Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Today Montoya would have you believe that Justice Hinijosa cancelled Raul Salazar's sentencing because an indictment may be coming against Ernie Hernandez.  On the day of Salazar's conviction Justice Hinijosa called the attorneys to the bench and told them the court staff had informed him the courtroom was not available on the 11th.  On the day of the conviction the attorneys were told by Justice Hinojosa he was changing the date to the 18th.

Vindictive Saenz hates the truth and the fact he is in a lot of trouble.  Raul Salazar's attorneys need to file an emergency motion for a gag order in this case.  Short of a gag order Saenz will not stop feeding Montoya lies.

I know Montoya - if subpoenaed to a hearing on a gag order he will avoid it.  This will only hurt Saenz.

And before he prints that the sentencing is being delayed again because more indictment are coming here are the facts.  The court reporter asked for several extensions to produce the transcript.  The transcript is needed for the perjury claims and motion for new trial.  It is very possible the hearing on the 18th will be delayed to allow for the proper motions to be prepared.

Vindictive Dick DA Saenz did not do well before Justice Hinojosa in the Joe Lopez case. When you get the reputation of stretching the law to get what you want, you end up with a bad reputation before the judges.  Saenz knows Justice Hinojosa is not going to play his games.  The time for DA Saenz to notify Justice Hinojosa that one of his witnesses lied has long passed. 

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One termer. Got elected just to get even with everyone who unelected him last time.