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Let's see what bullshit lies he posts today.  The fact he has to lie in a way anyone can prove is a lie, tells me Saenz and Alex Dominguez are running scared.  Telling a verifiable lie is as stupid as having someone take a test for Roberto Cadriel.

"It seems that he can well overlook brazen vote-harvesting, the indictment and guilty pleas of politiqueras associated with a certain political machine, the accepting of corporate contributions to certain candidates, and even the sale of waivers to the state-mandated 72-hour waiting period between the issuance of marriage licenses and the performance by a JP of the ceremony.

FACT:  From Montoya in defending Robert Lopez and his deal with Ernie Hernandez and attacking Chavez.

"She faces Robert Lopez, a Cameron County administrator who came very close to defeating Robert Lozano in the runoff for Texas Southmost College trustee last time around.

The political arena is rife with rumors of a "smoking gun" that Chavez-Vasquez supporters say that she has on Lopez. But, unless she pulls off a Hernandez and reveals something in a court document somewhere, it is doubtful that mere allegations will carry the day without solid evidence or a judgement. "

I think the trial of Raul Salazar proved the deal which Montoya denied existed.

FACT:  In the Hernandez/Pena case which lead to the indictment and conviction of Margrita Ozuna it was Montoya attacking me daily for helping Pena expose the vote harvesting.  It was me who posted the evidence on the Internet to show how the election was stolen.  Montoya was defending Ernie Hernandez at every turn and accusing Pena of witness intimidation.  It was me who took the transcript to the AG in Austin resulting in the indictment of Margarita  Ozuna.  This is fact.  No one can copy and paste any comment by me ever turning a blind eye on this issue.  In fact I plead with Cowen to stop the delay in the Begum/Garcia contest because the clock was running.  He sat on the lawsuit and did nothing.

FACT:  I have no idea what he is talking about a corporate donation.  I know there was an allegation against Portillo on this issue, but I certainly did not back Portillo

FACT:  No court or AG has found that JP's cannot issue waivers.  The law is actually quite clear.  What Montoya does not tell you because that would be the truth is, on the marriage licence prepared by County Clerk Rivera it tells the JP's that any judge can sign the waiver.  It actually says that.  Just because someone makes an argument for money does not make it true.

And for the record, it was Montoya who defended Robert Lopez and his vote harvesting not the BV. See above -  In fact the BV broke the story of mail-ballots in exchange for Robert Cadriel getting a job back in October of 2011.  It was Montoya and McHale defending and endorsing Robert Lopez, while I worked against his election.  But why let facts get in the way when Saenz, Sorola, and Dominguez are sinking fast and one or all of them are paying him money for the lies.

Click for BV October 2011 link

I told people to file the complaint over the harvesting of mail ballots and Montoya attacked me with the same bullshit lies he prints today.

From the BV October 17, 2011,


Was use of politiqueras the kick-back for allowing Ernie's brother-in-law a job


These numbers are now with 100% reporting Run-off Results


Estela Chavez-Vasquez 2075 (calling as the winner)

Mail-in: 53, early voting: 1,335

Robert Lopez 999

Mail-in: 126, early voting: 553

In the original election Robert Lopez received more mail-ballots than Tony Martinez. When ESTELA CHAVEZ-VASQUEZ noted this in an ad, she was attacked. (By Montoya by the way)

Here are the original numbers before the run-off - note Lopez received more mail ballots than Mayor Tony Martinez

MAYOR 366 Mail Ballots "

BUT IN THE END - The attack is an act of desperation and only proves just how desperate Sanez, Sorola, and Dominguez have become.

My confusion is, Ernie Hernandez's indictment is around the corner.  It is what they want.  On the weight of the evidence the BV will wait for the trial.  But that will not change the fact their is a lot of activity as we speak to expose Saenz as engaging in abuse of office.  The BV will cover that.  If he is indicted the BV will wait for the trial to assess the evidence put before the jury.  The BV will not convict anyone based on an allegation.

Montoya could not give a crap about integrity in elections.  He switches sides with the size of the check and the documents prove it.

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