Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Do not bother checking with Cheez when your wallet is missing - check my roommate's backpack.

I am working on a bigger story - it will post today - but I wanted a funny for now.

On Sunday I went out for a chorizo con papas taco. Later in the day I need to go out for several items for caldo, while I have the meat cooking. I spent an hour looking for my wallet - nothing. I went back to the Stripes - they did not have it - I even checked their trash thinking someone took the cash and then trashed the wallet.

Well last night I felt like [well real bad] and needed to go to the grocery store. My roommate also needed some things. I decide to let him drive. He says "wait I need to get my wallet." He checks his back pack and finds my wallet. Nothing was missing.

Here is the deal - I leave my wallet and keys on the kitchen counter where I leave his mail. He was off on Sunday so he had not left the house. The best we can figure is  he saw a wallet near his mail and just assumed it was his.

I prefer to claim it is his old age - trust me I am pushing the age thing. I thought the entire thing was funny and was just glad to get back my Border ID card, VA card, and drivers license. All of the credit cards and debit card had already been cancelled. It's no big deal I just cashed a check for cash until the new cards come. Getting old can be so much fun.

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The Cheez ROCKS!