Monday, November 4, 2013


From Judge Tagle's Docket entry:

"Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Hilda G Tagle: RE-ARRAIGNMENT held on 11/4/2013. Sonia Leticia Solis (1) Guilty Count 1. NO PLEA AGREEMENT. Deft adjudicated guilty. Order for PSI signed. Sentencing set for 2/5/14 at 1:30 PM. BOND HEARING: Deft has been in compliance; u/a results were negative this morning. Deft's request to continue on bond until sentencing hearing granted w/o objection. Appearances: AUSA William F Hagen, AFPD Reynaldo S Cantu, Jr f/deft. USPO Marisela Rodriguez.(ERO:Sarah Bejarano) (Interpreter:Not Needed), filed. [11:01-11:25](scavazos, 1) (Entered: 11/04/2013)"

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Unfortunately Sonia Solis words of who she was working for will not be enough to indict any of the candidates.  It will take an email or text telling her it is okay to break the law in order for the candidate to be indicted.

But I am sure as hell the timing of the sentencing is a clear message to tell people - there shall be no harvesting of mail ballots come March.  This is good - very good.

Where Sonia Solis may be able to get some break from the DOJ and an agreement for a downward motion on her sentencing is if she provides some evidence as to who benefited from her actions.  If she lies and gets caught things will only be worse for her.

Hopefully she will talk.  Even if the candidate cannot be indicted, come the next election it will kill their chances of reelection.  I do not care who it is she helped, let the axe fall where it may.

The only documented evidence which links Sonia Solis to any candidate is Abelardo Gomez.  Constable Gomez immediately hired Sonia Solis son Steven Berlanga after taking office.

I would see what I could learn from the bailiffs at the court house, but to a bailiff they fear for their jobs.  They are very, very tight lipped.

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Abelardo Gomez, with the exception of Ruben Cortez left everyone in the dust in terms of how many mail-ballots he got.  He is the only candidate directly tied to Sonia Solis through the hiring of her son.  Does this mean Sonia Solis was not pulling for other candidates?  No.  We need to see what she says.

No Sacred Cows Sonia - tell the truth about everyone.


Anonymous said...

Again Bobby, why not mention Hernandez. He most likely hired her too!

BobbyWC said...

On what proof? You hate the Hernandez family. Erin got nearly 100 fewer mail ballots than Gomez - which means Gomez had more politiqueras working for him than Erin. It is possible Solis only worked for Gomez and no one else.

Begum's numbers clearly show she worked the mail-ballots - do I get to include her - no - why? NO proof.

But in the end let the axe fall where it may - if everyone in the run=off with more than 100 mail ballots gets implicated - hey - so be it.

And not that facts matter to all of your haters - but CAVA's research proved nothing in terms of who benefited from the 5 mail ballots - I did do a call out to them in a special post telling my readers their research helped to bring about the indictment - but as has been explained a 1000 times there is no way of knowing from the ballots which were the ones mailed 5 times.

I do not know enough about FBI technology but I hope they can scan all of the mail ballots and maybe find her finger prints on them and then through this we can find out who she was working for - and again - wherever the axe falls - so be it

BObby WC