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MAJOR UPDATE:  Insiders within Cameron county want to blow the whistle on Pete Sepulveda.  His future may be done.  Hey Pete - text text

EDITORS NOTE:  I have no interest in closing argument.  I will explain after the verdict.  I will sleep in and get to court about 10:30 a.m. once it goes to the jury.  I will then sit and wait.  The initial verdict will be posted here as a comment.  When I get home I will write up something more.

The state rested its case about 5:15 p.m., Justice Hinojosa then allowed Counsel Ramirez to make the required motions for dismissal. Justice Hinojosa denied all three motions. The jury was then called back in, and the defense rested - meaning they did not put on a defense.

At 8:30 am tomorrow the lawyers and court will work on the jury charge. If they finish by 9 when the jury arrives each will have 30 minutes of closing.  This along with the jury charge read by Justice Hinojosa, will take until about 10:30 a.m.  The jury will then retire to deliberations.

To review the jury charge and the evidence should be at least 1 1/2 hours minimum.  We may have a verdict by noon.  It could take longer - shorter to me would be the jury pretty much made up their minds already.

It is killing me to not give my prediction.  I have made up my mind as to what is the likely result.  But I have no way of knowing if a juror is illegally reading my blog so I will not say what I think the verdict will be.  I can see a fair verdict going either way.

The case is really in the hands of the lawyers.  Closing argument is key.  The overwhelming evidence is Robert Lopez orchestrated the illegal part, but Ernie Hernandez and Raul Salazar also clearly pushed the process along.  It is not clear they ever authorized any illegal acts.  But what is clear is everyone knew by law Robert Cadriel could not work for Cameron county for any number of reasons.  This includes Robert Lopez who authorized Robert Cadriel's application to go forward, and David Silva the bridge superivor who hired him,  David Silva needs to be fired immediately along with Carmen Vera who admitted under oath she took the test for Cadriel.

If defense counsel convinces the jury that all the blame is on Robert Lopez, then they have a chance of an acquittal.  But if the jury believes Robert Lopez acted under directions from Ernie Hernandez and or Raul Salazar then you will have a guilty verdict.  This case can go either way, based on closing argument.

The evidence is the evidence - so be it.

A side note which made my day.  Justice Hinojosa has known of me and my work for years.  Please do not be made at me judge, but after all was done he called me up to welcome me to the court and tell me it was a pleasure to see me.  It meant a lot to me because he knows me - not the rumors - not the lies - not the distractions.  I had been wanting to tell him I so enjoyed his work in this case.  I did tell him what I loved most was watching him take an appellate analysis when forming rulings.  This comes from his years on the court of appeals.  It was my pleasure to shake his hand and tell him how I felt.


For the record, his testimony was so bizarre if anything it hurt the state.


I know this is out of order, but it was so bizarre and not credible at any level it will blow my mind if the jury believes a word he said. 

He points to Raul Salazar and states Raul Salazar is the one who did everything.  On cross Pete Sepulveda admits he interviewed Robert Lopez and that Robert Lopez was not credible, uncooperative, and lied under oath during this trial.  So nothing Robert Lopez told him could possibly form Sepulveda's opinion that Raul Salazar is the guilty party.  He got 1/2 page to 1 page statements from three HR employees.  Carmen's testimony was Robert Lopez told her to take the test for Robert Cadriel.  Daria's testimony while repeatedly discussed in court based on her written statement was Carmen told her Robert Lopez told her to take the test.  ADA Guz Garza knowing Daria's testimony would have hurt their case chose not to call her as a witness.  I have no idea what Jessica's testimony was because I walked in when she was on cross and missed her direct.  But Jessica on cross did testify that it was Robert Lopez who told her to email Roberto Cadriel's application to the supervisor over animal control.

Now I ask you, based on the above testimony how in hell could Pete Sepulvada swear under oath, after only speaking to these people, that Raul Salazar is the guilty party?  Pete Sepulveda could not point to one piece of evidence to put the blame on Raul Salazar.

Something is profoundly wrong here.  Someone got to Pete Sepulveda or he has a personal score to settle.  Commissioners court needs to review his testimony in executive session and then fire him.  This is the case which desperately needs a criminal investigation.  I can assure you DA Saenz will block every effort to get to the truth of the matter of Pete Sepulveda.

If I were defense counsel I would hammer hard on Pete Sepulveda's testimony and just how not credible it was.


I missed her direct.  I got to court at 9:30 a.m. - the VA person responsible for inputting my lab work failed to input everything so I sat there waiting on the nurse to be found and then finally gave up.  The rest can be done on Monday before the thorasic C-Scan.

I just check my lab results on line - what a mess, the one test they did not do is my lipid, but now they have three different sets of lipid results all different.  They have my PSA at .6 - yea if I were 18.  And then they have urine test results.  I gave no urine today.  So basically now I am pissed the VA messed it all up.  I will have to go back - again.


Sorry, but no longer in the mood to write this up.  Sometimes the VA is so bad it blows my mind.

Carmen Vera who took the test was clear in her testimony.  Robert Lopez told her to take the test, not Raul Salazar.  She initially said both, but about two hours later she went back to Dalia and told her the truth.  She felt pressured by Robert Lopez.

David Garcia, who Montoya has trashed repeatedly, claim he lost his job at the Regional Mobility - something worth $70,000 over this mess.  The fact Commissioners court had nothing to do with the decision and they simply refused to renew his contract with that of a lot of other people meant nothing to David Garcia.  It was still a conspiracy in retaliation for testifying.

In his initial statement David Garcia stated neither Ernie Hernandez nor Raul Garza pressured him to hire Roberto Cadriel., but today he wished to changed his testimony.

