Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This has been going on for nearly 2 months.  In house legal counsel at TSC cannot be so stupid as to not know the law on this issue.  They outright have refused to comply with the law at any level.  Stage one is to send the AG a letter seeking an opinion.  They did not do that.  After they were very late with stage one President Tecero without consulting the Board hired a Dallas attorney to inform me TSC would be seeking an opinion.  Weeks later they had still taken no action to file any objection with the AG.  I then sought an enforcement action against TSC.  The letter which is copied to me is addressed to the lawyer hired by TSC President Tecero.
I realize TSC is in growing pains - but an outright contempt for the law is not and never will be acceptable.  The Board needs to meet in Executive Session and demand to know why President Tecero has not taken this to the Board to learn if they even want to invoke attorney client privilege, and to know why her office has simply chosen a path of outright ignoring the law.  If this is how she is going to run TSC while making Juliet Garcia look like a saint President Tecero will find her stay in Brownsville very short. 
The request relates to real estate deals with the City and UT.  Why President Tecero is protecting Tony Martinez and Juliet Garcia is beyond me.
I expect the Board to take no action.  This is the way things will be in Cameron county.  The Open Records law has no meaning to the political entities in Brownsville and Cameron county.  In large measure the blame belongs to Greg Abbott.  TSC has long ago waived any right to assert any objection, but yet in the letter they are invited to assert any objection they may have.  Why should TSC follow the law when it has Attorney General Greg Abbott instructing them in writing there will be no consequences if they fail to follow the law at least as to a timely objection
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