Friday, November 22, 2013


This case has been ready for sentencing for sometime. The only reason the government would agree twice to delay sentencing is, Rosenthal is talking. The new date is December 2, 2013, at 1:30 p.m.

The thing that makes the Rosenthal case interesting is, if he is speaking, he may have the goods on judges all over the state, and no one outside Cameron county is watching.  He may be posturing to hit the Texas judiciary with a major blindside which could force major reform within the Texas judiciary.  This would be a good thing.

Rosenthal is sitting in jail desperate to get out.  Because of his conduct during trial, Judge Hanen would not grant him bond pending sentencing.  This guy wants to be free which makes him desperate.   This also makes any evidence he has to offer suspect.  Unless he has corroborating evidence he will be challenged to convince the DOJ he has anything they can use.  But if he does, he can buy himself 2 years of freedom as the indictments are processed and cases are tried.

The other side is, the DOJ and Rosenthal are trying to work out appellate issues so as to avoid Rosenthal taking an appeal.

I tend to think Rosenthal is talking.  A man like Rosenthal never envisioned being in jail.  He wants out.  He knows he has the goods on several judges - if he can prove what he claims this is his get out of jail card.


There is a lot of confusion right now in the Ernie Hernandez/Raul Salazar mess.  DA Saenz, Ernie Hernandez and Raul Salazar are all scrambling.  Outside counsel is the only option for Hernandez and Salazar to avoid going down - and to be frank with you I do not think either understands the level of treachery within Cameron county politics and the courthouse to understand why they need outside counsel.   

Time will tell - but what I am loving while everyone is watching this ball no one is watching the Villalobos ball.  Additional indictments  can come before the primaries based on Villalobos' cooperation.  This will mean his March sentencing will be delayed until after the trial of everyone he takes down.

Oscar de la Fuente who admitted to any number of criminal acts continues to practice law.  I see him every day in the courthouse.  I even saw him at traffic court on Monday.

DA Saenz promised action against Oscar de la Fuente and nothing - why?

Villalobos is not stupid - he can delay the State Bar so long as he remains out of jail testifying for the DOJ. 

The system is beyond broken - it is designed to reward criminals who play along after getting caught.


Anonymous said...

Rosenthal Solis money loaned by them to a state senator trip to Mexico. What a deal. How far north do the tentacles go?

BobbyWC said...

This could be one very interesting hearing. It may get continued again if they are still negotiating

Bobby WC