Thursday, December 5, 2013


In issue after issue the AG ruled that the city failed to prove the documents are protected by attorney client privilege. Here is the absurdity of the city's objections - they claimed attorney client privilege for even the subject of the projects she worked on. In my part of the briefing to the AG I sent publicly filed documents signed by Diane Dillard on behalf of the city.  If the documents are publicly filed how can they be subject to attorney client privilege.

The AG did say some comments in her billing would be subject to attorney client privilege.  Sometime lawyers will state in their billing specific acts they performed which would be subject to attorney client privilege -example "tt [talked to] John Doe and sd city would agree to special provisions xyz if John Doe would agree to abc"

I do not yet have any documents.  Tony Martinez can call a special meeting to have the commission vote on whether to sue the AG to stop the release.  Tony Martinez can delay this for a year if he can get three other members of the commission to go along with him.  I have no idea what he will do.

I have pending another request related to the same issue with the AG.  In that case the city acknowledged the request but did not so much as file any objection.  The same for TSC - President Lilly Tercero eventually hired a Dallas law firm to represent TSC.  They sent me a letter, but not the AG,  telling me of their intent to object.  It was long past due.  I requested an enforcement action against both the city and TCS for the documents wherein they simply ignored the request.

I have another one with the city wherein they have simply ignored the request.  Today I will seek an enforcement action against the city.  The AG is going to tire of the city of Brownsville fast.

I also have pending an AG opinion as to whether or not DA Saenz has to release personnel complaints against Zeke Silva.

I have never lost an AG Opinion - eventually I get the basic documents I am seeking.  But I may be due for a loss.

Yesterday I also received notice from the Texas Ethics Commission that my complaints against Cata Presas-Garcia, Alex Dominguez and Pete Avila remain under investigation.

As soon as I get the documents from the city I will post them.  I have no idea what they will reveal.  Once I get them it could be a bust.  But I will copy to the AG whatever the city sends me and ask that they verify that the city met the order of the AG.  I do not trust Sossi to comply with the order.  The AG will not be happy if they determine Sossi withheld documents ordered disclosed.

Guys, I have a busy day at the VA - I have to take a veteran who needs help.  It is interesting to me how not just at the VA but everywhere if you do not ask the right question you will not get help.  Earlier in the week I helped a veteran with a medical issue which has been ongoing since August 1, 2013.  The problem was no big deal, but no doctor would help him because he did not know how to phrase the problem.  I went with him.  We now know the problem and how to fix it.  It bothers me how many professionals from police detectives to medical professionals will let a problem go unresolved rather than ask a probing question.

I have worked with detectives at the BPD who will not such much as look up the elements of a crime before investigating.  If you do not know the elements of a crime how do you ask the right questions of the witnesses?  I now know I have to bring the criminal statute with me and force the detective to read it - otherwise they will enter their investigation blindfolded. 

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