is different - I was in federal court when under oath he admitted to the criminal conduct.

But these indictments, even if politically motivated by DA Saenz, will add credibility to his public integrity office, unless evidence comes out in press conferences to show he is manipulating evidence.  Either February 4th or 7th there is a hearing in the Raul Salazar case which will either hurt Saenz a lot or seal Raul Salazar's fate.


Nothing would please me more than have the FBI raid the February 4, 2014, BISD meeting and have the TEA take complete control with the immediate firing of Carl Montoya as its superintendent.  But, with what I want not happening anytime soon - or maybe not we shall see - a rational mediated settlement may be best for the children.

Baltazar Salazar has to go - no ifs and buts - not because of his criminal past, but because he abused the courts to defraud the people.  This is not who we need as counsel for BISD.

In exchange for this the majority must drop the move to remove Presas-Garcia and Longoria in exchange for them dropping their lawsuit.   The FBI is all over this - Otis Powers is in a free fall state of panic because of Presas-Garcia's and Longoria's suicide mission.  The latter two are counting on Powers agreeing to pay over the money to save his own ass.  This will not happen - the FBI will see right through it.

Longoria will lose her reelection come November for her actions in suing the BISD.  So what is the point of a prolonged lawsuit to remove her.  Presas-Garcia will be isolated after the election with not one person willing to back her nonsense.  With any luck she will just resign or be indicted first.

But as it currently stands, the entire Board is heading to falling off the cliff - some actually guilty of crimes others guilty by association - at least in the eyes of the people.

All this group is doing is expediting the inevitable at a cost of $100,000 to the children.

Guys just end it - dump Baltazar Salazar and end the litigation by both sides.  It is time the children come first.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


SECOND UPDATE:  See comment 5 for verification of FBI and AG downloading BV documents.

UPDATE:  I rejected a comment this morning concerning the press conference - I will not allow the BV to be used as an endless distraction by Saenz's lemmings to avoid the issue- here is part

 "Saenz did not allow you into the press conference because you are unprofessional and create drama where there is none." 

I have never created a distraction at any press conference I have attended.  In the Villalobos trial the DOJ and Villalobos attorneys thanked me daily for my reporting and used it to guide them.  At one point my readership became nationwide well into the upper thousands of readers.  I am certain I was better read than anyone tweeting the trial.  It is not my reporting which became an issue in the Villalobos motion for new trial, it was Emma Perez Trevino's - and that issue on appeal may just result in a complete reversal.  Trashing Villalobos attorneys during the trial was the epitome of unprofessional conduct.  While on the other hand in rejected comment after comment I was threatened for not allowing derogatory comments against Villalobos' lawyers or claims of his guilt before the official verdict.

No my dear lemming of Vindictive Dick Saenz - he knew I had the goods that count 7 is 100% bogus and that it was in fact Carlos Cascos and Cris Valadez who targeted David Garcia - he knows about the perjury issues related to Raul Salazar and he did not want me asking questions in  front of a full press corp on the issues.  This is not transparency - in the end every news person who has now interviewed me on the incident agrees Saenz is hiding something and sought to keep me out for that reason.  He accomplished nothing through his vindictive conduct.

Original Post

"This is learned from a request to the federal court by DA Luis V. Saenz’s office for a transcript of the testimony of attorney Oscar de la Fuente Jr."


This is back in June.  De la Fuente under oath admitted to crime after crime.  There is nothing to investigate.  You take his sworn to testimony to the grand jury and obtain your indictments.   So why has Saenz not done this?  Could there be an easier indictment for his bogus public integrity unit to obtain?

 No, but let's follow the money.  A review of Saenz campaign finance reports shows multiple donations to Saenz from Oscar de la Fuente.  There is no easier indictment to be brought by Saenz's public integrity unit, and with a sworn to confession Saenz has taken no action in 7 months.

There are problems printing the pages from the Elections Office Online service - I have done an open records request for the hard copies.

UPDATE:  I did another page showing another donation from Oscar de la Fuente.  My computer will not open all of Saenz campaign reports so I will have to go down to the Elections Office and review then and then ask for the pages I want


Remember it was not me, but the DOJ who called Justino Ramos to testify he gave Luis Saenz a $1,000 bribe.  See story

In August of 2013, after Saenz brought his bogus charges against Josefina Fisher [Canales] for calling Yolanda Begum a fake, Alex Begum's law firm  gave Saenz an additional $2,500 donation. 

