Sunday, December 29, 2013


What's coming down the pike on Jonathan Gracia and Yolanda Begum, makes filth look like Mr. Clean.  Those stories will be handled in due course.

His entire claim that Linda Salazar would have her staff sit and wait for a couple to receive a marriage license and then be escorted down to her office was all lies.  As anyone can verify, the place where you get a marriage license is in a completely different building than where the JP's are.  Further, when you go to the clerk's office where the marriage licenses are received, there are cameras every where - no evidence of any employee of any JP sitting around to direct couples to any given JP was found on the tapes.  The entire claim was a lie.

Lie:  ""That was specifically touched upon," said none who requested anonymity to comment on her colleague's assertion that it was vague. "They went over the history of how the legislation evolved to prevent urban and rural JPs fighting over the marriage ceremony fees." 

First as I document below this was never discussed in the JP school - but here is the real proof.  JP's marry people every day - legally.  If the intent of the changes in the law was to keep them from fighting over the fees, then why by law are they marrying people every day?  Montoya is so stupid in is desperation to justify his fee to Alex Begum, he cannot even see an obvious lie.  Unfortunately for Yolanda Begum she is too stupid to realize how ignorant of the law her son really is.  Judicial candidates participating in lies during campaigns has significant consequences.

When the story broke I contacted the school where the JP's get their training.  No one knew the answer - it needed to be researched.  If they were teaching this long before the story broke then how come the instructors  told me it needed to be researched.  The end result was, best to not sign the waivers until it is resolved.

There are only 2 female JPs in Cameron county.  Linda Salazar and Sallie Gonzalez.  From Montoya his source this was covered in a JP class is a female JP ""That was specifically touched upon," said none who requested anonymity to comment on her colleague's assertion that it was vague." They went over the history of how the legislation evolved to prevent urban and rural JPs fighting over the marriage ceremony fees." {I will be visiting Sallie Gonzalez for a comment on Montoya's lie]

When this story broke I immediately discussed the matter with JP Linda Salazar. This part of my post is not new. She said that she did not issue the 72 hour waivers because when she worked for Menton Murray she saw how couples would come with evidence of having paid the district clerk first before the 72 hour waiver could be issued. As the BV has documented it is illegal for the district clerk to charge a fee. She made no mention of any training in JP school. In fact I asked her about it and she said it had never been discussed. Further, there is no possibility that Linda Salazar would give Montoya the time of day.

Lie "That appears to be common knowledge in Cameron County, where no other judges have issued a waiver document save the office of Garcia-Hernandez."  Tony Torres, Erin Garcia's predecessor signed the waivers.  JP's Mendoza and Canos signed the waivers.  In fact the county clerk's office informed me they are still processing 72 hour waivers signed by Canos.  This is public record which can be and will be used against Begum for her paid for lies. 

Tomorrow's story will touch on how all of this nonsense with Alex Begum paying people to punish anyone who refuses to bow down to his fake princess mommy dearest, will be covered in more detail in terms of direction.


Fact - the state has no regulation of the fees judges, including JP's can charge for weddings.  As I have stated this is dead wrong.  The state legislature must handle this next year when they reconvene.  Nothing in the law says a judge cannot charge one fee for a regular wedding and an extra $25.00 for an expedited wedding.  It is that simple. 

The fake Princess Yolanda Begum believes it is okay for the district clerk to charge an illegal fee of $276 for a 72 hour waiver, but it is wrong for a judge to charge $25.00, for an expedited wedding in order to save the couple having to pay the illegal $276.00 fee. 

If this was about money, Begum and company would be denouncing the district clerk for the illegal fee and praising the judges for saving the couples about $250.  There is your black and white proof - and I am handling it.

Next week, I will deal with how county attorneys are refusing to do their job in order to insure this continued theft of $276 from coupled who want to get married sooner than the 72 hour waiting period.  It is very clear the county attorneys are under orders to do nothing which will compromise the county's continued theft of this $276.00 from poor people.  Commissioners court will not put the issue on the table to end the matter.  There are things which can be done by the county attorneys to solve this entire mess, and they have with willful intent breached their ethical duties to the JP's and people for the sole purpose of keeping this ongoing theft of $276.00, from some of the poorest of the poor.  Cameron county commissioners court is going to find themselves in a pickle over the conduct of their lawyers.

And where is Yolanda Begum on the issue - let the poor eat cake because she is the fake princess of Cameron county.


Anonymous said...

BOBBY, Welcome home! WHat is your opinion of the Luis Saenz "year end report" full insert in the Brownsville Herald? Is it fair that the taxpayers are paying for his campaigning bs? It's all fluff and bs and not fair that this man is abusing funds for something so stupid. As if we needed him to recap the terrible job he is doing.

BobbyWC said...

Since I do not buy the Herald I did not see the ad so I have no idea if it identifies how it was paid for.

Politicians all over the planet release such press releases or mailers to promote themselves. There is nothing new in this.
DA's have a lot of leeway on how they can use forfeiture money.

If you believe a crime has occurred research the issue. You begin by finding out what funds he used to pay for the ad and then find out if he legally could use those funds.

Here is a radical idea - get together with your friends and but a counter ad with the truth - such things as - "I'm hard on men who beat women - they will get at least 2 days in jail" Luis Saenz

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The request the curriculum for the eighty hours of judicial training and post it. The curriculum will prove who is lying about the training received over the subject matter.

BobbyWC said...

Montoya says he has a JP telling him this so he should request it from her. Now because I know ADA's go through training and sometimes get training manuals, I asked the school if such a manual is issued to the new JP's because I was going to try and get a copy. As you note - it is the best evidence. I was told it does not exist.

But in the end the courts will decide and then we will know.

In 2011 the entire area of law related to JP's was to be worked on because of all of the confusion.

In fact new rules of procedure went into effect August 30, 2013, based on the review of the mess.

I think this is something they just missed. Tomorrow I will see if I can get copies of waivers signed by Tony Torres or any other JP's waivers. I was specifically told by the clerks office that Canos still performs the wedding on less then 72 hours.

Judges get reversed all of the time. This is how I know all of this is bogus. If making a mistake on a question of law is a bssis to prosecute a judge, then all judges are going to jail. It is that simple and every judge in Cameron county knows it.

Every judge I have spoken with is on Judge Garcia's side and sees this as a pathetic sideshow by Sorola and Alex Begum

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Also, what judges are taught in JP class is not necessarily the law. In fact the JP's have a duty to ignore anything they are taugh which the law shows to be wrong.

I remember years ago an instructor for the district judges was doing a CLE on evidence. He told us that he tells the judges to not worry about their evidentiary rulings because it is almost impossible for a judge to get reversed on an evidentiary issue. That should tell you something about the ethics of these instructors.

Also, the instructors are like everyone else. They are giving their interpretation of the law. A law which at times will have the Texas Supreme Court rule 5/4. If 4 Texas Supreme Court judges cannot agree with the other 5 what makes you think the law is that black and white?

It says anyone with family law jurisdiction. Under Title III it says JPs have extensive jurisdiction. In my initial post, I conceded it is possibly vague because it depends on if there is a separate definition of family law, and the code does note provide for one.

So any instructor who claims it is black and white is an idiot - it is not.

The legislature should have handled this with all of the JP reforms they just instituted and they did not. I am sure it will be on the agenda 2015.

Bobby WC