Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Fools' Paradise. Painted 1567
 Pieter Brueghel the Elder c.1530 - 1569

The 1968 Democratic Party Convention riots lead to reforms within the Party to make the Primary Process more transparent.  This initially lead to the disaster of the 1972 Convention.  We fought for reform to open the process to not only more transparency in the selection process but also debate of hot button issues such as abortion and gay rights.

The people have a duty to be  diligent in defense of their rights.  In the 60's the students protested for a greater voice on campus.  They took control of the bookstores with the profits helping to run the Student Union.  Over time as the students grew lazy and complacent, they gave up their book stores to major retailers and the costs of books and student services fees went up.

Several years ago the Texas Democratic Chair openly endorsed Barbara Radnofsky for the US Senate before the primary vote.  Complaints to the State Party forced his resignation.  We did not fight for these rule changes to have party operatives run roughshod over them.

The state and county Democrat parties are in a mess.  I am calling the November election for Judge Cascos.  Joe Rivera and Gilberto Hinojosa simply fail to understand just how disliked Hinojosa is in Cameron county.  SPI and Port Isabel will provide a large chunk of the vote against Joe Rivera.  The best candidate the Democrats could have run is Dan Sanchez.  I actually interviewed Dan Sanchez a month or so ago.  You can say what you want about him - I defy anyone to produce a clean name - but this guy has studied other counties to see how they brought about economic development while putting the greater economic development focus at the county level.  It has worked.  He provided me a clear vision which showed an understanding of Cameron county, it resources and what needs to get done to make Cameron county an economic engine.  In my mind his only flaw is, he gave it up on demand  from Gilberto Hinojosa.

When it comes to judges I have always voted for the incumbent if they are a good judge, political party affiliation.  If it is true that Oscar X Garcia has changed parties to Republican, I will vote for him.  You do not vote out a good judge because of party affiliation.  I will try and verify if in fact he is now running as a Republican. His Facebook page show no party affiliation.

The March Primaries will leave the Democratic Party at both the state and local level fractured.  Depending what comes out from the Villalobos discussions with the DOJ, the Democrats could find themselves in a lot of trouble come November. 

The Cameron County Democrats have made it official that you can run as a Democrat during the primaries but then endorse the Republican come November.  I think we are going to see a lot of the losing Democrats endorsing several Republicans come November.  You cannot ignore your rules and then bitch when things go bad because of no rules.

Let the Party of Fools begin.


Anonymous said...

To us on this side of the fence it seems that ANYONE that gives you the time of day or interview is the best candidate in your eyes. There is so many candidates that you have never even met but are quick to judge based on what rumors and what other people tell you of them. Just like DPM. If he send 5 basic questions thru facebook and the person answers him the way he wants them to they are the best thing since slice bread. This does not mean they are bad candidates because you interviewed them but to pass judgment only because they gave some of their time doesn't mean they are good candidates. IMO

P.S. Dan cut a deal with Joe Rivera to run for county judge and he will stay as commissioner. Don't be played Bobby it is about getting the 4 votes. That is the only reason Dan didn't run for County Judge and waited until the last minute to announce re-election. Sylvia cut deals with them as well. Don't just rely on the Hernandez feeding you incorrect information. If you want people to really trust you then quit with I interviewed so and so and he is a good candidate. Trust me there is more people would want to tell you but you keep posting the IP address.

BobbyWC said...

Your post is without merit - how do you know I did not interview other people. I never mentioned my interview with Dan because I wanted to wait to see if he announced. He had to wait to avoid resigning.

My post is very clear he caved to Hinojosa - Hinjosa wanted Rivera - of course there was a deal - that is the point. What does this have to do with the Hernandez family? you are obsessed with them.

Dan did not run because he listend to Hinojosa - Hinojosa wanted Joe Rivera - Joe will be a one term county judge and then others will run.

What you are saying happened happened at the hands of HInojosa cutting the deals exactly as you outlined them.

I learned a long time ago to not go public with all of my interviews. The deal elected officials cut with me is to give me the interview so long as I do not mention their name.

They help to guide my stories - a document says a lot more than an interview - I care about the documents

Bobby WC