Wednesday, December 11, 2013

AMBER, "before I be a slave to your Plantation Democratic Politics, I will be buried in my grave" BWC 


She has demanded Oscar X, Garcia return to his donors all money donated to his campaign as a Democrat now that he has chosen to run as a Republican.  First of all, with a DINOLINO like Amber Medina running the Cameron County Democrat Party why would anyone of honor want to be a Democrat.

The essence of Amber's message is we should renounce the command of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to judge people based on the content of their character.  To a lawyer I have been told Oscar X. Garcia is serving the people well.  I will vote based on the content of a person's character before I even consider the words of a DINOLINO like Amber Medina.

Amber Medina who is as ignorant as they come fails to understand that bigotry is rooted in the notion that everyone within any group is bad.  The very notion of labels promotes bigotry.  This is lost on Amber Medina.  She is a shameful DINOLINO who should resign to allow real Democrats to restore integrity and honor to the Cameron County Democratic Party.

Her Facebook post on the issue is shameful.

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Her are some facts for Amber - Texas is an open primary state - this means there are no card carrying Democrats or Republicans.  You cannot make up all of the lies in the world Amber and they will not become truth.  Or you are so poorly educated that you do not even know Texas is an open primary state with no Party Affiliation by card.

Amber refuses to denounce Alex Dominguez and his homophobic campaign treasurer.

Amber refuses to denounce Yolanda Begum for lying on her Democratic Pledge form.

Amber is a DINOLINO with no respect for the true values of the Democratic Party.  She is about who will bring money to her faux Democratic Party.

Here are my posts to the Democratic Party Facebook - in the event she chooses to delete them.

"This is total BS and a con by Amber - I have fought for gay rights since 1983 long before it was fashionable and Democrats would not even speak to us. I stood with the Mexican American Democrats and represented them pro bono at the request of Raza founder of Jose Angel Gutierrez. The Democrat Party of Cameron county is an institution of corruption - it is that simple.

I would rather vote for Oscar Garcia who has proven he will serve the people than anyone claiming to be a Democrat.

Amber is playing games - Yolanda Begum lied in her pledge as a Democrat - after losing she endorsed the Republican - why is this okay with Amber? - oh yea her son has money for the party.

Democrats believe in free speech - Amber and her buddy Alex Begum do not - Amber is a DINOLINO without any respect for the people. You do not own us. True Democrats denounce those who try silence speech. this woman is being charged with a crime for calling Faux Democrat Yolanda Begum a fake - DA Saenz has alleged the language is obscene - what is obscene is that Amber claims to be a Democrat.  

For Amber rules do not matter for those who give her faux democratic party money. Alex Begum gave the single largest donation to Saenz and Saenz charges an innocent woman with criminal conduct The ACLU is on this - true Democrats do not oppose the ACLU - but for enough money to her faux party Amber will - Until Cameron County rids itself of faux corrupt fake Democrats like Amber good people will not be part of the Democratic Party or give it money. One standard Amber - not two.

Amber, Alex Dominguez's campaign manager has posted and continues to post endless homophobic statements to the Internet - when will you stand up for the gay and lesbian community? - never because you are a DINOLINO

Judge Garcia's point is well taken and the proof is in Amber Medina - Chair of the Cameron County Democratic Party - she is about money and not values or the people. Here is your proof - and not mere words -

Yolanda Begum ran as a Democrat and when she lost the primary openly campaigned for the Republican - she signed a pledge to support the Democrat - she lied - but according to Amber Medina this is okay so long as Yolanda's son keeps the money coming to the Democrats - It is a black and white double standard.

Alex Dominguez through his campaign manager is running homophobic posts on the Internet - as a Democrat this is okay with Amber Mediina - please there is no Democratic Party in Cameron County - it is an institution of corruption and if you do not support it they will trash you and defame you.

Dr. King told us to judge people based on the content of their character and not labels - Amber Medina rebukes Dr. King and demands we vote based on labels. Amber would have us continue to support the corrupt and inept judges based on mere labels. How does this serve we the people? - it does not - it merely serves the bank account of her criminal enterprise - the Cameron County Democratic Party.


Anonymous said...

ACLU needs to be looking at the DAS office trying to:
*Possibly suppress evidence in several cases that had questionable prosecutorial behavior.
*Charge advisories with questionable BS crimes
*continue to use the DAS office as a law "enforcement" arm instead of a prosecutorial arm
*try to change or apply certain "parts and pieces" of Texas law, instead of upholding State law
*attacking people who campaigned against him by threats
* Villalobos must be proud! His protege, I mean "SPECIAL" prosecutor for 8 years. Everyone in Villalobos' office is culpable for allowing abuse of our legal system for years. How many people will the ACLU take down if they investigate? I hope they're made aware of the Dec 19th executive meeting with commissioners court to force the Tax Assesors office to only allow certain coin op machines permits. Not allowing items covered under Texas Occupations code 2153 to revive county stickers but allowing which machines he wants to allow from the state statue. ACLU please come help us. We are a poor uneducated society being taken advantage of by elitist politicians. Not to mention the numerous Pro Brownsville groups like United Brownsville rigging the deals to line their pockets in the near future

Anonymous said...

Amber is just doing what Gilberto Hinojosa and his moronic wife Cindy Hinojosa ask her to. We can not blame Gilberto and Cindy for Amber's actions though. The voters had already gotten rid of the cancer that is Gilberto and Cindy Hinojosa. The one that is to blame for his reserection is Syvia Perez Garza. The voters put her in as the new Democratic Party Chair, only to have someone wash her empty head with illusions of grander and have her run for County Judge, giving the Democratic Party right back to Gilberto and Cindy Hinojosa.

The moronic Sylvia Perez Garza then falls formanGilberto Hinojosa plan, and moves from running for County Judge to County Clerk to accommodate the hand picked candidate for County Judge, Joe Rivera. The irony here is that Sylvia Perez Garza, in her hatred for Gilbert and Cindy Hinojosa, was blinded by the Gilberto Hijnojosa scheme...and she fell right for it like a moron.

So do not blame Amber Bobby,...that distinction goes to Sylvia Perez Garza.

BobbyWC said...

So Amber writes the letter and it;s Sylvia's fault - beyond surreal

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is Sylvia's fault that Amber was there to write the letter in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Can candidates that raise money while in an elected position, like Joe Rivera for instance, can he use the money he raised while he was County Clerk to run for County Judge?

I believe that Enrique Escobedo could not use the money he raised while a BISD trustee to run for county commissioner the last time.


BobbyWC said...

A fair and good question - I am working on today's post but I will take a quick break to see what I can learn - I know the federal rules are a lot easier on this issue - but I do not know the state rules - I will see what I can learn

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Here is the Answer from the Texas Ethics Office.

The answer is with the exception of judicial races the candidates can move the money around for a different race.


If a candidate has a campaign treasurer appointment on file with one filing authority and wishes to accept campaign contributions or make campaign expenditures in connection with a candidacy for an office that would require reporting to a different filing authority, the candidate must file a new campaign treasurer appointment and a copy of the old campaign treasurer appointment (certified by original authority) with the second filing authority. The candidate should also provide written notice to the original filing authority that future reports will be filed with another authority. In general, funds accepted in connection with one office may be used in connection with a campaign for a different office, as long as neither of the offices is a judicial office."

Anonymous said...

WTF will our system ever be free of corrupt politicians?