Sunday, November 17, 2013


Apparently Valley Central ran an interview they did with me after the Salazar trial.

Let's look to Zeke's lies.  "The guy that ran to the camera to get interviewed is no other than Bobby Whitman Cervantes blogger of the Brownsville Voice. He has been defending Ernie Hernandez and Raul Salazar since day one. 

Oh, it's printed and going to his insurance company as further evidence of his malice.

First the reporter will verify I was heading to the elevator when she called out to me and asked if I would give a statement.  I did not run to the reporter.  The reporter will verify this.  Zeke was not there - but hey when you believe you are "saved" you are free to lie with impunity.

Second, Zeke cannot copy and paste one statement I have ever made defending Raul Salazar or Ernie Hernandez related to this trial.  This kind of proves to me it has been Zeke I spent part of Sunday debating with.

And Zeke, you know who my other witness is that I did not run to the camera, Juan Montoya - they stopped him also.  Anyone can view the video and see I condemned the entire thing as stupid.  Not one word defending anything they did.  You know why they used my quote and not Montoya's because I know enough to speak in soundbites, which is what they need.

The following sentence by Zeke is not only a lie, it makes no sense.  "They have accused us of being women haters because they bullied women and employees to do illegal actions with fear of retaliation of losing their jobs."   No Zeke the multiple police reports against you by women claiming Internet harassment, this above post, your anti-gay posts - your posts under your fake Facebook account are why people believe you have problems with women.

One woman at the proceedings I approached and asked if it were true she had had a run in with you and she must have assumed I was going to defend you because in her anger she came at me with the "F" word.  I had to explain I was not defending you. 

And what proof do you have Ernie Hernandez or Raul Salazar harassed any of these women?  None - Dalia was going to tell the entire truth, and your buddy Guz Garza would not let her testify.  Carmen testified Ernie and Raul had nothing to so with it and it was all Robert Lopez.

But then I guess when you believe you are saved you can lie. 

If Alex Dominguez has to hire a convict (correction convicted person who has not made amends through his conduct), and pathological homophobic liar to run his campaign, what does that tell the community about Alex Dominguez?

Hey, Alex you might want to consult a real lawyer - If I can show he is defaming me as your campaign manager - you too can be brought into the litigation.  I can provide you the name of a view competent lawyers if you want.


Anonymous said...

"Carmen testified Ernie and Raul had nothing to so with it and it was all Robert Lopez."

You let this comment stand naked. I assume you thin it is true.

Zeke is not a convict. He is an ex-convict best I know. There is a difference, is there not?

Kind of like you saying you are a lawyer when you are an ex-lawyer.

BobbyWC said...

That was her testimony. But like everyone at the trial - they all had different stories at different times if you are to believe the signed statements which were not their testimony at the trial.

Roberto Cadriel signed a statement it was Robert Lopez - at trial he changed it to Raul Salazar.

For semantic purposes I will say ex convict - but he has a conviction.

And not that facts matter when he ran for office then and now my position remains the same. His conviction should not decide if he can hold public office - we the people should decide. I did a lot of pro bono work on the Rubio case on this issue and I stand by my position - a felony conviction should not bar someone from running for public office.

If we the people consider it important then we will make that decision. But there are a lot of very good people who are convicted felons who have made amends and who would do well in serving the people.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why do you all continue listening to do no wrong ever Zeke Silva????He is a trouble maker plain and simple.... Alex shows just what kind of support he is getting if the only one he could get as a campaign manager is Zeke Silva!!!!!!!!