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Ernie Hernandez has retained Corpus Christi criminal defense counsel Tony Canales.  Unlike Ed Cyg who has to worry about retaliation from Saenz, Tony Canales would love nothing more than to take down Luis Saenz, assuming the evidence justifies same.


The San Antonio Express News, along with the Brownsville Voice has verified that the District Clerk  cannot charge a fee for a 72 hour waiver.  Louis Sorola has taken no action to stop the practice, and if we are to believe Montoya Sorola willfully paid the fee. 

Second, Louis Sorola claims that Judge Erin Garcia signed orders without legal authority.  He then turns to Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez and duped her into signing orders over which she had no jurisdiction.  A judge cannot retroactively sign a 72 hour waiver, or a declaration of rights without a named defendant.  There must be a justiciable controversy before the court has jurisdiction.

From the Texas Supreme Court:  "And, as the court of appeals acknowledged, for a controversy to be justiciable, there must be a real controversy between the parties." 

On Monday I will make clear to Judge Cornejo-Lopez that in my opinion she was duped by Sorola.  She will have until Wednesday to void any order she signed or face a mandamus and a complaint to the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  I am certain Louis Sorola will find himself on the wrong side of favor with every judge in Cameron county. 


I use the term constructive because the link between all of the parties in terms of acting in concert with one another is still being developed for the criminal complaint.  There is clearly a criminal conspiracy to take down the Hernandez family.  What is not clear is each of the actors are necessarily acting in direct concert with one another.

LUIS SAENZ - DA who has made it clear to several people he will settle the score with anyone who supported Carlos Masso.  I have no problem taking a lie detector test on Cris Valadez's  statement on this issue and the threat from Luis Saenz to Cris Valadez.

Gus Garza - ADA who prosecuted the Raul Salazar case.  County Commissioner Ernie Hernendez lead the battle to deny Guz Garza's wife the major raise she was demanding while the other county employees essentially got nothing. Gus Garza and his wife are the face of greed in Cameron County, and truly live off the public tit - he and his wife earn significantly more than anything earned by Ernie Hernandez - another fact Montoya will never publish.

Ismael Hinojosa - ADA with Gus Garza in the Raul Salazar case.  Remember Gus Garza in closing said "the Defendant Ernie Hernandez."  Ismael Hinojosa is working to elect Alex Dominguez and defeat Ernie Hernandez.  [Side note - my sources within DA Saenz office have confirmed that Zeke Silva will return to the DA's office after the election.  Saenz saw a potential problem with his employee working to defeat Ernie Hernandez at the same time Saenz was seeking to prosecute Ernie Hernandez.  Unfortunately he could not force Gus Garza and Ismael Hinojosa out also - their individual opposition to Ernie Hernandez will be a major part of any criminal investigation.]

David Garcia - witness in the Raul Salazar case whose testimony is the subject of the perjury allegation which will be reviewed by Justice Hinojosa.  Key to this is what Gus Garza and Ismael Hinojosa knew about the truth and when.   When the hearing is had concerning the perjury both need to be subpoenaed to produce any and all documents provided to them by David Garcia concerning the changes in HR.  These documents or David Garcia's testimony could lead to charges of subordination of perjury by Gus Garza, Ismael Hinojosa and Jonathan Gracia

Jonathan Gracia - counsel for David Garcia during the investigation and at the time of trial of Raul Garcia.  On November 22, Montoya published one of his many posts filled with lies and stated that Jonathan along with Begum will run against Erin Garcia.  As of close of business last week neither had filed the proper paperwork to start a campaign.  It is lost on no one that Jonathan Gracia is telling people he intends to run against Judge Erin Garcia at the same time his client is changing his testimony at the trial of Raul Salazar.  This is not disputed.  David Garcia admitted he was changing his testimony from that previously given to the investigator.  At the same time this is happening with his client Jonathan Gracia is announcing he wants to run against Judge Erin Garcia.

But once the allegation of perjury broke out against his client David Garcia, Jonathan Gracia broke ranks and started to tell people the entire story about him running was a lie by Montoya and that the people who tried to recruit him were told in no uncertain terms he had no interest in challenging Judge Erin Garcia.  The time to distance himself from the claim was before the truth about his client's alleged perjured testimony came out. 

Jonathan Gracia needs to be subpoenaed to the perjury hearing to produce any and all documents he or his client provided to the DA's office concerning the changes in HR.  There is no attorney client privilege issue.  Second, if the document showed Juan Gonzales is the one who put the matter on the agenda it proves they all knew about the perjury and allowed it to happen, and it is an exculpatory document which ADA Gus Garza failed to produce to Raul Salazar's counsel.  Such an act provides for contempt of court and loss of his law license.   See BV Article Incarcerating DA's

Until the November 22nd post by Montoya the only thing out there about Jonathan Gracia was a pathetic attempt by Montoya to claim Gracia was trying to buy influence with City Commissioner Debbie Portillo by donating money to her campaign.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE, but too much and my readers will stop reading - more on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Im having problems distinguishing which one is the bull :/

Anonymous said...

Im having problems distinguishing which one is the bull :/

Anonymous said...

I think there is an attempt to bring down the Hernandez clan(don't care for them). These players want to purge our city of this plague to cleanse themselves of all the evil things they themselves are doing. So they are using the Hernandez clan to yell to the world that they are honest God fearing people. But just look at the players and they themselves are riddled with shameful behavior. It is beyond believe.
The tide is turning and many of us are rooting for the underdogs whether we like them or not. This is Brownsville but we are not as stupid as some would like to believe.
No nos gusta una bola de montoneros hipocritas.
You are doing a great job,Bobby.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, if you look at Zeke Silva's facebook page you will see that this picture of Luis Saenz was taken while he was riding a bull with Zeke Silva and his son apparently celebrating his son's birthday. These two are in crazy cahoots with each other.

Anonymous said...

What SA Express article are you referring to? Can't find it. Can you please post it for your readers?

Anonymous said...

All of this BS is the pot calling the kettle black. Vote them all out. Every one. Baby with the bathwater. To hell with it.

Anonymous said...

DA's wiping his ass with State law. The Heralds article, no matter how you feel about 8 liners or the like, exposes the lack of respect Saenz has for the law. He is trying to excude certain coin operated machines that"he" deems shady frome state occupations code 2153. He should be made to enforce all of the law or absolutely none of it. Either enforce the permit fees for all coin operated machines or don't. I hope the ACLU gets involved. Next will be pool tables because people may be wagering on a friendly game of pool. If the county lets him do this they are complicit and I hope face a class action suit and hopefully scrutiny from the ACLU

Anonymous said...

Your stance on 8 liners is irrelevant. It is a matter of principle! Thc county has no standing to have a say in state statues or codes. As far as o know the state still issues permits for these machines. Who does he think he is to circumvent the state? Its just more typical abuse of power

BobbyWC said...

You miss the greater point - Saenz sees it as campaign issue - abuse of power people know lemmings will always follow them right over the abyss

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Saenz never campaigned on this. He told people he didn't care about them. He campaigned on straightening out the office and bringing back public trust. He is accountable for his actions, which have proved that he can do neither. Besides he's not running again. He wants think he's the great Savior that can do as he wishes with his servants. "Supposedly" a changed man (now Christian and not chasing tail). Whatever, IMO he's a hypocrite and because of having no moral compass is reaping what he's sown. Personally and publicly God will judge him