Friday, December 6, 2013


Click here for two old BV posts on Plantation Politics and the Texas Democratic Party.  The fundamental problem in Texas is, true Democrats can almost never get on the ballot.  Rene Oliviera is anything but a Democrat.  His clientele are insurance companies and medical providers.  I remember one time he introduced legislation to give HMO's immunity from suit and not even the Republicans would vote for him on that one.  For me it is sad we could not recruit a highly qualified Latina to challenge him. Rene Oliviera is one DINOLINO who needs to go before we can build a real Democratic party in Texas.

I've already told the story of when the State editor at the Austin American Statesman told me I was lying when I told her that Gilberto Hinojosa was voted out of office and replaced with a Republican.  Typical journalistic BS - they are now too lazy to even do a google search to verify the truth.  My question to her was, why has this not been a story.  If he could not carry Cameron county for the Democrats, what makes anyone think he can turn out the state for Democrats?  Had the American Statesman does its job, Gilberto Hinojosa would not be the Party Chair.  It was the same old white supremacist attitude in Austin - it is for them to tell us what is best for us.  No - it is for every individual to decide for themselves what is best for them.

I made a few  calls to Austin yesterday and it appears some Party officials are fully aware of Gilberto Hinojosa's meddling with the primaries.  There is support for a demand that he resign if it can be proved with an email or text.  They see him as the greatest threat against Wendy Davis.  For the record I now see Wendy Davis as her own worst enemy.  She has bought into the nonsense that Gilberto Hinojosa somehow speaks for us.  No Wendy - he speaks for his wallet.  In not one trip to the Valley has she acknowledge an understanding of what it will take to develop the LRGV,  Why?  She is talking to Gilberto Hinojosa and he has no idea.  I am 100% certain Wendy Davis' campaign will be a dud.  She is making the same mistake as every other state wide Democrat over the last 20 years.  Wendy Davis has bought into the Plantation Politics mentality.  Wendy, "you do not own us - you must earn our vote and that will never happen so long as Gilberto Hinojosa has your ear."


During the Richards/Bush gubernatorial campaign, a splinter group from the Mexican American Democrats was created.  During the campaign rather than organize the Latino vote, the Mexican American Democrats and Tejano Democrats battled for control of the money and various state chapters.  Jose Angel Gutierrez, formally of La Raza, asked that I represent the MAD  group - I gladly joined the battle because I knew the people then heading the Tejano Democrats were DINOLINOS.  This battle may have cost Ann Richards the election - the Latino vote did not turn out.

At both the state and local level there is a war for control of the Democratic Party - there are the Plantation Democrats like Hinojosa who seek to silence the true Democrats.  No amount of evidence will ever convince the Plantation Democrats that we will never support them.  Rene Oliviera remains in office because he has never had a viable opponent.

In Cameron county the battle has spilled over to Commissioners Court making progress difficult.  With locals too busy fighting for scraps at the table of the Plantation owners, no one is looking out for the people.

I predict a record low turn-out in the Primaries and November.  We are tired of the same old recycled candidates who are dirty.  Clean is not something you associate with Democrats in the LRGV - I do not care if they currently hold office or are seeking office.  I also know the people are smart enough to know the candidates claiming to be clean are in fact the dirtiest of the candidates.  The people have been played too many times to not see it.

Over the next few months we will watch the Democratic Party under Gilberto Hinojosa self destruct. It will be 4 years before we have another senate or governor's race.  The Republicans will continue to rule this state without an ounce of opposition - all because the Plantation Democrats believe it is their birthright to keep the people oppressed.


Anonymous said...

"the democratic party will self-destruct under Hinojosa" When is the last time a democrat won a statewide office in Texas? How will we know it has self-destructed.

Anonymous said...

Explain the difference between a Mexican American Democrat, Tejano Democrat and a Plantation Democrat? Is there other types of Democrats such as Gringo Democrats, Redhead Democrats, etc.?