$6,000 in donations to Saenz from Begum's law firm and he does not even have a criminal law practice.  Lawyers with actual criminal practices before Saenz did not come even close to giving this much money to Saenz.
The reward is the bogus criminal charge against Josefina Fisher [Canales] for calling Yolanda Begum a fake.
You know how you know Barton's, McHale's and Montoya's motivation in reporting is a hatred for the Hernandez family - they fail to assail Saenz for any of this.  Josefina Fisher [Canales] campaigned for Erin Garcia and she must be punished even if it is done with bribes from Alex Begum to Luis Saenz.  The three are prepared to piss on Freedom of Speech to punish and defame anyone who stands on the facts when it comes to the Hernandez family.  Remember the bailiff defamed by Barton - claiming she voted twice and claiming she was interfering with Begum's witnesses when the bailiff stopped Begum's people from trying to influence the witnesses with free food.

I rejected a comment on Sunday basically stating what "I never met an accurate fact Barton" stated.  I have said over and over again - any candidate can send me anything related to the campaign and I will post it for free.  I have posted more for Alex Dominguez or at least just as much as for Ernie Hernandez, and I am a confident of Ernie Hernandez and not Alex Dominguez [according to Barton] - what this poster and Barton cannot conceive is, a human being working to give all candidates equal access to free advertising.  So because the idea is so alien to the factually challenged Barton the only reason I would post something for Commissioner Hernandez is because I am his confident.  It is just too bizarre one person can be that ignorant and biased.

Where was Barton when I defended Ruben Pena against all of Montoya's lies and took Margarita Ozuna to the AG, which resulted in her prosecution? - nowhere to be found. 

Barton cannot conceive of equal access for all the candidates, or reality.  You see according to Barton when I was going after Hernandez in the Pena case I somehow was his supporter.  No - I look to the facts.

Barton knows with 100% certainty it was Montoya who went after David Garcia's job and he did it with leaked documents from Cris Valadez - but Barton so hates Ernie Hernandez he is willing to make himself party to what he knows is a lie - namely it was Ernie Hernandez, and not Carlos Cascos and Cris Valadez.  I cannot imagine what could cause a person to have so much blinding hate and ignorance in their heart.

No, Jimmy Boy I am no one's confident.  The BV this election cycle took the lead in ending the use of the vans, CAVA was no where - I wrote a lot of letters and now the owners of these homes are being warned about the legal liability if someone gets hurt.  This was my argument.  According to Barton this is me helping the Hernandez family.

Again, where was Barton in backing the BV on this issue - dead silent  - he was probably waiting on Yolanda to decide if she as going to use the vans.

Until Barton, McHale and Montoya call out Saenz for all of his criminal conduct, they will have no credibility.  You either believe in free speech or do not.  They clearly do not.  What they believe in is destroying anyone they do not like and they are prepared to back public corruption to get what they want.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Only because Commissioner Hernandez is up for reelection am I allowing for this. Anyone with a half a brain agrees the timing is to influence the election. While this is not an ad I will use the same rules I use for all ads. No comments. In the case of Oscar X. Garcia I allowed for one comment because the face of his ad proved the allegation.

"I want to thank all my friends and family for the hundreds of calls that I have received supporting me and asking me to continue our efforts to move forward with our campaign. I have served our community for the past 25 years. I have been elected five times. The trust from the community has been my biggest reward. I am asking everyone to trust me once again. The timing is very suspect with the primary less than forty days away. I am totally innocent of all these allegations and I will my have my day to clear myself in court. Cameron County politics is certainly NOT for the squeamish. Thank you for your continued, support, prayers and blessings. We move forward!"

Click for Facebook Page

Now, for example if Alex Dominguez wants to ,make a statement about all of his pending Texas Ethics Complaints, he will get the same free space to post his comments on the issue.  I will allow for no negative comments.  But I will also not allow for outright lies.

Saenz can play this game all he wants and with every attempt to obfuscate the central issue, the BV will report the story.  Victor Cortez needs to resign from the DA's office clearly stating he will not be party to Saenz's conduct.  This is the only way he can restore his reputation.  Victor Cortez has all the power - the ball is in his court.

Saenz has his trained Gestapo officers on the Internet trying to obfuscate the issue by claiming the Richmond case only applies to criminal trials.  False - the legal principle of access was clearly stated in the opinion, which has nothing to do with the background facts of the case.

