Monday, November 11, 2013


BUT FIRST: I really wanted a second post other than Neida Ruth's about something that is happening in the community. I am hearing a lot of voices about a sense that good things are around the corner. The deepening of the port is the big one. There is nothing like positive energy to move a city forward. This in part means ending the endless use of defamation to win elections when you have no issues. I am not happy with my draft - so it will have to wait.   What I keep on hearing from people is, "what is going right, and how can we extend that?"  The post is actually uplifting and not negative - Wednesday it will be


It will probably be after lunch before the trial begins.  In the morning they will begin with Motions in Limine - it is basically a road map of what questions can and cannot be asked.  It restricts certain issues which cannot be raised in front of the jury.  If you are at  the trial and hear counsel say, judge we have a limine issue it means the jury must be dismissed so the judge can rule on the question.

They will then do the jury selection.  This may be problematic and take longer than most.  Ernie Hernandez is well known and the court is going to want to make sure Raul Salazar can strike any prospective juror with a bias against Ernie Hernandez, or anyone who is a strong supporter of Ernie Hernandez.

I have a minor surgery in the morning on my sciatic nerve.  The new VA  clinic is now doing these procedures in the day surgery clinic.  I am being told I should be out of there by noon.  This should give me plenty of time to make it to court for after lunch when the trial starts.  I will be there all day Wednesday, but be late on Thursday and Friday.

My view is simple.  We have a good judge.  Justice Fred Hinojosa is not perfect - but no judge is - he will strive to get all of the rulings correct.  Let the axe fall where it may.  If they can get a clean jury justice should follow. 

My view is, I will respect the ruling of the jury regardless of the result - it is that simple.  Such in the Pedrazo case if the DA fails to raise a fact question as to Raul Salazar's guilt which could allow a jury to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, Justice Hinojosa will order the jury to acquit Raul Salazar.  It is a standard motion after the state rests.  If Justice Hinojosa denies the motion then the defense begins.


This is the case wherein Raul Salazar is accused of helping Ernie Hernandez's, I think brother in law help get a job at the county by having another county employee take the civil service exam.

Let the axe of justice fall where it may.  The BV will not second guess the jury or the judge - again - let the axe fall where it may.

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