This is standard throughout the trial.  Witness after witness disputed their signed statements made with Investigator Rivera.  It was so bad in the case of Roberto Cadriel ADA Guz Garza symbolically tore up Roberto Cadriel's as worthless because initially he stated Robert Lopez gave him the answers to the test.

If person after person either denied their original statements or wanted to change them at trial, how can any jury say beyond a reasonable doubt Raul Salazar is guilty?  Which testimony is accurate - the original statements or the trial testimony.   And for the record different people changed their testimony in different directions.   


Several weeks ago I did a post on how to win a campaign.  One variable was aligning with other political machines.  Robert Lopez lied and needs to be charged with perjury.  Everyone agreed he lied, and the evidence proves he lied about his acts in regards to his relationship with Ernie Hernandez.

In my opinion here was the deal.  Robert Lopez was to get Roberto Cadriel a job in exchange for Ernie Hernandez turning out the politiquera vote for Robert Lopez.

The proof is in the election returns.


[side note both Montoya and McHale endorsed Robert Lopez for city commission. I did not. In that election Robert Lopez clearly had the politiquera advantage Robert Lopez % of vote 25.85 mail ballots 216 % of mail ballots 60%; Estelle Chavez % of vote 33.42 mail ballots 79 Vasquez % of mail ballots 22% - Ernie Hernandez controlled the politquera vote.

 Here are the mail ballots in the run-off - Run-Off results AT LARGE "A" Estela Chavez-Vasquez 2075 Mail-in: 53, early voting: 1,335, Robert Lopez 999, Mail-in: 126, early voting: 553

Phone calls were made by Ernie Hernanez and Raul Salazar to push the application process.  But there is zero evidence Raul Salazar altered any document.  The file for dog catcher went missing after Lopez resigned.  He was the last to have it.

The consistent and clear evidence was Robert Lopez told Carmen to take the test. and Roberto Cadriel's original testimony was Robert Lopez gave him the answers to the 4th test.  Robert Lopez was pressured my ass.  He had a deal - get Roberto Cadriel a job and Ernie Hernandez will turn out the politiquera vote for him.  It is so black and white.

But there was zero evidence that Ernie Hernandez or Raul Cadriel ever requested illegal conduct by anyone - but of course they both knew for any number of reasons Roberto Cadriel could not qualify for a job at Cameron county.

The problem is Robert Lopez is an idiot - in any other city or county where this happens all of the time Robert Lopez would have just put the application through and made arraignments for Roberto Cadriel to get hired.  This happens every day in every city and every county in the US.  David Silva knew Robert Cadriel was not qualified based on review of his application but he hired him anyway.  There was no need for the fake test results.  The problem is, Robert Lopez wanted test results.  So Robert Lopez had Carmen take it the first time, and then gave Roberto Cadriel the test answers the second time.

This case will turn on closing argument.  But now that I have reviewed my notes it is beyond me how this jury can find anything beyond a reasonable doubt.  But if they do the verdict will be upheld on appeal.

Do not get me wrong - Ernie Hernandez cut a deal to get Robert Cadriel a job - politiquera votes in exchange for the job.  But there was no need for the false tests - David Silva did not give a rats ass about the many other disqualifying issues so he would have hired him without any test scores - in  fact - it came out in trial Robert Cadriel's application as reviewed by David Silva did not have the test score in the upper right hand corner as was policy. 
Yes there was a conspiracy, but this case is a mess.  All of the people who admitted to criminal conduct walked, and on inference Raul Salazar will probably be convicted.  In the end I will respect the jury because I know Justice Hinojosa provided a fair trial and the jury is all we have.

But what is sad is, for political reasons Ernie Hernandez will be destroyed while those who admitted to criminal conduct will walk. This is not justice.  But Karma is a bitch - the politiquera con job appears poised to finally take down Ernie Hernandez - but not directly - indirectly - Remember they nailed Capone on taxes and not for his endless murders.


BobbyWC said...

There was no testimny to that effect - you are not going to post rumors here that you get from someone who has a very hard time with the truth

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do they want to "blow the whistle" or do they want to illegally retaliate against sepuvale for protected speech? Cameron county can't be stupid enough to fire/demote a whistleblower right after he testifies against illegal acts being done in by the county. Holy moley they'd open themselves up to liability if they did that.

Anonymous said...

Do they want to "blow the whistle" or do they want to illegally retaliate against sepuvale for protected speech? Cameron county can't be stupid enough to fire/demote a whistleblower right after he testifies against illegal acts being done in by the county. Holy moley they'd open themselves up to liability if they did that.

BobbyWC said...

First of all Dalia is the one who open the door to the criminal conduct. Pete Sepulveda failed to do any meaningful investigation and everyone he interviewed testified to the opposite of he claims he believes.

Second, commissioners court had representatives in the court during his testimony. New evidence then came out. I am off to court to find out if the defense intends to reopen based on evidence which allegedly shows the HR reorganization is happening because of a personal problem between Pete Sepulveda and the head of HR. If tis is true, the case can be reopened and the commissioner who put the issue on the agenda along with Pete Sepulveda can be put on the stand.

If there is an effort to reopen the case will have to be delayed by possible weeks.

You could not have watch Pete Sepulveda's testimony and believed any of it.

If the evidence is true, Pete Sepulveda could be called before commissioners court to explain his conduct.

Question if he pushed for the reorganization of HR because of his personal problems with the head of HR, who is then seeking to punish the women in HR who tetified against Robert Lopez against the wishes of DA Saenz? Answer Pete Sepulveda. This is why his bizarre testimony spread to commissioners court and panic set in and people started talking about what they know

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Weird testimony. Are you sure they aren't just now trying to cya themselves after sepuvelas testimony? Sound incredible suspicious and may play well to a judge or jury. Where is the commissioners court attorneys in all of this? Whatever the case I would expect multiple retaliation lawsuits against the county.