Sunday, December 22, 2013


I have a rule about Christmas week - truce - but in this post I will talk about the missing name, because of a telling post on McHale's page.

Tomorrow I will talk about the person who may very well be the most despicable person in Brownsville. This person worked with me directly in taking evidence to the FBI concerning the Escobedo brothers, while pretending to be their friend in this time of need. I have no problem with him working with me on the criminal complaint - my problem is his insult to the Escobedo family by agreeing to be an honorary pallbearer.

The posted comment on McHale's page is typical McHale - offensive and disrespectful to the Escobedo family.  But the tone of the comment tells me it was made by an Escobedo family member, or a very close friend in Mexico.  I say Mexico because they say Rio Bravo instead of Rio Grande.

Now you take the comment and see whose name is not listed as an honorary pallbearer - Escobedo's campaign manager.  What I know for sure from eyewitnesses is as late as 10:30 p.m. the night before Moreno and Escobedo were texting about redoing part of his web page.  The question is what else was said by the end of the texting to cause this poster on McHale's page to lash out so at Moreno.

I have had inside information for months.  I will not mess up an investigation.  When the time is right and the BPD have had an opportunity to do their job, I will be more forthcoming.

But let me say this - treachery abounds in this city.  If you think as an elected official you have friends you are delusional.  All elected officials are nothing more than tools of those who play them. 


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I believe this is only going to get worse. In trying to save their own asses they are throwing their friends and collegues under the busses.

Anonymous said...

Sad Day, very Sad Day when Dr. Escobedo left us. We all know God Welcomed Enrique home with open arms. Sure wish he would have hung around us longer.