Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I am running between meetings - I got the billing today and the most remarkable thing is, everything in the billing is public record. The decision to seek an AG Opinion was done in bad faith. The only thing I see is verification they were negotiating leasing City Plaza to UTB. Other than that everything is unremarkable. I am still waiting on another AG opinion related to this issue and the city and one related to TSC.


Anonymous said...

What is the fallout for bad faith stalling ?

BobbyWC said...

At this time in legal terms - none - but Tony Martinez through his conduct brought unnessasary bad bad coverage for Diane Dillard and the city.

I believe the AG is growing tired of Cameron county and its political offices. If every county were to handle open records requests as the entities in Cameron county the AG would have to hire a lot more lawyers - there is a clear abuse of the process - sooner than later the AG is going to issue an opinion which is going to cause significant damage to the political entities playing the game

Bobby wC