Tuesday, November 5, 2013


UPDATE:  Montoya deletes story after being called out as a liar, again.  Google still has the story, but Montoya has deleted it.

"one of erin's clerks arrested for stealing - EL RRUN RRUN
5 hours ago - A clerk handling traffic tickets for Precinct 2, Place 2 Justice of the Peace Erin Hernandez-Garcia was arrested and jailed on three counts of :


Montoya from a story concerning the arrest of a clerk in Judge Erin Garcia's court.  "Details are sketchy but sources say that Cantu ." 

The facts are not sketchy.  Montoya goes on to say "It is unknown how long Cantu had been shortchanging the county on traffic ticket collections. The Constable's office from Pct. 5 handled the investigation." 

Bailiffs will not tell me much, but they do tell me that Montoya all but lives in Gomez's office.  Given this reality Montoya could not get the full story?

Gomez's office verified for me well over a week ago, Judge Erin Garcia walked into his office and reported the crime and asked that the employee be investigated.  The tampering with evidence [correction - govt record] appears to be illegal use of the court seal.   The court seal was being used to dismiss tickets in another court, not Judge Garcia's court.  The second she learned of the illegal activity she reported it to Constable Gomez, who then initiated the investigation.

Here are the official charges which anyone can look up at the Cameron county web page concerning people processed at the jail.


Where do any of them mention theft of fines - does not exist - but making the false claims continues the false narrative Montoya seeks to put out about Judge Erin Garcia

Of course Constable Gomez gave Montoya the facts, but they made Judge Garcia look good, so he could not print them.  The same as when she left SPI with her family to set bond for people over the holiday weekend because the magistrates were refusing to answer their phones.  Montoya just could not bring himself to say it was Judge Erin Garcia who ran to do the job of the magistrates.


Anonymous said...

Why on Gods green earth would Erin go to Abel Gomez office when she knows he's in collusion with Montoya? Although Gomez was working with her and her dad in the politiquera mess, maybe that's why. Still she shoulda gone to the sheriff or pray tell the DA

BobbyWC said...

Well, on facts and reality, your comment is going nowhere. Gomez's job is to investigate crime at the courthouse. This is why crime at the courthouse is investigated. See today's story why you take nothing to DA Saenz.

Last, it seems to have worked out for her - she walked across the hall to Gomez office - reported the crime - he investigated - and the employee is arrested.

So exactly where is the problem?

Oh, this mornings post will handle Gomez

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Point well taken. She had to know the 1st thing Gomez was going to do was to call Montoya. I guess the alternative was much worse.

BobbyWC said...

What alternative? Gomez's job is to investigate crimes in the courthouse - so simple - every judge is fully aware of Gomez and what he is doing.

There patience is running thin - I do believe every judge in the courthouse will be singing praises to the FBI if Gomez is forced from office over the SOnia Solis matter.

His conduct towards the safety of the judges is disturbing.

Bobby WC