""Though the public acquires information about trials chiefly through the press and electronic media, the press is not imbued with any special right of access. Rather, the media possesses "the same right of access as the public . . . so that they may report what people in attendance have seen and heard" ( Richmond Newspapers, 448 US at 573"
Just this week the Ninth Circuit affirmed the Supreme Court decision that reporters are not imbued with any special privileges not afforded to the average citizen.

"But every other circuit to consider the issue has held that the First Amendment defamation rules in Sullivan and its progeny apply equally to the institutional press and individual speakers. See, e.g., Snyder v. Phelps, 580 F.3d 206, 219 n.13 (4th Cir. 2009), aff’d, 131 S. Ct. 1207 (2011)"

As the Supreme Court has accurately warned, a First Amendment distinction between the institutional press and other speakers is unworkable: “With the advent of the Internet and the decline of print and broadcast media . . . the line between the media and others who wish to comment on political and social issues becomes
far more blurred.” Citizens United, 558 U.S. at 352."
See opinion

I was blocked from the press conference for one reason and one reason only - the BV has been unrelenting in covering the corruption at the DA's office.  I have humiliated Saenz in beating him before the AG, reporting the Pedrazo case was without merit - which it was and proven as so when Justice Chew dismissed the case, I have exposed case after case wherein his victims unit is violating the rights of the victims, I have exposed the Josefina Fisher case which has resulted in formal criminal charges against Saenz, I researched and exposed the perjury used by Saenz in the Raul Salazar case which is causing him problems. 

Vindictive Saenz being who he is, retaliated.  All of these posts along with a plethora of case law is going before a federal judge for injunctive relief.  My only hesitancy is  it is bad form to seek any type civil relief while pursuing criminal charges.  To my advantage is I am not seeking monetary damages.

To a news station I was told they agree it was retaliation for my coverage.  So Saenz and his gestapo monkey Victor Cortez can play all they want with the constitution, but in the end they will lose.  What is sad is Cortez has decided to go down with the ship rather than stand up and defend the constitution. 

In law there are good cases and bad cases.  What will make my case exceptional is not that I was just a reporter/blogger blocked from the press conference, but a reporter/blogger who has repeatedly reported on the corruption and incompetence with Saenz office.  This simple fact raises significant First Amendment issues.

Friday, January 24, 2014



Indictments 1-6 can end up being dismissed depending on what Justice Hinojosa rules on March  13, 2014, [originally said February]  in the Raul Salazar case.  The evidence of perjury is pretty black and white.  This kills all claims related to Robert Cadriel.  It will be for Justice Hinojosa to decide the perjury issues.  On file in the Raul Salazar case is a 40 page Motion outlining the perjury used by Saenz and Gus Garza to secure the conviction of Raul Salazar.  This is why Saenz moved now on Ernie Hernandez, he fears Justice Hinojosa's ruling so he acted in advance of the ruling, without regard for the perjury.

This is why I was blocked from the press conference.  Saenz knew I would have asked about the perjury allegations and the press would have covered it.

Normally it would not matter because the issue is one of collateral impeachment.  This means perjury on a fact not part of the alleged criminal act.  What makes it an issue is Gus Garza spent a good 12 minutes of his 15 minutes of closing inflaming the jury with the perjury.

Count 7 is laughable.  Count seven was done by the trio of Carlos Cascos, Cris Valadez and Juan Montoya.  Montoya posted endless stories fed to him by Cascos and Valadez demanding David Garcia lose his pay with the RMA.  This is documented and all of Montoya's posts will be put into evidence.  I will bet the farm Cascos, Valadez and Montoya will take the Fifth.

Here are your real trio who went after David Garcia.  The three need to be indicted in federal court and spend a good amount of time in federal prison for aiding Saenz to indict Ernie Hernandez for what they did.  The proof is not controverted. 

Ernie needs to bring a federal lawsuit to stop this and prove it was in fact Cascos, Valadez, and Montoya and that Saenz has intentionally used perjured testimony to protect Cascos and nail Hernandez.  Carlos Cascos has no shame and is in a conspiracy with Saenz.  He needs to be indicted in federal court for his conspiracy with Saenz.

Cris Valadez to avoid jail will turn on all of them in a New York second.  Montoya will sit on the stand dumbfounded and lie about everything - and no judge will believe him.

