Saturday, November 9, 2013


I highly recommend this company. Think about it he got here at 8:15 p.m. Saturday night. My insurance company spent more than three hours looking for a plumber. The pipe between the brick and sheet rock at the entrance to the house broke. We caught it as it happened and turned off the main valve to learn the main valve would no longer turn all the way off.

BPUB was here within 30 minutes and replaced their box and turn-off valve.

I called over 12 plumbers who refused to work tonight before finding this guy.  Rudy got on the phone with my adjuster and worked things out and now he is here working.  My deductible is $60.00 - which is fine.

Older homes with copper pipes have problems.  I paid $123,900 for my home.  A 2000 square foot home in north Brownsville on a 1/4 acre with no trees and a 32,000 gallon in ground pool would have cost me $300,000.  So yes, I have repairs - but given the price difference it is worth it.

Anyway, if you need a plumber in a pinch - AllStar is more than a name - it is how they do business.

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Anonymous said...

All Star Plumbing is tops. They tell it like it is and they are an honest company. You did good getting them to do repairs for you. You are right they are ALL-STARS in their line of business.