Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Truck Carrying Radioactive Material Goes Missing In Mexico

From NPR - "A photo released by Mexico's nuclear safety agency shows medical equipment containing radioactive source material. The photo was taken as the equipment was being prepared for loading into a truck, which was later stolen." Source: NPR

Now this scares me.  Several years ago the day after a stress test with nuclear dye I crossed back from Mexico and was stopped when the alarm went off that I was carrying nuclear material.  I produced a special form prepared by the doctor, and after my truck was cleared I was on my way. 

The next morning I got on a plane to NY.  Nothing went off at the airport.  I thought, well the dye finally left my body.  5 days later I was back and went back to Matamoros and on return the alarm sounded again.  This means both at both the  Brownsville and NY airports the security system failed to pick up the nuclear dye. 

Nuclear waste is our Achilles heal and the idea it can go missing in Mexico scares me.  Guys - we are powerless to control this issue outside the US.  Now that terrorist groups know you can steal this stuff in Mexico - I feel just a bit less safe.


Anonymous said...

The security at the Brownsville Airport is a farce. I went through several times without alerting even after having knee replacements. That is the only airport that I could get through with out a secondary check.

Anonymous said...

Those metal detectors are not so sensitive that they pick up metal implants embedded in tissue. If they did, they'd be going off all the
I have about 15 in of stailess steel
aplus ten long screws in my thigh,
and this is the from the old days,
I have never set off any of those
Most likely the airports do not have nuclear material detection alarms. Anyone who has had a recent imaging study where a nuclear dye was injected as contrast media
sets off those alarms at the
international bridges and yes, the
ease of stealing this type of
material bothers me also. Who
stole it and what was their intent?

Anonymous said...

My point was I could not get through any other airport with my knee replacements but did several times throught the Brownsville Airport. They do pick up the total knee replacements.

BobbyWC said...

They found the truck. the thief opened the box and left the device. because of exposure they will be dead within 3 days

Anonymous said...

Oh, well maybe because TKR are closer to surface of skin or because Brownsville needs to upgrade their metal detection scanners. The airport is long overdue for a major overhaul.