Saturday, December 28, 2013


While NY is always fun, it is always nice to be home. Monday I have breaking news. Just because I was away does not mean my phone did not ring and emails were not sent. Separate from the breaking news will be the story of the complications in the Escobedo investigation. I hope the Escobedo family will take my recommendation and demand the investigation is pulled from the BPD and put into the hands of the Texas Rangers.  The mistakes are extraordinary.

Luck was with me on my return.  As can be expected during the holidays the flights are overbooked.  After arriving at LaGuardia United asked if I would switch to Newark because they were overbooked.  I got $200.00, a free ride to Newark, and a nonstop to Houston which I did not have out of  LaGuardia.  I still got in at 10:10 p.m. - so there was no impact on my arrival.

Once on the plane because I helped the flight attendant with a senior, she comped my meal.  The pilot ended up comping every one's Direct TV because of problems with the system.

Mind you my ticket only cost $10.00 to begin with because I have lots of miles.

See ya, Monday - and I promise some breaking news