Saturday, December 14, 2013


From Playwright Richard Greenberg:

""Who thinks about being remembered?" he shot back. "I'm about to say something adolescent: Who even has faith there's going to be a world to be remembered in? When you look at the fragility of everything, the idea of oneself being remembered seems particularly preening. No, I am just trying to do something that's nice in the season."

Source:  LA Times

I  came upon this purely by accident.  I have been trying to decide what show I will go to while in NY for the holidays and a friend told me to go see Richard's play.  I said "Richard who?" He said Richard Greenberg,  While totally not taken aback because Richard was always incredibly creative, I was still a bit surprised to learn Richard is a successful playwright.

I first met Richard in 5th grade when our music teacher, Mr. Richter,  asked that I introduce him to the basics of the viola.  It took Richard about 24 hours to surpass me in skill.  We remained friends through high school and use to car share rides to school. 

It's nice to see when people succeed at their true love.  I love this quote because I rarely live in the past - it is about what I can do today and tomorrow.

Anyway if I can get the group to agree I think we will be off to see one of Richard's plays.

I should note my town was very segregated.  When we moved to East Meadow we were the only Latino family and there were no blacks.  My Jewish friends lived in a small enclave which fed into the same schools as mine.  For me this was great - I love Jewish grandmothers - between my Italian and Jewish friends I think I learned the importance of always having food ready to go when people are in my home.

The older Jewish parents and grandparents taught me a lot of history from the Russian Pogroms to the Holocaust.  It was a history lesson I never could have learned in a classroom.  Their influence on me will be taken to my grave.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, no offence, but I don't think you should be letting people know that you will be gone during the holidays. Take care, enjoy life.

BobbyWC said...

I never announce my travel plans which at times can be quite extensive - but I have a roommate who will be at the house and another friend who also will be here. The other person is retired and will be here basically 24/7 - plus I watch the house through security.

Without these measures I would not be talking about being in NY

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Safe journey