Tuesday, November 19, 2013


So in the JP 2-3 race Mary Esther Garcia agreed to comply with the law and add the word "FOR" to her campaign material after an investigation was opened. Now, with so much advanced notice of the problem comes Pete Avila, who was an elected constable and has run for office many times, and makes the same mistake.

Someone, anyone please tell me, if Raul Salazar commits a misdemeanor crime why is that fact a campaign issue, but the fact Mary Esther Garcia and Pete Avila both of whom have failed to follow the law on this issue are to be given a pass.  An act which is a class A misdemeanor, is not an issue?  The same goes for Alex Dominguez.  Why does Alex Dominguez get to use Raul Salazar's misdemeanor conduct as an issue, but demand people ignore his conduct as just a big nothing?  Here is a clue Alex - the legislature made a law.  It is a class A misdemeanor.  It is a big deal. 

If anyone wants to know who I am going to vote for in the JP 2-3 race.  A retired lawyer - if one decides to get into the race.  I agree with the San Antonio Express News, the legislature needs to change the law and required all new JP's be lawyers.  The currently elected ones would have to be grandfathered in.


Anonymous said...

If leaving out the :For: on these signs is illegal, doesn't that :For: also have to be of a certain size? I think that Martin Arambula's signs the word "For" is not in compliance. It is too small. Can you check it out? Thanks.

BobbyWC said...

For sure the "FOR" can be smaller. The size issue - Iread about and decided it was either two vague or too much work to worry about -

The interesting one is, and I will not be acting on it is, Dan Robles has the "FOR" but not where candidates normally put it.

I personally believe in the case of Dan Robles the TEC would not open an investigation.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The average person in Brownsville is not able to distinguish what the "for" means. Actually, the term does not necessarily indicate that the person does not already hold the office. The only way to do that is to have either the word "reelect" or "not current office holder of this position".

BobbyWC said...

The TEC and court cases beg to differ with your assessment of he meaning

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

Ernie's reelection signs don't say for on them. Why don't you file with the TEC against Ernie. Is Ernie special because he's Ernie?

BobbyWC said...

Desperate, reaching - habe no interest in realilty do we? The charge is claiming to hold an elective office you do not hold. Now pay attention - Ernie is a County Commissioner so he is not claiming to hold an office he does not hold.

I have explained this. But you know what - you have no interest in reality or facts - please just go away and stop reading the BV

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

Your argument is stupid Bobby and Bias. You are only protecting Ernie and won't file on him because he is your sugar daddy at the moment. YOU posted Erin Hernandez kick off party and on her campaign ads she writes Re-Elect Erin Hernandez Garcia FOR Justice of the Peace. Your the idiot two face for only going after the people who don't agree with you, the Hernandez and Erasmo from Brownsville Cheezmeh. We all know how the game is being played and you will lose. Attached is the document because we are document driven. Eat Crow Bobby


BobbyWC said...

I love comments like yours because it proves how driven you are in your ignorance.

Yes, document driven - here is the BV;s post for free ad for Alex Dominguz for his fundraiser - did Ernie pay me to run this free ad for Alex - the BV is running free ads for everyone equally - so the documents show you are full of poo.


As I have explained over and over again for people who can read and comprehend English when you leave out "FPR" it means you are misleading people you hold an office you do not hold.

"In violation of Texas Election Code 255.006 MISLEADING USE OF OFFICE TITLE. In two attachments from his Facebook Page downloaded ... He left out the word "for"

Now, tell me what office Ernie Hernandez is misleading people he holds by leaving out the word "FOR"

I get it, you cannot accept facts or reality and you are driven by a near psychotic hatred of the Hernandez family.

Because you refuse to even consider facts, when facts you may like are handed to you on a silver platter, you cannot see them.

Bobby WC