Friday, December 20, 2013


Until Dr. Enrique Escobedo announced for District Clerk he was an enigma to me.  He was clearly two different people.  He was a public servant, and he was a businessman with questionable practices.  But once he announced for District Clerk I got it - he lived for public office.  He was not qualified for the job at any level, but he sought it anyway.  This man lived for public office - it is how he defined himself.

When he use to teach at UTB/TSC if you checked instructor reviews he always came up on top with the students.  That is the public servant side of him.  He gave it his all.  I remember trying to register a friend of mine in his anatomy and physiology course and was disappointed to learn he was no longer teaching.  Dr. Escobedo was clearly 2 different men.

At this point all we have is a preliminary report.  Sorry, but I do not take final until we have final.  All indications are it was self inflicted.  But other than that and the fact he was found naked [also being reported by the Herald] we know nothing about the scene.

The BV unlike all of the bloggers has always been very protective of people with mental illness.  It is a quiet killer in part because of the bloggers in Brownsville and the morons who post their ignorant comments on the issue.  People all over the U.S. have been working to make mental illness the next issue to come out of the closet.  Coming out about your mental illness is essential to the coping part of the treatment.  But people fear coming out because of people like the bloggers and the anony's who post their ignorant statements.

If people want to honor Dr. Escobedo, in particular his family, once confirmed it was suicide they should create a public campaign for people to not be ashamed of their clinical depression or other forms of mental illness.  This would be a wonderful way to honor Dr. Escobedo.  I have always been about redemption and would much rather have Brownsville remember him for helping this cause of coming out of the closet of mental illness than anything negative.

Everyone I have spoken with who was at Carlos Marin's Christmas party says he was fine.  But like I said with people who are at peace with their decision to move on, are actually quiet calm when they commit suicide.

If it is a suicide, because he lived for politics and elective office, he had to have believed he was done in politics.  It is never healthy for people to put all of their apples in one basket.  People every day leave public office after being voted out, and move on.  They move on because they do not define themselves by holding public office.  When Dr. Escobedo announced for District Clerk I finally understood he defined himself through public office.  There is nothing wrong with loving public office and public service.  But if you define yourself through public office and come to believe your time is up, it can be devastating.

For now, all I can say is, if you want to bring meaning to the end of his journey with us, encourage people with mental illness to come out of the closet so that we can stop the stigma associated with mental illness.  You need to denounce those who make light of mental illness and use it as a weapon.

If in fact Dr. Escobedo was suffering from some form of depression I am convinced he would be with us today if he had felt he could openly talk about it and use his own experience as an educational tool for the community.


Anonymous said...

"He was not qualified for the job at any level. . ."

This there qualifications for elected public services at certain levels? If so, please explain.

BobbyWC said...

While I would much rather talk about educating people about mental illness and there is no shame in it, your questions is fair.

He has no experience in the legal field, in the functions of the district clerk - but most importantly in managing that many people.

A top manager who has experience in managing that many people with years of real management experience could possibly succeed.

But he had none of this - helping with his brothers company is hardly the level of management experience needed for this job - that coupled with a lack of experience in the function of the district clerk or legal experience made his choice simply bad.

Now had he sought county commissioner, that is more of a policy job wherein you can study the issues and models other counties used to move forward.

Obviously some people felt he had everything needed to succeed at District Clerk - but his lack of experience in the legal field along with large management responsibilities would have been a big issue in the campaign

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Beside Neida Ruth, what candidates for the office has had the experience of managing a large department (at least 25 or more people). I would say none that I know. Not that I am saying that the candidate are not qualified but the job does not have requirements for those seeking the position. It is a position where a candidate which has the most popular vote wins regardless of his or her knowledge in the legal field or personnel management.

BobbyWC said...

It really saddens me this is the discussion coming from this post - but a popular vote does not mean someone is qualified.

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

Please have respect for him and our other brothers and sisters who have passed. I pray that Jesus enters your heart through this prayer, Amen. My prayers are also with the Escobedo family.