As to count 8 Ernie Hernandez needs to agree to a lie detector test with the FBI as to what his conversation was with Barrera.  If it is what a source told me, Barrera will never testify, but most certainly possibly face perjury, or claim Victor Cortez intentionally misused his testimony.  I will say this,  the claim is Saenz is retaliating for Hernandez filing a complaint about selective enforcement.  My source is second hand so only time will tell.  But if it is true, then Saenz is bringing criminal charges against Hernandez for filing a complaint about Saenz selective enforcement and favoritism as to who he was shutting down and when, in terms of the 8 Liner cases.  In fact what we have is official oppression by Saenz against Hernandez for filing a complaint concerning Saenz selective enforcement.

Saenz banned me from the press conference because he knew I understood all of these issues and did not want them aired in front of the press.  I will see Saenz in court and the press will then get the entire story. 


A mandamus is an extraordinary remedy which only issues when a judge outright ignores the law - kind of like McDonald refusing to dismiss the Josefina Fisher case - which every judge who has looked at has called outrageous.  Art McDonald either has no knowledge of the law, or simply chooses to dismiss it as unimportant in his court room.

The case is simple Peter Zavaletta got his client sued for skipping out on a $35,000 medical bill.  The plaintiff originally sued in Cameron County, but nonsuited the lawsuit and refilled in Houston.  Zavaletta settled the lawsuit, and then tried to reopen the nonsuited lawsuit in Cameron county with a counterclaim.  This is beyond unethical.  Art McDonald had no trouble jumping in and aiding Peter Zavaletta in his fraud.  The Texas Supreme Court had to intervene with  a mandamus and order Judge Art McDonald to end his unethical conduct.

This is the type judge Saenz and Montoya are trying to get reelected?  Why?  Because he is reliable as corrupt.

"Jody Griswold required surgery as a result of allegedly negligent medical care. Griswold and his attorney, Peter Zavaletta, entered into an agreement with Greater Houston Orthopaedic Specialists (“GHOS”), whereby GHOS would perform the surgery in exchange for payment from the anticipated proceeds of Griswold’s pending health care liability suit.
            GHOS later sued Griswold and Zavaletta in Cameron County, alleging that they failed to pay GHOS approximately $35,000 for medical services rendered. GHOS subsequently nonsuited that action. The nonsuit was signed by GHOS’s attorney as “attorney for plaintiff” and included the correct cause number and style, but it identified GHOS as “Orthopaedic Specialists, L.L.P.,” omitting the “Greater Houston” predicate. GHOS then sued Griswold and Zavaletta in Harris County. The parties settled, and the Harris County court signed an agreed judgment on January 7, 2008.           
            Meanwhile, the Cameron County court had not yet dismissed the case. On February 28, 2008, the Cameron County court issued an order notifying the parties that the case would be dismissed for want of prosecution unless they appeared and showed good cause for the matter to remain on the docket. On March 10, Griswold and Zavaletta filed a counterclaim alleging that the Cameron County suit was frivolous. On April 3, the trial court signed an order dismissing the case without prejudice, but on April 7, the court set aside that order and set the case for trial. The court of appeals denied GHOS’s request for mandamus relief. ___ S.W.3d ___. We conditionally grant the writ."

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Part of this I will post later, because I have to find it in one of my posts. 


""Though the public acquires information about trials chiefly through the press and electronic media, the press is not imbued with any special right of access. Rather, the media possesses "the same right of access as the public . . . so that they may report what people in attendance have seen and heard" ( Richmond Newspapers, 448 US at 573"

I have quoted the US Supreme Court on the issue of access to press conferences.  What they held is, under the constitution the people have the same access as reporters.  The reporters have no special standing or right to be in press conferences over the average person  Further, an endless number of courts have found bloggers to be reporters.

Saenz ordered the press conference to be behind closed doors on the 3rd floor of the Administration building.  When I got there Saenz ordered an armed investigator to keep me out along with anyone else who did not have press credentials.  Gus Garza demanded I show my press credentials before he would let me in the behind closed doors press conference. 

I am not naming the investigator because, one he was a professional at all times, and two he was just doing his job.  Why should he be ridiculed by the public for following orders from a hopelessly corrupt DA, namely Luis Saenz.  Are any of you wondering why Montoya did not report this stunt.  Because his job is to protect Luis Saenz.

When I left the courthouse the indictments had not yet been posted on the public access computers.  But you can find it here.

