Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I have received several petitions to demand certain stores not open tomorrow.   People who need to shop tomorrow are not about family or the true meaning of Christmas - they are about their need to consume.  Grocery stores being open until maybe 1 p.m. or so makes sense, since there is always the person who forgot to buy the turkey,  This morning I am checking for everything I need and then making a list of everything I am out of or may run short on.  But I get the idea that some people will forget to buy certain things and will need to run to the grocery store.

Years ago I decided to buy this computer on Black Friday.  I think I got on line at Office Depot at like 8 p.m. on Thursday for a 5 a.m. opening.  I think they only had 5 at the price I was willing to pay.  It was a great deal for 6 GB of operating memory.  Well you know what, the regular sale price 2 weeks later is exactly what I paid for this computer - never again.

It is sad so that we can believe we got a deal, so many of our fellow Americans have to work tomorrow - not much of a message of family.


This is what Bela is getting for Christmas.  It does not fit my normal standard of educational - but she loves to cook and loves to use her imagination.  This picture I do not mind because it is gender neutral and even promotes interracial family.

But as I price around for this product, some pictures only have girls.  I have also learned as is always the case the manufacturer makes different models for different big stores so true comparative shopping is not an option.

When Bela watches her grandfather and I work around my house she likes to help.  She loves to paint.  So while looking at the above product we also looked at the below product.

When I asked her if should would maybe like a workbench like mine, she said "that's for boys."  Bela for some reason has a very strong sense of what is traditionally for boys and what is traditionally for girls.  In my house she uses certain tools with supervision.  She is actually pretty good at painting.  When you shop you will see a lot of products with only boys on the cover or only girls on the cover.  It is sad we are not beyond this point and all products cannot be like the first.


Anonymous said...

Bullshit post, lost all your "sources"?

BobbyWC said...

So because you do not give a crap about the workers mad about having to work tomorrow it is not important?

My sources are fine - the biggest challenge is everyone except for the county is filing objections with the AG to open records requests. I believe I am currently waiting on 7 opinions before I get the documents. I have no control over the AG's office or how fast they work. But I am certan they are not happy with the city, TSC, or BISD just filing objections instead of answering requests.

I am working on three barratry cases - but I have to wait until documents are filed with the police to see what they will do with them. The good news is the State Bar has independent investigation authority with referral to the AG for prosecution so DA Saenz will not be able to protect anyone - especially people running for office.

Also if you knew anything, which you do not - this week readership drops. It serves no purpose to post important stories during a week when readership drops.

Even the national news media drops off on stories during this week - people are shopping and traveling - not readying blogs or watching the news

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

" People who need to shop tomorrow are not about family or the true meaning of Christmas - they are about their need to consume." Thank God somebody knows every ones circumstances and is able to share with us how we should fill about it. I presume you are able to produce the documents to prove up this statement. Oh, hell, forget the documents. Your judgemental nature is enough proof for me.

BobbyWC said...

And you cannot reference one thing someone has to buy tomorrow that cannot wait until Friday - if you were actually paying attention instead of simply trying to post a stupid comment you would have caught a valid counter - pharmacies are important and should be open

Bobby WC