Sunday, November 10, 2013


He has verified rumors he is no longer with the DA's office.  He did a copy and paste everyone forced out of a job uses - "to spend more time with my family.'  It has become so trite that it has no meaning.

DA Saenz driven to silence his critics has ordered Melissa Zamora, his public information officer, to not provide any information to the BV which his office is putting out as public information.  Months ago I was taken off the list for press releases.  I refused to be DA Saenz's propaganda piece so I was removed from the list.

It says a lot about DA Saenz that he so fears me he orders his public information officer to boycott releasing public information to the Brownsville Voice.

Zeke Silva could not speak the truth if his life depended on it.

The BV runs from nothing and is document driven.  What Zeke, Saenz and Dominguez fail to realize, all devoid of even the minimum knowledge of the law, is how close they are to litigation.  Texas has recognized publishing a truth in a deceptive manner forms a basis for defamation.  Defamation per se is accusing someone of a felony conviction when in fact they do not have one.  That demand letter is done.  Just waiting to verify the insurance coverage on his company so I can send it.

Dominguez should not be fearing me - he should be fearing the lawyers accusing him of criminal conduct.  Saenz is protecting him.  But I suspect sooner than later Saenz will no longer be able to protect Dominguez.  On this one I am working only behind the scenes.   We are probably 6 months from a final resolution.

Saenz is so ignorant he believes Zeke's and Montoy's lies that Melissa Zamora has been a source for inside information for me.  It never happened.  But because Saenz is beyond ignorant he will never see who is in fact providing me inside information.  And Vindictive Luis Saenz, this person does not fear you.  If you fire them they will be on the courthouse steps with a  full-press court and their lawyer taking you down with real litigation, and not the sort filed by Sorola. You have far too many staff members who want the FBI to take you out in handcuffs to stop the flood of information coming out our your office.


Every lawyer knows, the right to practice law in any federal court has nothing to do with practicing law in state court.  Lawyers from all over the US practice law in federal courts in Texas without the permission of the State of Texas.  In fact the State of Texas has no jurisdiction over this issue.  This is settled Supreme Court law.  Law lost on the inept and incompetent DA Luis Saenz and his monkey friends.

"The short of it is that disbarment by federal courts does not automatically flow from disbarment by state courts."

See Theard v. U.S.

For some time my law practice was limited to federal court.  Federal Judge Sydney Fitzwater admonished the State of Texas in open court for trying to interfere with who can and cannot practice law in the federal courts.  Texas tried to stop me from practicing law in federal court under numerous federal admissions.  Such as is the case in Cameron county when the State could not get what it wanted, it placed a case against me in Judge Nancarrow's court for practicing law in federal court, something state courts have no jurisdiction over.  Judge Nancarrow was admonished by the bar for his conduct in my case through his overwhelming defeat in the next election.  He openly defied the admonitions of federal judge Sydney Fitzwater.

I was arrested for practicing law in federal court.  Something the federal courts acknowledge was my right at the time.  I was held without bail -unconstitutional by the way.  I was denied the right to represent myself.  The officer in the Waco shootings was allowed to represent himself.  I was given a lawyer who after failing to attend court as ordered immediately tried to have me committed to a mental institution.  The court appointed psychiatrist wrote a very strongly worded response which angered Judge Nancarrow so Judge Nancarrow would not give me a trial date.  I consulted with David Lopez, now family law judge who I proudly supported for the position, and we devised a way for me to plead guilty but to win on appeal.

The second the State realized they were in trouble, they opposed me representing myself.  The first attorney appointed for my appeal was a named partner in the firm coming after me.  After a complaint with the State Bar he withdrew.  The second attorney refused to work the case and the appeal was actually dismissed for want of prosecution.  Even with this the court denied me my constitutional right of self representation.  I nonetheless filed a brief raising the issues.  The court rejected my brief in  favor of the court appointed attorney who refused to raise the fact I was legally practicing law in federal court at the time, citing the above case, and the other appellate issues which made for an easy win.

Yes, Zeke, I am document driven, and anyone can check the official record and see the truth.  But you Zeke, have no conscience and cannot speak the truth.  You have no moral compass which guides you other than your silly belief that you can sin 24/7 but be saved because you call Jesus your Savior.  Sorry to inform you Zeke my man, but it does not work that way.  If there is a hell, you have a special reservation.