Click for Hernandez Indictment

In front of Gus Garza I called 911, he opened the door to the press conference and told someone I was calling 911.  The BPD gets a solid "F" in how it was handled - they sent me in circles only to leave me waiting for someone to answer a phone no one was ever going to answer. 

I headed to the police department, made a phone call and within minutes the police chief sent out Sergeant Jaramillo to take my complaint.

From the Texas Penal Code:

Sec. 39.03. OFFICIAL OPPRESSION. (a) A public servant acting under color of his office or employment commits an offense if he:
(2) intentionally denies or impedes another in the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege, power, or immunity, knowing his conduct is unlawful

This is a class A misdemeanor.

The US Supreme Court has found I have a right to be at the press conference.  Beyond that where is the transparency when the DA denies the people access to a press conference which includes the indictment of an elected official.

A reporter, whose name is in the criminal complaint, was told by Victor Cortez that it was his policy to keep the bloggers out of the press conferences.  This is how stupid they are.

From Saenz web page - who is Victor Cortez:



"The District Attorney's Public Integrity Unit is an integral part of the District Attorney's new reorganization. The Unit is designed to develop and implement internal programs so to ensure compliance with the District Attorney's policies. The programs are the foundation to restoring confidence and professionalism to the District Attorney's Office. The Unit, led by Mr. Victor Cortez, will work closely with federal, state, county and city agencies on any ethics and integrity case involving any District Attorney employees. Mr. Cortez, under the leadership and guidance of District Attorney Saenz, will develop programs to restore the public's trust in the District Attorney's Office. "

According to Saenz Victor Cortez will restore the public's trust in the DA's office by engaging in official oppression.  These people are beyond stupid.

Next week the report will be released to me when I meet with the investigator.  At that time I am to bring the Supreme Court case which clearly states I had every right to be at the press conference.

Then if I understand what will happen, the liaison between the BPD and the Sheriff's department will decide who will conduct the interviews and investigation before turning it over the DA's office.

Once the investigation is done DA Saenz cannot touch it.  An attorney Pro tem must be appointed.  In fact I can take the complaint to any judge and asked that he/she appoint an attorney pro tem to bring charges against Luis Saenz, Victor Cortez, and Gus Garza.  And you can bet the farm I will.  I will also file the complaint once complete with the Texas Rangers, the criminal section of the AG's office and the DOJ and FBI.

There is no rule as to who can ask a judge to appoint an attorney pro tem when the DA is conflicted out.

"(a) Whenever an attorney for the state is disqualified to act in any case or proceeding, is absent from the county or district, or is otherwise unable to perform the duties of his office, or in any instance where there is no attorney for the state, the judge of the court in which he represents the state may appoint any competent attorney to perform the duties of the office during the absence or disqualification of the attorney for the state "

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I have things to do, by tomorrow morning I will have the Supreme Court case posted.

Yesterday formal civil rights criminal charges were filed in Houston with the DOJ against DA Luis Saenz, Art McDonald, Alex Begum and Yolanda Begum, by Josefina Fisher [Canales].  Under the Civil Rights Division the complaint is filed in the main office for the DOJ where the person lives.  It is also filed in the main FBI office which oversees the region where the accused lives - this means the complaint was also filed in San Antonio.

A formal complaint was also filed in Austin with the Commission on Judicial Conduct over Art McDonald conspiring with DA Saenz by not signing the order of Dismissal thereby denying Josefina Fisher her interim appeal and by Art McDonald granting an illegal Motion to Withdraw filed by Ed Ciganiewicz which failed to comply with Josefina Fisher due process rights.

On the issue of Ernie Hernandez, I am trying to verify my source within the DA's office claims.  Another story I am posting today proves that Saenz has some very unethical DA's working for him, so I am not sure who to believe any more.

DA Saenz by bringing this action effectively conceded he is in trouble in the Raul Salazar case.  A 40 page Motion for New trial which documents the conspiracy to commit perjury to secure the conviction is awaiting a hearing by Justice Hinojosa.  DA Saenz knows once he loses the Raul Salazar case he is in trouble.  This is why he brought the indictment against Ernie Hernandez at this time.

The Hernandez family is not going to like this - but they knew Saenz is a royal scumbag with nothing but contempt for the law.  With this knowledge they, and no one else, chose to not fight back.  When a bully and a team of unethical lawyers like Alex Begum, Louis Sorola and Alex Dominguez, meet to conspire to destroy your family you fight back.  If you choose to not fight back you lose - that simple. 

