Sunday, December 22, 2013


Since Powers aligned himself with Enrique Escobedo the BV has been hard on Powers. The key part of this story is not new - I have posted it it before. My issue is not that Otis Powers actively worked with the FBI and me to seek an indictment of the Escobedo brothers, it is the fact with a straight face he has agreed to be an honorary pallbearer at Dr. Escobedo's funeral.  This is worse than pouring salt on an open wound.  This man has no conscience.

Before his reelection, Powers and I worked on putting together a presentation for the FBI in hopes of securing an indictment against the Escobedo brothers.  I received endless phone calls wanting to know if the Power Point was ready.  Powers has a client who is a high level administrator with the FBI office in San Antonio, which oversees Brownsville. 

I worked on the Power Point, but I had needed something from Powers which he would not do, so I backed out.  I cannot remember what it was, but it was endless delays - I think it had to do with an ad he was suppose to run.

But let there be no mistake, Otis Powers leaked documents implicating the Escobedo brothers in alleged contract rigging, and then sought my assistance in creating a Power Point for the FBI.

Now mind you, I am just one of many people who met with the FBI.  Galonsky met with them over the corruption at the Brownsville Housing Authority and ties to the Escobedo brothers.  Officials within the county and the city met with the FBI and produced documents.  I was just the only one open about it - well not totally true.

While Presas-Garcia and Longoria are just idiots, unlike Powers they had enough integrity to not pretend to be Escobedo's friend while taking information to law enforcement.  I have told the story about when I ran into Luci Longoria at DA Saenz's office.  At least Luci and Cata did not pretend to be his friend while trying to get him indicted.

My issue is the insult to the Escobedo family and Dr. Enrique Escobedo by Otis Powers  even showing at the funeral.  Powers has to have no conscience.

How he shows his face at the next BISD meeting is beyond me.  He should simply resign.

As community activists it is our duty to expose what we believe to be corruption.  I have never befriended anyone in hopes of screwing them over.,  Now people have given me unsolicited information in an attempt to play me and I play along just long enough to allow them to hang themselves.  Cris Valadez comes to mind.  He plays every side against the other.  But that's for another day. 

My issue is no matter what you think or thought of Dr. Escobedo, you do not attend his funeral pretending to care when in fact you sought to have him indicted.  Such an act in my book is the ultimate act of treachery.

While I have great sympathy for the family's loss,  it does not change any of Escobedo's business practices.  I would never like some phony show up at Dr. Escobedo's funeral and pretend to be a friend of the family.  I am not.  But I am human and hate the pain they are feeling.  And like I said, if suicide is confirmed, I hope his family will use his name as a way to encourage people to get help and reach out when they feel desperate.  I have always been about redemption, and would much rather he be remember for helping the community through his passing, than for any mistakes he may have made during his lifetime.

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That's pretty shifty to act like that fake mofos regardless of the problems a lot of people in this town especially in politics have sold their souls for greed and stature in this town.May god save you all.The truth will eventually catch to you all.