Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Saenz is the type corrupt public official who just keeps on giving.  He cannot help it.  Corruption and dishonesty runs through his blood.
I filed my complaint on October 21, 2013.  Click for his response dated October 21, 2013.  Saenz staff clearly back dated the letter, but were not smart enough to back date the postage machine.  See below.
The BV has documented that while this complaint was pending Luis Saenz was out drinking with Montoya.  Montoya has no fewer than 4 DWI arrests.  I told my readers Saenz would not do his job.  I do not want to hear he cannot investigate.  He investigates all of the time.  Who better to investigate whether a county employee is being subjected to an extortion scheme other than the DA?
I needed his letter to build my case with the FBI as to why Montoya is 100% protected by Saenz.  Trust me, my criminal complaint is not the only federal and state complaints pending.  On confirmation I know for a fact both state and federal investigators are intentionally keeping Saenz away from anything to do with Montoya.  They know Saenz will take everything to Montoya.  Both federal and state investigators have now built a Chinese Wall around Saenz when it comes to Montoya and Zeke Silva, who is also the target of multiple criminal complaints.  To be clear, I have filed nothing on Zeke Silva.  Apparently a long list of other people have already filed criminal complaints against Zeke Silva.
But you see, if you donate $3,500 to Saenz's campaign after by all accounts he has already won the election, you can get DA Saenz to bring criminal charges against a woman who called your mother a fake.
Saenz is beyond a complete and total joke.  The man is too stupid to realize with every move he is weaving his own hangman's noose.
Here is my original affidavit filed with Saenz
I have zero concern Chief Garcia will jump on this.  When the investigation pans out, Luis Saenz's self made hangman's noose will have been completed.
It is well known throughout the court house Constable Gomez is feeding Montoya his lies.  Constable Gomez is intentionally endangering the judges and their children.  Commissioners court will never act to protect the judges from Constable Gomez.
The question remains, why is Constable Gomez intentionally endangering the judges and their families by feeding Montoya garbage on the judges?  This is a clear breach of his duties as the Constable over the courts.  The second question then begins with why is Gomez still paying Montoya for ads.  Or is the ad free in exchange for information trashing the judges.
Bottom line is Constable Abelardo Gomez has become a threat to the safety and welfare of the judges and their families.  Action needs to be taken sooner than later to remove him from the courthouse. 

The FBI is already on to Gomez for hiring Sonia Solis' son immediately after he took office. Sonia Solis to remind my readers just plead guilty in federal court to fraud related to mail-ballots during a federal election.

  If the FBI waits for a judge or worse a family member of a judge to be injured because of the garbage being fed to Montoya by Constable Gomez, then the FBI will be equally responsible. Every judge in the courthouse needs to remember DA Saenz is running cover for Montoya. That my dear friends makes Saenz party to the endangering of judges. More on this tomorrow and the case of Noe Gonzales and how DA Saenz is running cover for him.


Anonymous said...

Tell your buddy Ernie Hernandez about Able's shenanigans Bobby. Did you know that Ernie is Able's biggest supporter on the commission? He is you know.

BobbyWC said...

Not that facts matter to you - but I have met Ernie once- that was when he told me he did not hire politiqueras and then my brotherinlaw told me the story about how Ernie brought Continental to Brownville - that is it.

Why would I care if Ernie is buddy with Gomez? - fine - then all the more proof I am not working with Ernie because I want the FBI to escort Gomez out of the courthouse for endangering the judges.

The reality is, I am certain they are already all over Gomez over the hiring of SOnia SOlis son immediately after taking office.

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

Oh NOW Ernie brought Continental to Brownsville all by himself. Exaggeration much. Now he and only he will bring Space X to Brownsville as well and he only he is responsible for the Port of Brownsville, TX. Do you know how stupid this sounds Bobby. Dude you are paid and bought for. Man you are losing credibility by the minute. Ernie told me he didn't use politiqueras. Wow and you bought it hook line and sinker. Bobby you really aren't that gullible are you?

BobbyWC said...

First of all I have used the story about the politiquera lie over and over again. In during the Hernandez/Pena trial when I pointed out the lie over and over again - Montoya attacked me.

I have made a big issue about the fact he lied to me - so - no I never bought it - and my postings prove that.

And no it took more than Ernie to finalize the Continental deal - but even his greatest critics have told me he sat at Continental's door in Houston until they would agree to speak with him.

That is putting Brownsville first.

Now in the end it took a city commission willing to work with Continental to make the deal work.

As to the rest of your nonsense I have never given Ernie credit for any of those things.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The Port of Brownsville was developed in the 1930's. What the hell are you talking about? Did Ernie work on the port before he was born?

Anonymous said...

Ernie has always won his elections by about two hundred votes, and politiqueras were always used, by he and his daughter.

BobbyWC said...

And I have never disputed his use of politiqueras and have always in the past and now will denounce any candidate who uses them

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Silence on the SA express news editorial on Hernandez? Are they also a part of a big conspiracy against your clients? You have no idea how foolish and corrupt you've looked throughout all of this.

BobbyWC said...

Why would I respond to a piece not read in Brownsville and is clearly written by someone with zero knowledge of the facts.

First of all Alex Begum buys ads in the SA Express News.

Second, the oped reads as if Judge Garcia is not a lawyer. That simple fact proves to any idiot they did not do their research.

Third, and I agree with them on this, they are saying Yolanda Begum and Mary Esther Garcia are not qualified to be JP's because they are not lawyers.

Fourth, they totally failed to address what the family law code says.

I trust the AG will issue the correct opinion.

You simply want to keep this alive to cause negatives for Erin - in the end the AG opinion will decide the issue and we will all live with it.

Why do you need to keep this going - you seem to be afraid of the AG opinion so you want to create as much negative before the opinion comes out.

That is pretty obvious.

And given the number of lawyers, judges and elected officials who have thanked me for my coverage I am not worried about what biased idiots like you who cannot even read the true implicatations in the bought and paid for oped.

YOu will note they confirm the state cannot charge a fee.

So why are you not attacking Auroro de la Garza and her chief civil clerk Rosie Sheldon Sotelo for stealing $276 from each applicant seeking the waiver?

Aurora needs to be sued so these people can recover all of the money she stole from them.

Even DA Saenz in his request outlined the law that the JP;s can charge what ever they want. The SA states the district clerk by law cannot charge a fee.

So if by law according to the SA the clerk cannot charge a fee - how then are the JP's incorporating the fee into the marriage fee stealing from the county?

According to the SA they are not.

Oh, that part of the OPed you failed to read?

Now I have said this waiver fee is problematic and I am on the fence about it - I have said that since day one. If the AG sees it as part of the marriage fee the JP's are in the clear. I just do not know if it can be seen as part of the marriage fee.

But it certainly cannot be charged by the county, so no money was stolen from the county - at least according to this grear OPED you reference


Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If Sonia Solis son is all they get Gomez for he's gonna laugh his ass all the way to the probation line. This guy is a piece of work.

BobbyWC said...

per your request I am not posting your comment - but I am very protected

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Did Cris Valdez file a complaint with DA, as well, regarding the allegations against Montoya? It seems like he would be the better one to file it.

BobbyWC said...

Cris will file nothing - he is so compromised he fears Montoya - there is a lot I have not discussed.

Some evidence and documents are being handled privately - the investigators will do what they have to do

Bobby WC