Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Update:  AUSA Ponce asked for the maximum sentence.  Rosenthal's attorney is basically stating that at age 51, a long sentence would be a death sentence.

We may be close

Rosenthal is addressing the court.  Says he has always stood up for the little guy.  Rosenthal is basically begging for mercy - talking about all of his charity work and how when he gets out of prison he will be raising money for charities - yes - organizations will agree to work with this convicted felon. 

Rosenthal says his defense cost $1.8 million.  He also said he considered suicide and understands why Marchan committed suicide.

I am not in court.  I am reporting from the Valley Morning Star Summaries - But it appears Gamez is trying to suggest Rosenthal only took money from insurance companies - I am so glad I am not in court because I would be going nuts over their attempts to save Rosenthal.

JUDGE HANEN SPEAKING:  He says the evidence shows Rosenthal and his firm were at the epicenter of this mess. He is noting how Limas and Solis tried to rectify some of their conduct - unlike Rosenthal.

Rosenthal gets 20 years for each count to run concurrently.


Unless Judge Hanen is prepared to go well into the night, sentencing may be tomorrow. 

He should have turned on every judge he has corrupted.  Maybe after a couple of years in prison he may decide it is time to sing.

The court found the hugging of Solis does not constitute obstruction of justice.  What they are doing is going through a long and drawn out process of deciding his sentencing.  An obstruction charge would have added 2 points to the calculation. [Don't worry no one really understands the point system - but it is key to the sentencing]  Points were added on based on the amount of damages caused to the various defendants in the personal injury cases.  pronouncing sentence.

Source:  I am updating from the Valley Morning Star live coverage.  I am at home eating pork ribs with Mac & Cheese


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted, Bobby! Are you sitting there?

Anonymous said...

It is a death sentence only in his mind. What about all the innocent people he stole money from? Was not the miscarriage of justice a
death sentence for them ? Do you see them crying to the courts and
press? This door swings both
ways. His sentence is a message
to all the rest out there in our
corrupted legal sysyem. Do the crime, run the risk of paying the
time. Is it worth it?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your diligence, Montoya has it going over to Wednesday.

BobbyWC said...

He also had to retract his bogus story about the check and Erin Garia - from day one she just paid for the bond with her brother. Think about how stupid the story is - how big can the commission be on $50.00