BobbyWC said...

Great question and thanks for extending the discussion - as I have said this is when the BV works best.

In the past there has not been cross accusations by different parties as to why the Democrats failed.

There is already a strong voice at the state level that Hinojosa was a mistake. I think this time when Wendy Davis loses the true Democrats will stand up and finally say they have had enough of the anglo leadership in Austin controlling the party.

I think all over the state you are going to see a lot of infighting and blame. There will be anything but unity or silence after the loss.

For me I cannot believe knowing the storm is coming the Cameron county Republicans are not running more candidates.

Maybe 8-9 months ago I was told that Mayor Castro decided not to run because he knew with Hinojosa in charge he could not win. Mayor Castro understood he would have to denounce Hinojosa to give meaning to his campaign, but in the process would have pissed off the establishment. Castro was smart enough to understand that Hinojosa made any successful campaign impossible.

This is why there are party members looking for real evidence Hinojosa is endorsing candidates - many want him gone and they are looking for the excuse.

The excuse may come once the deal being cut with Villalobos is made public
Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Great question: Now the Republicans for political gain simply denote Plantation Democrats as Social Welfare Democrais who use public money to buy the poor.

A Plantantion Democrat is actually more nefarious - they are not Democrats in any true sense of the word but use the loyalty of Latinos and Blacks to get the vote to promote their own agendas independent of any true Democratic Policy values - Rene Oliviera is a perfect example

Every group whether Dems or Repubs have sub groups - women, gays, black, latino, asian - this exists among both the Repubs and Dems.

Well back during the Richards/ Bush Election a group of Latinos more interested in power for powers sake decided they wanted to control the Mex Dem group.

When they lost a series of elections around the state at local chapters and for the state chair they started the Tejano Dems.

The following is a comment by Adelfa Callejo a founding member of the Tejano Democrats

"Hispanic activist Adelfa Callejo’s recent comments that Latinos will not vote for a black man (Barack Obama) in the coming Democratic primary made local and national news"

It was an easy choice for me to agree to work with Jose Angel Gutierrez in representing MAD.

MAD is more traditional Democrats whereas back then at least the Tejano Democrats were more about using their Latino names to gain power for themselves without regard for the needs of the LaTino Democrats.

I haven't followed either group for years so I have no idea where they are politically today.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Here is a news flash. The more polarized a state, the lower the education level among the voters. Highly educated states, like Massachusetts for example, elect candidates based on qualifications, not party. Texas has always been and always will be, subject to mean manipulation due to its ignorance.

BobbyWC said...

I do not vote straight Dem. In the case of judges I will vcte for an incumbent republican if I know they are a good judge - Judges Fuller and Lopez of Dallas are good examples. Judge Fuller would get the votes of the most extremist Right wing Republicans but as a judge he was one of the most honorable people you would ever meet. Also he helped lead the battle to offer gay men caught having sex in the park counseling as an alternative to a conviction. The program worked - but this was back in the days when your husband was late from work it meant he was at a park looking for sex. A complete different time

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Yep, and Castro was our best hope!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I'm concerned as to why the firefighters and teachers association are handing out endorsements before the deadline has even passed to run. As far as I know they have endorsed Yolanda Begum because I saw pictures on Facebook. Is she running as a democrat? She endorsed a republican during the last race! Now that she is trying to become a political figure AGAIN, does this impact the Josefina Canales case? I'd like to know if and why Luis Saenz is proceeding to prosecute her, yet won't help any other candidates or officials who are being harassed and slandered by HIS political friends.

BobbyWC said...

The take down of Saenz, the Begums, Sorola, and Mary Esther is being worked on. The AG will be leading the investigation.

Yolanda Begum 24 hours after filing her Appointment of Campaign Treasurer already had endorsements. She was clearly campaigning and expending funds before her Application was on file. This is a crime. Saenz is being bypassed to have a criminal investigation opened against Begum.

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

We all come together when it comes election day. Nothing changes.