Luis Saenz has run cover for Alex Dominguez and claims of barratry and his endless criminal violations of the Texas Ethics Code, Louis Sorola and Mary Esther Garcia on claims of barratry, and Alex Begum by accepting a $3,500 bribe to maliciously prosecute Josefina Fisher, while ignoring Yolanda Begum's perjury in her police statement.

People who fight back would take this to federal court for an injunction.  Given Judge Hanen's belief this entire county is a cesspool of corruption he will not doubt the conspiracy by Saenz.  Remember Judge Hanen heard the testimony of Saenz taking the $1,000 bribe from Justin Ramos.

I expect Erin Garcia to be indicted within the week.  She too will not fight.  Saenz knows this.

This entire mess is to manipulate the voters and it will work.

Daisy Martinez interviewed Josefina Fisher with jaw on the floor over the criminal charges against Josefina Fisher.  She was adamant this was a story which would play well with her audience.  The con men who run Valley Central looked at how much Alex Begum pays in advertising and killed the story. DA Saenz knows that Valley Central is nothing more than a controlled news station no different that what you will find in the controlled media in China - there is no freedom of the press at Valley Central any more so than in China.

The Herald is beyond a joke.  I have spoken with two reporters who have point blank told me Cavasos even with a judgment against Saenz will never run the Josefina Fisher story.

This county is a criminal enterprise because of news organizations like the Brownsville Herald and Valley Central. 

What is really sad for me is, the Hernandez family will not fight back.  they will hire a local attorney who will go to court and wing it the same way Victor Ramirez winged it for Raul Salazar.  I was in the courtroom for that trial.  It was as if Raul Salazar had no attorney.  It blew my mind just how bad the  defense was. 


Younger abstention[edit]

Younger abstention, named for Younger v. Harris, 401 U.S. 37 (1971), is less permissive to the federal courts, barring them from hearing civil rights tort claims brought by a person who is currently being prosecuted for a matter arising from that claim in state court. For example, if an individual who was charged with drug possession under a state law believes that the search was illegal, and in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights, that person may have a cause of action to sue the state for illegally searching him. However, a federal court will not hear the case until the person is convicted of the crime. The doctrine has been extended to state civil proceedings in aid of and closely related to state criminal statutes,[2] administrative proceedings initiated by a State agency,[3] or situations where the State has jailed a person for contempt of court. The doctrine applies even where the state does not bring an action until after the person has filed a lawsuit in federal court, provided that the federal court has not yet undergone proceedings of substance on the merits of the federal suit.[4]

There are three exceptions to Younger abstention:
  • 1. Where the prosecution is in bad faith (i.e. the state knows the person to be innocent); or
  • 2. Where the prosecution is part of some pattern of harassment against an individual; or
  • 3. Where the law being enforced is utterly and irredeemably unconstitutional (e.g., if the state were to pass a law making it a crime to say anything negative about its governor under any circumstances).
Within the exceptions is the Dombrowski First Amendment doctrine



Jonathan, you know what Villalobos put in your personnel file.  This means you know Saenz is lying when he says nothing is there.  Do you need any more proof that Saenz wanted me to keep this story going to hurt you?  This has Begum and Saenz written all over it.  You have to know Saenz is lying about your personnel file because he knows I would print the story thereby reminding people about the police report.  What he did not know is,  I will not repost the police report.

Jonathan if you still think this is not Saenz and Begum trying to destroy you for political purposes - you are just plain stupid.


I will not repost the police report involving Jonathan Gracia because that is what Saenz and Begum want me to do to do further damage Jonathan Gracia's reputation. 

My source was spot on about the police report.  The source was also very specific about what was put in Jonathan Gracia's personnel file at the DA's office.  I did an open records request for the contents of Jonathan Gracia's personnel file which relate to the police report.

Matthew M. Kendall with the DA's office responded to my request with nothing can be found.  My request had two parts, any criminal investigation file which may have been opened plus what may have been put into Jonathan Gracia's personnel file.

Remember this is the same Matthew M. Kendall who filed the frivolous  objection with the AG to protect Zeke Silva.  He is not trustworthy at any level.

Like I have said, I have never lost an open records request because I know how the rules work.  I called Matthew M. Kendall and was told he does not accept phone calls.  This despite his letter tells me to call him if I have any questions.

I filed a formal complaint with Melissa Zamora, PIO, where upon Saenz ordered Kendall to accept my phone call.  Public service at its best, don't you think.