BobbyWC said...

It is being brought to my attention that Saenz verified all of the criminal complaints against Zeke Silva and realized he would have to request an attorney pro tem to prosecute Zeke if Zeke still worked for him.

Saenz seems to be of the opinion now that Zeke has resigned he will not have to seek an attorney pro tem. Yea, he is wrong. Saenz will hang himself if he refuses the attorney pro tem and then dismisses the charges against Zeke Silva

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This is interesting news, but why did he resign? What was the real reason. Don't tell me it is because of some desire to be with his family. Something had to have happened. Do you know what it was?

BobbyWC said...

First, let me explain something - the mere fact numberous people have filed criminal complaints against Zeke does not mean a crime has occurred. In Texas Internet harassment is behind the rest of the country and at times what little law there is, is impossible to prosecute.

Obviously Vindictive Dick Luis Saenz believes calling someone a fake violates the law in terms of what you post on the internet.

This became a problem for him. In cases like Zeke's I believe the most the police would do is forward the complaint and evidence to Saenz and leave a decision to his office. All of the women who have filed against Zeke are aware of the Josefina Fisher case. This put Saenz in an impossible position that he is prosecuting Josefina for something which is not obscene but then refuses to prosecute Zeke for truly offensive comments.

I would note the new fake Facebook page people believe belongs to him he set up the day he resigned - asssuming it is his page. He has not posted on the page since the BV raised the issue of it being another fake Zeke page.

I think he became too hot. DA Saenz verified through my open records requests employees filed complaints against Zeke. It could be some employees just reach the point they were going to quit if Zeke stayed.

I have no idea.

We all know how flat George w. Bush's claim of Mission Accomplishg fell

That made me laugh- Way too funny

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

BWC, if he resigned because things became too hot, I want to THANK YOU. You have NEVER let the people down. This man was terrorizing a slew of women who could not protect themselves, and YOU alone were the only one who stepped up to defend them an their children.

BobbyWC said...

but I am tired - I officially have hypothalamatic disfunction resuling in among other things secondary hypogonadism - meaning no testosterone, and no sperm.

See great article

The hypoganadism is easy to live with - I have no intentions of having children and they can replace the testosterone - it is everything else associated - some days are 4 hour naps - I will go 2 days without eating because I may sleep that much.

The blog is actually fun for me - so I keep it going - although I really do not want to be involved in the elections come January other than providing free advertising for all of the candidates.

The candidates need to fall or succeed on their own. No one is clean - which is a big point of mine. I want to know about qualifications and ideas. I would not vote against Mary Esther Garcia because of just the TEC findings - no one is clean. I want the most qualified candidate in the position of JP - I am hoping a retired lawyer may jump into the race.

The BV may slow down because I am slowing down a lot.

For the record I do not believe the BV had anything to do with Zeke leaving the DA's office. My sources are telling me his presence became a big distraction for Saenz so in the great tradition of George W. Bush it was decided Mission Accomplished

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

First thing Luis Saenz does right!!!!!! Zeke probably resigned before they told him he was fired.... The women might have the last laugh after all..

BobbyWC said...

No one can accuse me of being a Zeke defender - but normally there is no firing threat - people sit down have an honest conversation about the distractions and problems and decide moving on is best for everyone. That is probably what happened - remember they are friends

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Yes it was probably decided it was best for both of them. Now Mr. Saenz has to be careful Zeke doesn't backstabbing him because that is what he does when people disagree with him .

Anonymous said...

Too Late Zeke already caused too much damage for Luis Saenz. How in his right mind did Luis Saenz hire Zeke??????????????

Anonymous said...

First, this is great news! It was way overdue. Whether he resigned or was terminated don't really matter as long as he is out of there. Second, I believe you are right in your previous statement. He was an employee and his campaign manager. Obviously, there is a conflict here. Saenz should recuse himself and have a judge appoint an attorney pro tem. As a matter of fact, there should be attorney pro tems appointed to prosecute Gilman's step daughters thievery of county funds and his nephews intoxication assault with a motor vehicle and tampering with evidence charges. Clearly there are conflicts in both of those cases. There have been others like the woman who had the manslaughter case dismissed by Gilman when Saenz was the defense attorney for her. Where is the justice to the victims there? Saenz is back to the same old politics just like before when he was DA twenty years ago.