I explained to Mr. Kendall that his letter was no specific enough for me to move forward with the AG's office to force the issue.  I needed a specific statement that nothing was  found in Gracia's personnel file related to the police report.

Matthew Kendall then said to me "so you want me to put in the letter that nothing was found in Jonathan Gracia's personnel file related to the police report so that you can then take my letter to the AG along with the documents you already have from his personnel file?"

This is DA Saenz at his best - filtering files and concealing documents to avoid open record's requests.

Remember how this story broke - I sat on it for weeks.  I then got word at Begum's request Montoya was going to use the police report to trash Jonathan Gracia.  My report made it clear from the get go that Jonathan Gracia did nothing criminal and he was only mentioned as a witness.  Right or wrong the belief is the run-off will be between Erin Garcia and either Yolanda Begum or Jonathan Gracia - Yolanda Begum has to take down Jonathan Gracia to insure a spot in the run-off.

DA Saenz knows that by lying about what is in Jonathan Gracia's personnel file it will keep the story going to the benefit of Yolanda Begum - the same Yolanda Begum he refuses to prosecute for perjury - the same Yolanda Begum whose son gave Saenz a $3,500 bribe to bring a malicious prosecution against Josefina Fisher.

Oh, why am I willing to say so clearly it was a bribe - because I know  a jury will agree with me if they sue.  They will look at the charges against Josefina Fisher and be disgusted with our entire legal system and how easy it is for scumbags like Alex Begum to bribe a DA.

Nothing would please me more than to take DA Saenz, Alex Begum's and Yolanda Begum's depositions to the FBI.  A flaming drag queen has a batter chance of being straight than these three keeping their story straight.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Thursday January 23, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.
VFW Post 2035
1801 Veterans Drive
Brownsville, Texas 78521


258.001. Short Title

This chapter may be cited as the Fair Campaign Practices Act.

258.002. Purpose

(a) The purpose of this chapter is to encourage every candidate and political committee to subscribe to the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.

(b) It is the intent of the legislature that every candidate and political committee that subscribes to the Code of Fair Campaign Practices will follow the basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play to encourage healthy competition and open discussion of issues and candidate qualifications and to discourage practices that cloud the issues or unfairly attack opponents.

258.003. Delivery of Copy of Code

(a) When a candidate or political committee files its campaign treasurer appointment, the authority with whom the appointment is filed shall give the candidate or political committee a blank form of the Code of Fair Campaign Practices and a copy of this chapter.

(b) The authority shall inform each candidate or political committee that the candidate or committee may subscribe to and file the code with the authority and that subscription to the code is voluntary.



258.004. Text of Code

The Code of Fair Campaign Practices reads as follows:


There are basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play that every candidate and political committee in this state has a moral obligation to observe and uphold, in order that, after vigorously contested but fairly conducted campaigns, our citizens may exercise their constitutional rights to a free and untrammeled choice and the will of the people may be fully and clearly expressed on the issues.


(1) I will conduct the campaign openly and publicly and limit attacks on my opponent to legitimate challenges to my opponent's record and stated positions on issues.

(2) I will not use or permit the use of character defamation, whispering campaigns, libel, slander, or scurrilous attacks on any candidate or the candidate's personal or family life.

(3) I will not use or permit any appeal to negative prejudice based on race, sex, religion, or national origin.

(4) I will not use campaign material of any sort that misrepresents, distorts, or otherwise falsifies the facts, nor will I use malicious or unfounded accusations that aim at creating or exploiting doubts, without justification, as to the personal integrity or patriotism of my opponent.
(5) I will not undertake or condone any dishonest or unethical practice that tends to corrupt or undermine our system of free elections or that hampers or prevents the full and free expression of the will of the voters, including any activity
aimed at intimidating voters or discouraging them from voting.

(6) I will defend and uphold the right of every qualified voter to full and equal participation in the electoral process, and will not engage in any activity aimed at intimidating voters or discouraging them from voting.

(7) I will immediately and publicly repudiate methods and tactics that may come from others that I have pledged not to use or condone. I shall take firm action against any subordinate who violates any provision of this code or the laws governing elections.

I, the undersigned, candidate for election to public office in the State of Texas or campaign treasurer of a political committee, hereby voluntarily endorse, subscribe to, and solemnly pledge myself to conduct the campaign in accordance with the above principles and practices.